Apple announces 800 million iOS devices sold, 9 million registered devs, 40 million OS X Mavericks installs

tim cook os x installs

At the WWDC keynote this morning in San Francisco, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to reveal a number of statistics and numbers around Apple’s ecosystem.

Here are the highlights from Cook’s update on the Apple ecosystem:

  • The Mac install base has surpassed 80 million
  • OS X Mavericks has been installed 40 million times, which means it runs on over 50% of Macs, making it the fastest adopted OS update, much ahead of Microsoft’s Windows 8
  • Apple has sold 800 million iOS devices. The break up — 500 million iPhones, 200 million iPads and 100 million iPod touch units
  • 130 million Apple customers bought their first iOS device last year
  • There are 9 million registered developers for iOS and OS X making applications for the two platforms.
  • WWDC has attendees from 69 countries
  • 2/3rds of WWDC attendees are attending the conference for the first time

[Photos via The Verge]