Apple now allowing select developers to generate promo codes for in-app purchases


According to reports in both MacRumors and 148apps, Apple is now allowing some developers to generate promo codes for in-app purchases. This feature allows developers to offer giveaways and send out demo copies of freemium apps, which are free to download, but contain content that costs money to unlock.

Promo codes have long been available for paid apps, allowing developers to give away copies of their app for review or promotional purposes. The expansion of promo codes to in-app content is a significant improvement for developers who offer freemium apps. It will make it easier for devlopers to unlock all content in a freemium app for review purposes and provides them with new giveaway options to promote their apps.


According to 148apps, EA is one of the first developers to use this new in-app promotion with its popular Real Racing 3 game. EA apparently is giving customers 10 free in-app gold pieces worth $1.99 when they visit this promotional link on an iOS device. Customers will then receive a promo code that they can enter directly from their iOS device. The code will provide the user with the in-app gold as well as download the Real Racing game for users who have yet to install the title on their device.

Though available now for Real Racing, this feature has not been confirmed by Apple, nor is it mentioned yet on Apple’s developer site. It is possible it is an option limited to high-profile companies like EA and may roll out to smaller developers in the near future. 

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