Grab these awesome deals on iOS apps and games before their prices go up

We have some great apps for you today that have gone free for a short duration on the App Store, including Creative Writer, Notica, Origami, RunPee and more.

Featured Deal

The Universal Lens Kit: Get A New Perspective from your iPhone Camera with Fisheye, Macro & Wide-Angle Lenses. It is available for only $23.99. That’s a 65% savings off the retail price. So grab the offer today.

Free apps:

  • Creative Writer: Inspiration Tool for Writing: $3.99 → Free
  • Notica: Way for you to connect the things you see with what you want to remember about them: $.99 → Free
  • Skilled Origami: Get step-by-step instructions to construct Animals Origami, Flowers Origami, Airplane and much more: $.99 → Free
  • Surface Level 4th: A level app: $.99 → Free
  • Beautify: Hair Colorizer, Pimple Eraser, Eye Colorizer: $.99 → Free
  • The app that tells you when to run and pee mid-movie without missing best scenes: $.99 → Free
  • ABC Food: An educational app from ABC that teaches kids about food: $2.99 → Free
  • Brick Roll: A retro themed game where you try to roll a brick without hitting obstacles: $1.99 → Free
  • Dungeon Plunder is a fun roguelike dungeon crawler featuring randomly generated overland and dungeon maps: $1.99 → Free

Price drops:

  • Quicklytics: A Google Analytics client for your iPhone and iPad: $7.99 → $2.99
  • Bridge Constructor Medieval: Build sturdy bridges to supply your city with provisions – or cunningly constructed bridges that collapse under the weight of attacking troops: $1.99 → $.99

If you like any of these apps, make sure you download them right away, since we don’t know when their prices could go up.