Google testing killer new features for Gmail for Android; we hope it comes to iOS as well

Google is testing some great features in an upcoming version of the Gmail Android app, that make email handling much easier, especially for those with huge inboxes.

The Gmail app for Android will soon add a number of categories like Travel, Purchases, and Finance to automatically classify your mail, in addition to the current Social, Promotions, Forums, and Updates. These categories are already available in Gmail’s web interface, and will be available in a future version of the app in the side menu.

android gmail 1

Another new feature being tested is the concept of “pinned” emails. You’ll have an option to pin emails from your inbox, after which they’ll float at the top. This will be a much better way to mark emails as important than starring them. There’s also a toggle to show or hide pinned emails at the top of the list.

android gmail 2

There’s another nifty feature that lets you snooze an email, as described by

Snoozing an email means it appears as read until the timer goes off, when it will then float to the top of your Inbox as an unread email. You can choose to snooze an email for a couple of hours or several weeks depending on your need, and you can snooze messages over and over again if you choose to. notes that the features are still in testing, and are not finalised, so they may be axed in the public release. And while the screenshots are of the Android app, we do hope that Google plans to give the Gmail iOS app the same treatment, and bring these killer features to the iPhone and iPad as well. With the recent addition of Background refresh, Google has already made Gmail a viable alternative to the stock Mail app, and other third-party Mail clients.

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  • iPhone1604

    It’s a no-brainer there’s nothing groundbreaking here Gmail just categorizing your mail. Just a matter of time before everybody’s email service does that

    • Francois Hill

      O really? Have you ever thought how much statistical data you need to determine the category? Concept is simple but actually letting a computer (programmed code) do that is not quite that straight forward.

      I challenge you to do that… If you’re not a coder look at ten of your emails and think how a piece of code should be able to determine the category to be as what you’d expect it to be.

      This is the typical “apple mindset”. Everything is NOT AS EASY at it looks. Why do you think apple does not have a search engine yet? Easy to build right? Think about all that statistical data required to give a response to a query on what you “think” the person is searching for. Remember now this is a computer with only for-loops and if-statements. Not an actual human being.

      Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not an apple hater, I actually recently bought the apple tv. Great product but still not perfect.

      Apple thrives in their “aesthetics” and google thrives in AI features. They are both great and innovative but both not great at all the same things.

  • Gautam

    Can’t wait for these features. I guess these features will make users switch to the Gmail app.

  • Francois Hill

    Wow this looks awesome!!!