Apple gets patent for embedding sapphire glass display in a LiquidMetal chassis

Apple iPhone 5s

The USPTO has just awarded Apple a patent which allows the blending of the sapphire glass display with the LiquidMetal chassis, possibly for implementation with the upcoming iPhones. The patent is over six years old, but its certification has come ahead of the release of next generation iPhone, which has been rumored to come with a sapphire display. Apple very recently extended its contract with LiquidMetal Technologies until February 2015.

Back in 2007 when the patent was originally filed, iPhone displays were bound to the plastic chassis using a shock-absorbing rubberized gasket. This basically provides better durability for the device in the event of a drop. The construction method has been used in the iPhone 5s as well. Apple proposes to inject LiquidMetal materials over the sapphire glass, which will flow through the mold’s cavity and form a steady surface.

So keeping that in mind, the shift to using the aforementioned process marks a big change for Apple. What this technology will basically do is make the glass a part of the bezel, which means that it will technically be an integrally formed display assembly rather than being used as two standalone components.

Apple LiquidMetal

Apple will still have to use a rubberized or synthetic gasket much like current devices, but only on the edges of the glass.

As of now, this is only a patent filing with no concrete evidence on whether such technology will be used for the upcoming iPhones.

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