iOS 8 Wishes: Ability to customize and extend Control Center

Control Center

Control Center is one of of my favorite and widely used iOS 7 features.

One of its most obvious limitations is the limited number of toggles and quick launch app shortcuts, and the lack of ability to customize it. I hope Apple addresses these limitations in iOS 8.

Currently, Control Center gives you quick access to 5 system toggles such as AirPlane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Orientation Lock. It also gives you quick access to turn on the LED flash, which turns your iPhone into a flashlight. It is great to be able to access these features from anywhere in iOS without leaving the app you’re currently using. It also has 3 more quick launch shortcuts for the Stop Watch, Calculator and Camera apps.

But Apple can make it a lot more useful and user-friendly by giving us the ability to customize and extend its functionality. For example: I use Personal Hotspot and VPN quite often, and would ideally like to access toggles for them from Control Center.

The same applies for quick launch app shortcuts. I hardly use the Calculator, so it would be nice to be able to launch some of the frequently used apps such as Safari, Tweetbot, Reeder from the Control Center, rather than having to press the Home button, and access them from the Home screen. It would also allow us to change the Camera shortcut with the shortcut for our favorite Camera app. I would also like to change the shortcut for the Stop Watch, which I have never used, with Alarm, which I use daily.

In addition, it would be great if we can configure the order and the number of toggles and quick launch shortcuts in Control Center. Apple could allow us to customize and extend the functionality of the Control Center via the Settings app. So instead of a fixed list, we should be able to scroll through the list of toggles and quick launch app shortcuts.

It is one of the reasons I like to jailbreak my iPhone as jailbreak tweaks such as CCToggles already allow you to customize and extend the functionality of Control Center. Here’s a video walkthrough of CCToggles, which gives a glimpse of how Apple could implement the feature:

Let me know what you think in the comments. I would love to find out what’s on your iOS 8 wish list, so please feel free to to share them in the comments.

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