iOS 8 Wishes: Ability to attach any file to an email

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Apple has released six major versions of iOS since the launch of the iPhone, but unfortunately it is still not possible to add attachments to an email other than photos and videos.

Apple made it a little easier to add photos and videos in the Mail app in iOS 6, but seems like a workaround rather than a solution.

I really hope Apple makes it a lot easier to attach any type of file in the Mail app or any other third party Mail app in iOS 8.

This is due to the limitations of iOS, and not of the Mail app. iOS offers limited support for working with data or files between apps. While it may be wishful thinking to expect Apple to give us access to desktop-style filesystem, Apple needs to allows users to save documents or files on the device, which can be accessed by other apps. Currently, it is possible to send other type of documents using your iOS device, but you can only do so from the app that you’ve used to create the document. This is not an ideal solution as it means you have to send the document in a new email, you cannot attach the document while replying to an email etc. Things are even more messy if you want to send a file that you’ve received as an attachment.

I would ideally like to save the document or file that I may have created using an app or received as an email attachment on my iPhone, which can be accessed by any app, and not just restricted to the app that has been used to create it. This would make adding any type of file as an attachment to an email a lot easier, and thus allow us to continue with the email thread. This folder or common storage can then be synced using iCloud, so it is easily accessible on my other iOS devices as well.

In addition to the ability to save files in a common folder, Apple also needs to make changes to Mail app’s user interface to make it easier to find the attachment button instead of hiding it in the sub-menu.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I would love to find out what’s on your iOS 8 wish list, so please feel free to to share them in the comments.

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