Foursquare splits into two apps: New Swarm app for checkins and original app for discovery

swarm app

Foursquare, the app that lets you check-in to places you visit, is in the middle of a transition from a check-in service to a location discovery engine. As part of this transition, the company’s splitting up the main Foursquare app into two.

The main Foursquare app will be for location exploration and discovery, and a new app called Swarm will be for checkins. The Verge got a preview of the Swarm app, which has yet to be released:

A brand new app called Swarm that will exist alongside the current Foursquare app. Swarm will be a social heat map, helping users find friends nearby and check in to share their location. A completely rewritten Foursquare app will launch in a month or so. The new Foursquare will ditch the check-in and focus solely on exploration and discovery, finally positioning itself as a true Yelp-killer in the battle to provide great local search.

The Swarm app lets you check in manually, but it also keeps a track of your location in the background (with your consent), so that your friends know when you’re around. The company’s plans for the main Foursquare app include making it a better local search option, which not only gives you nearby results, but also sorts them based on how likely you are to like the place.

Are you a regular Foursquare user? If so, what do you think about these changes the company is making to the location-based service?

To know more about Swarm, you can visit the Swarm teaser page and enter your email address.

[via The Verge]