Check out this peppy remix of the classic iPhone ringtone [Video]

Electronic musician MetroGnome has come up with quite a peppy remix of the classic iPhone ringtone. While it’s common to find remixes of iPhone ringtones in the internet, this one is a little different and is right up there with one of the best we’ve seen. The guitar solo in the end is a nice touch too.

MetroGnome is known for his remixes on YouTube and even has a few titles selling on iTunes. He is a well known figure in the social media community and has risen to prominence even further with this new remix.

You can head over to his iTunes page to purchase some of his original tracks which is mostly EDM. You can download the aforementioned ringtone from the link below although its length doesn’t permit it to be used as a full ringtone. Make sure you check out MetroGnome’s official page for plenty of other remixes and tracks.

[ItsMetroGnome via Cult of Mac]