New concept imagines a much-needed iTunes redesign

itunes redesign 1

Brye Kobayashi, a designer, posted a new concept that reimagines the look of iTunes on OS X that addresses many navigation and usability issues, and brings the design in line with the new iOS 7 design language.

Some of the issues the designer highlights with iTunes’ existing designs are:

  • Dropdown to switch between Music, Video and App libraries is confusing for the average user.
  • The narrow rows of songs in the list view with small text isn’t legible
  • There are two highly distinct styles of design within iTunes — the list based library view and the more modern grid based iTunes Radio view

The concept revamps the iTunes design with a flat look, a better iTunes Store, a more readable library view and improved navigation.

itunes redesign 2

The library view, earlier a simple linear list, is an alphabetically grouped list in the concept:

itunes redesign 4

The iTunes Store features a simplified design, with a less complex information hierarchy, big banners, and of course flattened buttons and other UI elements:

itunes redesign 3

The device management screen is redesigned too, with the storage bar featuring flatter colors, and Find my iPhone and iCloud accessible right from within this window.

itunes redesign 5

Over time, there has been a lot of feature creep in iTunes, with unrelated functionalities like the App Store, device management, app library etc. being crammed in what was once a music player. iTunes’ design is long due for a  rethink, and we think this concept does a good job at exploring what the future of the music player might look like. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[via kurocha]