Apple’s Podcasts app is reportedly crashing in iOS 7.1.1

Apple's Podcasts app

While software updates are meant to fix things, or make them generally better all around, sometimes it ends up breaking something else. Apparently Apple’s official Podcasts app is no longer working all that well with iOS 7.1.1.

As of the time of this writing, there are swirling reports that Apple’s official Podcasts app has stopped working with iOS 7.1.1, the most recent release of Apple’s mobile operating system. This is being reported with the latest version of Podcasts, which is version 2.1.2. According to varying reports, the Podcasts app will sometimes open, and even let users interact with some elements in the app itself, but it will inevitably crash soon after the app’s launch. Users should be able to download the app from the App Store without an issue, but as the video below indicates, it does indeed crash soon after launching on a device running iOS 7.1.1.

This type of behavior would make sense from Beta software, which could be a possibility, considering the Beta for iOS 8 is out in the wild. However, from the reports it sounds like this is final, publicly available versions of iOS and the Podcasts app proper.

As soon as more information is known, we’ll be sure to update.

Are you having issues with the Podcasts app?

Update: Looks like there might be a bit of a workaround, if you’re willing to go through an extra step. According to @ProlificSuccess, in a reply tweet, apparently turning on Airplane Mode and then opening the Podcasts app will apparently keep it from crashing. With the app open turn off Airplane Mode and it should stay open.

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