Windows Phone 8.1 adds support for Apple’s Passbook Passes

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this month at a developer conference, and the update is rolling out to developers starting today. The update brings a lot of features to Windows Phone devices, but one feature that went unnoticed was native support for Apple’s Passbook Passes.

Passbook was introduced in iOS 6 as a central location to store your tickets, coupons, boarding passes etc., and automatically be alerted about them based on the current time and location. Passes in the Passbook app are .pkpass files that contain images that define the design of the pass, and JSON data, whose specifications are detailed on Apple’s website.

Thus, it’s no surprise that Microsoft chose to support Passbook passes, which are already being used by a number of airlines, in its Wallet app, that serves a similar purpose.

Even Android users can keep track of Passbook passes using apps like PassWallet, the only difference being that Microsoft (and Apple of course) support Passbook Passes out of the box. One caveat is that on non-Apple platforms, you won’t be able to receive push notifications from your pass provider.