Here’s why you should never buy a counterfeit iPad charger

iPad Charger Teardown

There are plenty of iPad charger lookalikes in the market. It’s hard to tell these apart from the real deal, but they come with an entirely different assembly inside. A teardown by engineer Ken Shirriff has revealed why customers should be wary of these counterfeit Apple chargers.

It is said that the fake charger can only deliver power at 5.9W while the original iPad chargers uses 10W. This plainly means that fake chargers would take twice as much time to fully recharge your iPads, which is enough reason to not consider one of these.

The official Apple charger also uses triple-insulated while the counterfeit is uninsulated except for a thin varnish. Shirriff said that the power delivery of the aftermarket charger was found to be of low quality and noisy.

Apple iPad charger vs fake iPad charger
Transformer of Apple iPad charger (left) and fake iPad charger (right)

Another area of concern is with regards to the safety regulations which allows leeway of 4mm between the high and low voltage sides of a transformer. The counterfeit charger is dangerously below the permissible limit as it only has a gap of 0.6mm while Apple’s official charger complies with the regulations with a distance of 5.6mm.

iPad Charger Teardown -1
Circuit board of Apple iPad charger (left) and fake iPad charger (right)

Taking all this into account, it seems like customers are safer getting the iPad charger directly from Apple or one of Apple’s authorized MFI partners in case they need to replace the original that comes with the device. Last year, Apple had launched a USB Power Adapter Takeback Program, which allowed customers who felt their USB adapter to be faulty an opportunity to trade up for a genuine Apple branded adapter at the discounted rate of $10.

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