Apple’s Smart Home platform revealed: Will be extension of Made for iPhone program

Apple Smart Home platform

Earlier this week, a report claimed that Apple will unveil a new “Smart Home” platform at WWDC that would make it easier to control equipments like lights, security systems, household appliances using the iPhone.

Gigaom today revealed more information about this Smart Home platform. From their report:

Apple’s move into the smart home isn’t actually the grand experience I had hoped for. Instead, it is a much simpler program that will basically certify a bunch of connected devices on the market or set to be launched as products that are certified under the Made for iPhone label.

My sources, who spoke only on background because of their involvement or knowledge of the program, explain that the smart home effort will have a heavy focus on connecting devices easily via Wi-Fi and will likely offer voice control via Bluetooth as well. However, it won’t have some sort of software-based automation layer controlled by Apple that supersedes the original apps.

There currently are a number of bulbs and other electronic equipments that come with a companion iPhone app to control them, but Apple’s platform will aim to reduce fragmentation across these appliances by defining a standard specification to follow. Customers will see the familiar “Made for iPhone” (MFi) label on the box, and be assured that this will work with their iOS devices.

made for iphone

Gigaom notes that Apple already has Haier as a MFi partner for their Tianzun smart air conditioner that meets Apple’s MFi specifications. One of the specifications, reportedly, is that the appliance and the iPhone should connect without annoying steps that include registration and passwords.

With “Smart Home” Apple will hop on the “Internet of Things” bandwagon, but do you think you’ll find this useful in your daily life? Let us know in the comments below.

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