How to access ‘Most Recent’ Newsfeed in latest Facebook for iOS

Facebook released a major update for its iOS app which included new features and improvements such as the ability to preview posts and the ability to create posts in offline mode. The update also includes improvements to make News feed load faster.

Many readers pointed out that the “Most Recent” News feed disappeared after the update, which was accessible right at the top of the Home page.

The good news is that the “Most Recent” Newsfeed hasn’t been removed, it has just been buried deep inside the Settings. Here’s how to access the Most Recent Newsfeed.

  • Launch the Facebook app from the Home screen.
  • Tap on the More tab at the bottom right corner
  • Scroll down to the FEEDS section (note that this will only display the Closed Friends option)
  • Tap on the > to expand the section.

Facebook Most Recent Newsfeed - Settings

  • Tap on Most Recent

Facebook Most Recent Newsfeed - Settings

That’s it, you should now be able to access the feed most of us really want to use on Facebook. You will have to repeat this process every time you start the Facebook app for the first time.

Let me know how it goes.

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  • John Schur

    I find no “Most Recent” listed under Feeds.

    • Gautam

      To see Most Recent, you need to tap on the > next to FEEDS as you can see in the screenshot above to expand the section.

  • Crow

    Would like to try this but the Facebook app is closing seconds upon opening.

    • Chris

      Delete app and Redownload app or restart phone

  • resq330

    Sadly, once you click the “News Feed” button on the bottom left (without even thinking about it because that’s how we’re used to doing it) it goes back to the default of whatever they have it set to. This is how it is in my experience. I downloaded Paper!

  • filthyjason

    it annoys me FB keeps putting this option further & further away. I don’t want to see what FB this is the most important in my feed, I’d like to catch up to the last message I read based on time. This used to be a configurable option and now you’re stuck having to navigate your way through some options to view this format

  • Diego Rosa

    Why facebook? why you do that? The same on computer version, you always have to chance to most recent, why don’t they let we set this and lock forever?

  • Ivy

    I found the “Most Recent” under feeds, but now my “Close Friends” is gone? How do I view it and where has it gone? Ughhh! Annoyed…this update sucks on my iPhone!

  • Abel Goddard

    Yeah this update really sucks. It’s almost enough to make me quit Facebook altogether. I’m at LEAST trying other apps for FB viewing.

  • Ty-Lu

    When I tap the “more” option, there is no “feeds” option in my FB app. Weird.