Google releases VirusTotal Uploader for Mac OS X to scan for suspicious files


virustotal uploader os x

VirusTotal Uploader is a tool to scan for suspicious files on your computer by simply uploading it to a server. The tool was acquired by Google in 2012, and was originally available only on Windows.

Today, the Google owned company VirusTotal announced that it is bringing the file scanning tool to the Mac as well. The interface of the app is quite simple, where you just drag and drop a file, folder or application to scan it. Here are the features:

– Drag and drop a file to the VirusTotal Uploader in order to scan it with over 50 antivirus solutions.
– Drag and drop a folder to the VirusTotal Uploader and schedule the analysis of its content.
– Drag and drop a Mac application to the VirusTotal Uploader.
– Allow you to “Open With” in finder the VirusTotal Uploader to scan a file.

From Virus Total’s announcement:

Today we are proud to announce a new VirusTotal Uploader for OS X.

Hopefully this will lead to VirusTotal receiving more Mac applications, diving deeper into an increasingly targeted OS by attackers and allowing antivirus companies and researchers making use of VirusTotal’s backend to build stronger defenses against these threats.

The app is available for OS X 10.8 and 10.9. So the next time you come across a file or an app from an untrusted source, be sure to download VirusTotal Uploader and scan the file. For more information, head to this page.

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