Watch The Daily Show’s hilarious take on the Google Glass

google glass video

Google has made an ambitious bet of making Google Glass, the tiny computer that sits on top of your eye, a consumer product, but is having a hard time convincing the general public about its utility. Google Glass wearers have in fact been asked to leave restaurants, theatres and been harassed and even attacked.

Since Glass lets users take photos and videos without the person in front being aware, it understandably raises a number of privacy concerns, which results in them being told to either remove the Glass or leave places like restaurants and theatres. The Daily Show’s video takes this situation forward, by showing a number of Glass users alleging discrimination against them.

Here’s the video:

Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly said that the company considers wearable technology an area of “profound” interest, but that Google Glass doesn’t have a broad appeal. Apple is of course said to release its own wearable product — the iWatch — in October this year with a focus on health and fitness.

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  • 2 funny

    That was awesome!

  • Naldo

    The last kangaroo I saw was road kill so not happy about being discriminated against and over charged for living Australia. The geo blockers suck

    • aidenh37

      You mean the video?

  • systemupdate

    mehhhh. not that funny.

  • Kraken

    Google could end all of the controversy by releasing the damn thing without a camera. People have a problem with being secretly recorded, not with people having a screen by their eye. It would probably be cheaper without the camera too.