Coin Pocket first Bitcoin wallet app to be approved after Apple’s policy reversal


Apple previously didn’t allow Bitcoin wallet apps on the App Store, and removed a number of popular Bitcoin apps from the App Store that sneaked past the review process. Earlier this month, however, it made a change to its policy, allowing such apps again, as long as they comply with local laws.

Coin Desk reports that following this policy reversal, the first Bitcoin wallet app has been approved on the App Store:

Apple is making good on their recent bitcoin policy shift, with a new bitcoin wallet app appearing for download in the iOS App Store.

The ‘Coinpocket’ app is described by its developer as a wrapper for a previously available open source HTML5 version, this time with full access to the camera hardware for QR code scanning.

Apple previously pulled popular Bitcoin apps like Blockchain and Coinbase from the App Store, but the newly approved Coinpocket has similar features letting users send and receive Bitcoins, check Bitcoin price and more. The app’s description however includes a note saying “Check your state and federal laws on the transmission of Bitcoin or virtual currencies before using the send feature of this app. You are liable for the use of Bitcoin in your jurisdiction.”


Apple also appears to be approving apps that have in-app purchases powered by Bitcoin, which don’t go through Apple, and hence evade the 30 percent cut. eGifter lets users purchase gift cards from various stores using Bitcoins.

Bitcoin fans were quite angry with Apple for the earlier version of its policy, resorting to destroying their iPhones as a form of protest, but with this change, they should be happy again.

[via Coin Desk]

Download link:

Coin Pocket – free

➤ eGifter – free

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