Google may ditch Nexus line in favor of ‘Silver’ brand to compete with the iPhone

android-army10213According to a report in The Information, Google may be working on a new Silver program that is designed to be the next evolution in the company’s Nexus line and Google Play edition phones. The goal of this new initiative is possibly to wrestle back control of Android from Samsung, which is dominating the platform with its stranglehold on Android smartphone market share.

Google allegedly will use the “Silver” devices as a promotional tool in ad campaigns and at in-store kiosks, with employees promoting the pure Android experience. The phone would ship with only a few non-Google apps, which can be uninstalled by the user and will receive timely updates much like the current Nexus hardware. Besides software, the hardware will also feature advance features such as waterproofing. Program participants reportedly include LG and Motorola.

“Google’s main goals are to reverse consumer perceptions of Android as a down-market knock-off of the iPhone and establish a more consistent ‘Google’ experience for high-end Android customers.”

The report claims Google’s new Silver devices could launch early next year in select markets like the US, Germany and Japan, where a new line of phones has a better chance to compete more favorably with the iPhone. Would you be interested in a Silver device that combines high-end hardware with the pure Google experience or is Google just grasping at straws?

[Via TechCrunch]

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  • iPhone1604

    It’s all a rats nest! Extremely confusing why they are doing that now and just figured out what’s going on. Android is crap.

  • Tom

    I like the look of the HTC phones, well the last two anyways but I’m not impressed with the camera. Hopefully Apple will do better with the iPhone 6 by getting a bigger screen without losing the single hand use capability. I rarely use two hands with my iPhone 5s and hope that doesn’t change with a bigger screened iPhone.

    • bcsc

      I have the Nexus 5 at 5″ and its still easy to do everything one handed. You will adapt quickly.

  • iPhone user 562

    As an iPhone user I’m glad Google are finally taking back what is theirs and wouldn’t mind owning a Nexus brand device. All these so-called Android fans need to get rid of the Galaxy garbage branded phones and get themselves a real Android device.