Microsoft’s Office for iPad apps cross 27M downloads

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At the end of March, Microsoft released its Office for iPad apps, bringing Word, Excel and PowerPoint to Apple’s tablet. In the 46 days since the apps were made available, the company has logged more than 27 million downloads, says Microsoft’s General Manager for Office Julia White, who spoke during a recent TechEd Conference.

This milestone follows an earlier report that the Office for iPad apps were downloaded 12 million times in the week following their launch. Consumer demand was strong when they finally made their debut, and the iPad apps climbed to the top of the free and paid App Store charts.

Consumer interest remains strong, with the apps falling only slightly from their early high-ranking App Store positions. Currently, Microsoft Word for iPad is the fourth most downloaded free app for the iPad, while Excel and Power point are #22 and #26, respectively.

Microsoft has adopted a freemium pricing model for its iPad Office suite, providing basic viewing functionality to users who download the free apps. Customers who want to edit documents and share changes across devices must sign up for a Microsoft Office 360 subscription.

Did you download any of the Microsoft Office for iPad apps? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via Business Insider]

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  • Macdaddy

    March*** at the beginning of article

    • Gautam

      Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Imarvin Apu

    Wow 26M people downloaded it then deleted it as it’s read only!?!? Jokes.

    • Diz13oymike

      I did the same… Download delete…

  • StinkyNuts

    Yep, 27 million downloaded it but only 27 paid for the “subscription”. Because it’s garbage! MS is in a flat spin. EJECT MAILMAN EJECT! 10 to 1 the next windows OS will be a yearly subscription.. Or free if there’s anybody there that knows anything

  • Marla Kostis

    I felt cheated when I downloaded, only to discover it’s not “free” after all. Now, I’m included in that inflated figure. Wonder how many are actually users who did not delete? Once again, MS scams the public.