Sprint offers to pay you $650 if you switch from another carrier


Sprint, the third-largest carrier in the US, has started a limited time offer under which it’ll pay up to $650 in early-termination fees for subscribers who switch from their existing network to Sprint.

The offer is already live and ends on May 8th, which is just a few days from now. Customers who switch to Sprint’s “Framily” plans will be given a prepaid Visa card worth $350, while the other $300 will be paid if the customer offers to trade in their current phone.

Sprint’s Framily plan will cost you $55 per month with unlimited text, talk and 1GB data, and the monthly cost drops $5 for every new connection joining the “framily.”

Sprint’s ETF offer is the same as T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” promotion, right to the discount amounts, just that Sprint’s offer lasts just for a few days whereas T-Mobile’s offer doesn’t have any termination date.

T-Mobile’s outspoken CEO John Legere took to Twitter to ridicule Sprint’s offer, criticising the carrier for having one of the highest ETFs, while taking a jab at Sprint’s “Framily” plans with the #fruckedup hashtag:

T-Mobile’s CMO chimed in with a few tweets as well, tagged with #fruckedup:

Do you think this offer is enticing enough to lure away subscribers from other carriers? Let us know in the comments.

[via Fierce Wireless]

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  • http://crankleft.com/artists/brad-hodson Brad Hodson

    Maybe T-Mobile doesn’t need the Sprint merger after all. The Uncarrier movement is so unprecedented, it’s attracting more customers than ever, and it’s spun so many copycat moves from other big carriers who are wetting their pants with every announcement.

    I’m on Verizon just a bit longer and then I’m off to T-Mobile. Won’t miss a thing and have unlimited everything, international data and texts (huge for me), and ETF paid to gain.

  • JR

    Since when is May 8th a few days from now?

  • Dimebag

    So i’m t mobile now.. I was wondering if I switch at sprint, then switch back after a couple of months. Probably I have to give in my phone.. which is a no no right now because I have a 5S with sim card jb and I don’t want to get stuck in unjb. But when 6 comes out that would be nice. Before that, no. But I have a question.. what is the early termination fee? how much is it? is it fixed or you have to pay every month of the contract?

  • barondebxl

    No thank you sprint,

  • adsfsd


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    Buyers beware.

    Customers been paying into 4G for years!!! Sprint was the first 4G carrier and forced ALL customers to pay for it even when they don’t get it. Back when that Evo 4G was out… It’s been years since, and still no 4G. Other carriers have 4G everywhere. Sprint is slow. Don’t waste your time with them.

    – A very upset Sprint Customer. (will be on T-Mobile 1/1/2015) :D