Samsung Galaxy S5’s Heart rate monitor compared with a free iPhone app

Heart Rate Monitor

One of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the built-in hardware heart rate monitor that it comes with. However, these features are already available on other devices, including the iPhones, courtesy of dedicated applications. A new video has now compared the heart rate sensor on the Samsung flagship with the apps that perform the same function on the iPhones to compare which fares better.

Now one would think that since Samsung has dedicated hardware to sense your pulse rate, it would be more accurate. But as the video rightly points out, the heart rate monitor feature is nothing but a gimmick by Samsung. Thanks to apps like Runtastic (released back in December 2012), basically any Android or iOS device can be transformed into a heart rate monitor.

The difference in BPM or beats per minute is very negligible between the dedicated heart rate monitor and the apps which do the same thing, so you can imagine why people are critical of this new feature from Samsung.

The Runtastic app uses the flash and the camera sensor of the smartphone to judge the pulse rate of your finger, so the algorithms are pretty much the same. iPhone users also have the recently announced Wello accessory to look forward to, which brings deeper levels of health tracking to your iPhones with the help of a hardware case.

The Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor And Pulse Tracker app is a free download from the iTunes App Store, so go ahead and give it a try.

[Via 9to5Google]

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