New concept imagines iWatch with a Rolex-like design

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We’ve seen several iWatch concepts that try to completely reimagine the look and design of the watch, but what if Apple’s future smartwatch would built upon the design of existing wristwatches? A new concept tries to explore this angle by imagining an iWatch with a Rolex-like design.

Here’s how the concept is described:

  • Classic “chronograph look” instead of an OLED-display for a more decent look on the wrist
  • Hybrid-design with an analog dials and digital elements. The transparent watch hands glow in the dark and even work when the battery is empty.
  • Illuminated buttons guarantee better handling in the dark.
  • The homescreen is black and completes the “flat design” of iOS 7 with the use of the same App-icons and notifications.
  • Charging works wireless with the wireless charging coil that is placed in the bottom part of the strap. When the watch is placed in the stand, it can be charged during the night.

A common concern with the touchscreen design of the iWatch has been the kind of battery life that would be needed to power an always-on display to show the time immediately, but with this design, the display doesn’t need to be always on, thus minimising the battery life requirement. Apple has on many occasions tried to partner with or poach employees from Swiss watchmakers, but hasn’t had any success.

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Reports claim Apple is targeting a September launch for the iWatch, with initial shipments estimated at 5.5 million units. The device is said to come in two sizes — 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches — to accommodate different wrist sizes, and include a flexible display made by LG. To know more about the iWatch, check out our detailed iWatch rumor roundup.

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