iPhone grabs 36.6 percent of Japanese mobile phone market

iphone-5s-5c-heroApple’s share of the Japanese mobile phone market is on the rise, climbing 11 percentage points year over year. According to a report in Bloomberg, this climb is due in part to the expansion of the handset to Japan’s largest wireless carrier NTT Docomo, which started offering the phone last September.

iPhone shipments now account for more than a third of Japan’s mobile phone market in the period ending March 2014. This figure is up 11 percentage points from last year when Apple’s iPhone models accounted for a quarter of the phones in the country.

Apple boosted iPhone shipments in Japan to 36.6 percent of the market in the year ended March, up from 25.5 percent a year earlier, according to Tokyo-based MM Research Institute Ltd. The Cupertino, California-based smartphone maker shipped 14.43 million phones in Japan the past fiscal year, the researcher said.

Other handset makers behind Apple include Sharp with 13 percent market share and Sony with 12.3 market share. Samsung was number six with 5.7 percent market share.

These results echo an earlier report from Kantar World Panel that pegged Apple’s smartphone market share at a dominant 56.7 percent. The popularity of the iPhone again was attributed to NTT Docomo, with the iPhone responsible for more than 40 percent of sales on the wireless carrier. Japan will be a key are of growth for Apple going forward as smartphone penetration in the country is low compared to Europe and the US, where the majority of cellular customers already own a smartphone.

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  • http://foyzulhassan.com/ Foyzul Hassan

    Interesting. Without seeing the other phones offered by other handset makers, it’s intriguing to see a ‘smaller’ handset than those offered by Samsung, having more market share. Japanese have traditionally preferred things to be more compact/practical, so is this the reason samsung phones don’t have a larger user market share? Or is it more to do with the OS? Or the premium feel and design appeal of the iPhone?

    • Bright

      1) Japanese people don’t buy Korean products normally. Same for TV and other products too, LG sells few TV & mobile phones in Japan.
      2) Apple is the best smartphone ever created both hardware & software are created by same brand compare to Android.
      3) Sony or Sharp would have been best player if they had a competitive OS like iOS

      It’s from my person experience being in Japan last 5 years.

      • http://foyzulhassan.com/ Foyzul Hassan

        Ah great info. Thanks for sharing mate, i guess i kinda figured in the back of my mind about the Japanese not buying Korean products as much, I guess it could apply to Chinese made products too?