Google to pay part of Samsung’s legal fees in Apple patent infringement trial

AppleVsSamsungA Google lawyer confirmed on Tuesday that the company will assume some of Samsung’s legal fees and will cover damage awards if the Korean company should lose in its infringement lawsuit with Apple, reports Re/Code.

Apple presented evidence from Google lawyer James Maccoun that shows Google agreed to provide at least partial and possibly full indemnity for four of the patents included in the infringement case.

Apple played deposition testimony from Google lawyer James Maccoun, who verified emails in which Google agreed to provide partial or full indemnity with regard to four patents as well as to take over defense of those claims.

Of the four patents covered by Google, only two patents, those covering background synchronization and universal search, remain in the case. The other two were dropped before the trial began.

In the early stages of the trial, Google was considered to be a sideline figure, providing only testimony on behalf of Samsung. This latest deposition testimony suggests the company is playing a more central role in Samsung’s defense. Google likely is assisting Samsung as part of its contractual obligation under the “Mobile Application Distribution Agreement”, which covers the distribution of Google applications on Samsung’s Android devices.

Samsung and Apple are in the final stages of the trial with each side arguing over damages. Apple is asking for $2 billion for infringement of five of its patents, while Samsung claims it should only owe Apple $40 million if it loses the case.

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  • filthyjason

    I haven’t really used Android, but I’ve always been curious why this is only Samsung vs. Apple. I figured Google was responsible for most of the look, feel, functionality & such that Apple is suing over anyway.

    • Fl3mez

      If apple sues samsung they won’t gain anything b/c google doesn’t sell android it’s free, whereas samsung makes money. So to do the most damage they attack the people who make the phones and sell em(samsung, htc (well not htc anymore))

    • Gautam

      As @fl3mez:disqus mentioned, it is more strategic to go after Samsung and other Android manufacturers. And especially Samsung as they’re the only manufacturer that is making money.

      • filthyjason

        Oh that’s true. I think I remember hearing you can actually copy a patented item if you don’t charge for it. great, now I need to go do some research lol

  • wolf39us

    “Goolge will agreed to provide at least partial and possibly full indemnity for four of the patents included in the infringement case.”

    Might want to proofread this sentence.

    • Gautam

      Thanks fixed it.