New iWatch concept imagines Siri, Healthbook, Maps running on a circular display

siri iwatch

Apple is widely expected to enter the hot wearables space with the launch of its iWatch smartwatch later this year. We’ve seen plenty of concepts that try to imagine what this new product might look like, but we haven’t seen many concepts with a round display.

A new concept by Nermin Hasanovic shows what an iWatch with a circular display might look. The physical design shown in the concept looks really nice, and seems to be inspired by the Moto 360. Nermin shows the device running several iOS apps, including Siri, Messages, Music, Weather, Maps, and the rumored Healthbook.

The Music app on iWatch
The Music app on iWatch
iwatch ios app
iwatch messages

The design of the apps conforms to Apple’s new flat design language it adopted in iOS 7, with most apps showing just what’s necessary at a certain moment rather than cramming a lot of information into a tiny screen.

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[via 9to5Mac]