Popular Game Boy Emulator GBA4iOS returns after Nintendo takedown

GBA4iOS - Game Boy Advance Emulator for iOSGBA4iOS is back again following a Nintendo Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown request that forced developers Riley Testut and Paul Thorsen to pull the popular iOS Game Boy emulator.

Testut updated GBA4iOS and posted a new version on the official GBA4iOS website, which is now live. The latest version has been modified to comply with Nintendo’s DMCA complaint, changing the app’s built-in browser to point to Google instead of the CoolROM website, which allows users to download ROMs. The pair also made a handful of minor tweaks and other fixes for smaller copyright violations.


Now that this drama is over, the developers can spend their time working on the upcoming version 2.1 of the emulator. GBA4iOS 2.0 was released in February and brought many new features including an iPad version, Dropbox support and cheat codes. GBA4iOS can be installed via mobile Safari as the app takes advantage of Apple’s Enterprise Distribution program, which allows users to install non-App Store apps on any available device.