eBay Valet aims to make finding someone to sell your stuff easier

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eBay has a few applications available in the iOS App Store, all of which are aimed at making it easier to buy and sell things right from your mobile device. After all, if you need to make sure you get that last bid but can’t stay home, having mobile access can mean the difference between a great purchase and wishing for a different outcome. The selling giant has just released a brand new app that wants to make it easier for you to sell things, by giving it to a valet to find the right home for whatever it is you want to get rid of.

Valets aren’t new for eBay, they’ve been around for quite some time, but they might not be the most well-known part of the selling routine. A Valet is someone who will take your stuff, take pictures of it and post the necessary descriptions of the item on eBay, and then will take a commission of the sale after it happens. That generally equals out to you, the previous owner, getting 70% of the sale, while the Valet collects 30%.

eBay has set up a nice website for you to check out that goes over the details rather nicely, including lists of the things you can sell (electronics, new or like-new designer handbags, sporting goods, etc.) and things you can’t (single DVDS/CDs, bulky items or items heavier than 25 lbs, breakable items like vases or china). Additionally, it should be noted that you can’t sell anything through Valet that has a value of $40 or less, or is in poor condition.

The app will let you figure out how much your stuff is worth, and will provide you with a free shipping label so you can send it off to the Valet. Once the sale goes through, you’ll get your 70% through PayPal. The app is available now and it’s free. You can also check out the video they put together just below.

[via eBay Valet]

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  • Murat

    eBay is a joke, if you never sold there, then do your self a favor and do not sell
    on eBay, as new seller your payment for your item that’s sold, eBay/PayPal will put hold on money and you have to wait 21 days or wait for buyer write positive feedback, or hope he/she doesn’t open up a case in the resolution center!!!

    Believe my words, it’s hard to be a seller on eBay, many timewasters and non payers, and many times I feel like am almost being ripped off just to get a positive feedback so that my account doesn’t get any accountlimits,

    eBay takes almost 10% of final sale value

    PayPal takes almost 5-10% when you cash the money to bank account!!!

    These company is rip-off

    Don’t believe me search google, you will be chocked :-(

  • Murat

    And while your money is being hold, YOU have to pay for shipping :-)