Osmo is an accessory that lets you play real-word games on your iPad

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Kids love the iPad for its large touch screen display, and the wide variety of games available on the App Store. Osmo is an iPad accessory that further pushes the boundaries of what an iPad game can do by making the real-world a part of the game play.

The Osmo consists of a clip with a mirror that attaches over the iPad’s camera, a stand for the iPad, and a set of physical games. The mirror in the clip is angled so as to make┬áthe flat surface in front of the iPad visible to the camera, and the Osmo-powered app then takes over, using advanced image recognition to understand what the player is doing.

While this setup sounds really great, Osmo’s true potential is realised when you see a few games that use the accessory.

One game, called Tangram, gives the player a set of shapes, and asks them to arrange it in a certain fashion, shown on the iPad. The app gives real-time feedback to the player about their progress, letting them know how much of the puzzle they’ve completed.

osmo game 2

The second game is called Words, shows you a picture of an object, and asks you to spell it out using physical letter cards. It automatically detects when the correct word cards are placed using the camera.

osmo game 3

A third game gives you a piece of paper, lets you draw objects that in-turn appear on the iPad’s screen for a physics-based game.

osmo game 1

Here’s a video of the game play:

The Osmo can be preordered for $57, and will ship in fall of 2014. It comes with the three games described above, along with the camera clip and the stand.

[via Gigaom]

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