Report: Apple ‘madly building’ team of 1,000 advertising employees


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Apple has been criticized in recent years, with many claiming that the company can’t innovate. The recent plethora of announcements at WWDC is definitely going to help silence those critics, but it appears as if Apple is taking it a step further by hiring upwards of 1,000 people for an internal marketing agency.

Amid criticisms that it has failed to innovate, Apple is increasingly taking marketing into its own hands. It’s madly building an internal agency that it’s telling recruits will eventually number 1,000 — the size of Grey Advertising. It’s pitting TBWA/MAL against this internal agency with “jump balls” to mine the best creative ideas, a controversial tactic with outside agencies, let alone an internal one. It’s going after some of adland’s boldest-faced names to staff its in-house shop — in some cases, it’s even poached executives from TBWA/MAL. And, in what once would have been seen as a sacrilegious breach of the Apple-MAL bond, it’s been inviting some of the ad industry’s top shops to pitch on major projects.

The news comes from Ad Age, bringing a unique and exclusive look at Apple’s growing advertising strategy and following recent reports that Apple would be ditching its long-time ad partner TBWA in exchange for producing some of its television ads in-house.

Apple has considered dropping TBWA for quite some time, with Apple executives including Phil Schiller having been very displeased with the agency in the past. The two partners have continued to work together to this day, however, with even the above recent “Powerful” iPhone 5s ad coming from the company.

Notably, the report says that Apple’s hiring attempts have been met with a “frosty reception”, with reasons being that ad executives feel Apple has lost creative energy while others are unsure about the cost of living in Cupertino. Be sure to read the original report for all the details, as Apple’s continued growth and move to clear its name is definitely an interesting saga to follow.

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