Apple announces QuickType, a smarter, faster way to type on your iPhone


Apple has announced QuickType, a new feature shipping with iOS 8 that lets you reply to text messages and emails, as well as edit documents faster using a smarter new keyboard.

QuickType is very feature-rich, bringing things like predictive typing to iOS. For example, typing “allig” will give you “alligator” as a predicted word, giving you just one button to tap and making typing much faster.

Additionally, the feature is very smart, and can predict responses to text messages you might want without even typing. For example, if someone asks “Do you want to go to the movies or dinner?”, QuickType will give you three quick-access buttons: “movies,” “dinner,” and “not sure.”


Developing. Check out our WWDC 2014 liveblog for the latest updates!

[Photos via The Verge]