Facebook Paper for iOS gets huge 1.2 update including mentions, trending section, hashtags and more

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Facebook Paper is the company’s “alternative” app experiment, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting any less attention than the main application. The latest update to Paper includes nearly a dozen new features that users have constantly asked for, making the app even more likely a viable alternative to the default if you enjoy its gestures and design.

Many of these features have long been in the standard Facebook app, but were simply missing in Paper. Mentions for example, which lets you tag friends in the context of a status, is only just now getting support in this version of the app. Other additions include the ability to see who’s tagged in a photo, editing your own profile picture and cover photo, and hashtags (which have been part of desktop Facebook for quite some time).

There’s a new “Trending section,” not much distant in concept from a feature that recently made its way to the Facebook iPad app as well. You can copy text from a post that you’re reading, change the audience you want to be able to see a post you’re posting, and there’s also now the ability to tilt your phone for better photo exploring. Lastly, the update packs a variety of performance and speed improvements.

The entire change log is embedded below:

What’s New in Paper 1.2

Thanks for trying Paper 1.2. We’re excited to bring you this update, which includes a bunch of features you’ve asked us for:

• Editing your profile pic and cover photo: Want to freshen up your profile? Tap your current profile picture or cover photo to choose new images, resize, crop and update them right in Paper. Voila!
• Photo tags: To see who’s tagged in a photo, tap the arrow and then choose View Photo Tags. You can even zoom in and tilt your phone to explore all the tags in a photo.
• Mentions: Now when you start typing a friend’s name in a post, you can tag them to let them know about the story. Mentions in comments also work more smoothly, so it’s easier to let specific people know about what you’ve said or shared.
• Trending section: This new section gives you a real-time view of topics people are talking about on Paper so you can explore them in depth. Just tap the Trending label at the top of any story in the section to see related stories from other sources.
• Hashtags: Paper now has hashtags so you can tap a hashtag like #tbt and see all the related posts.
• Tilt to explore all your photos: Now you can zoom in on any photo to view it fullscreen and tilt the phone to explore every detail.
• Copy text: Now you can tap-and-hold text to copy it from a post you’re reading. Then paste and share the text wherever you like.
• Change your audience after you post: We always want to help you share your stories with just the right people. Just tap the name of the audience to change between sharing publicly or with just your friends.
• Performance and speed: We’ve been making improvements so stories and photos show up even faster. Enjoy!

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