New iWatch concept with circular screen, metal strap and iHealth

iwatch concept new

Ever since Apple has been rumored to enter the hot wearable space with its smartwatch, popularly dubbed iWatch, we’ve seen quite a few iWatch concepts. Today’s iWatch concept shows the smartwatch with a circular screen and a metal strap running the “iHealth” app.

The concept video was made by Mark Bell for ConceptsiPhone, and shows familiar iOS UI elements like the lock screen, the home screen as well as the multitasking switcher running on the circular iWatch display. It also shows a new Weather app with a huge clock at the top followed by detailed weather at the bottom. The iWatch in the concept is also shown to run games, and the Compass app.

While we’ve heard plenty of rumors about the Healthbook iPhone app that’ll use data from iWatch sensors, the concept imagines a similar app to exist on the iWatch as well. It’s called iHealth, and shows you your blood pressure, glucose levels, pulse etc.

Here’s the minute-long concept video:

Reports claim Apple is targeting a September launch for the iWatch, with initial shipments estimated at 5.5 million units. The device is said to come in two sizes — 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches — to accommodate different wrist sizes, and include a flexible display made by LG. To know more about the iWatch, check out our detailed iWatch rumor roundup.

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