iOS 7.1.2 update freezing for some, a hard reboot seems to fix the issue

iOS 7.1.2

Early on June 30, Apple officially released the newest version of their mobile platform, iOS 7.1.2, which was meant to fix some minor issues behind the scenes, with a major focus on bug fixes and security updates. Unfortunately, the update process isn’t going so smoothly for some.

The Apple Support Community for iOS saw new additions pop up as some users tried to upgrade their device. As many have pointed out, the update can stall half- or a third of the way through, leaving some people to stare at gears that turn, but nothing else happens. The consistent issue seems to be going through Settings –> General –> Software Update, where the gears will continue to grind, but the update has reportedly frozen. Fortunately, there seems to be a fix.

A hard reboot is reportedly fixing the situation for those who have tried it, after their update stalls. If you are suffering through the same issue, here’s what to do: hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake button for several seconds. Do not let go until the screen goes dark, and you see the Apple logo appear. Release the button combination, and wait for the device to boot back to life.

This should complete the update, so make sure to check through Settings –> General — About, and see that you’re on iOS 7.1.2. If you’re not, just go through the update process again, and you should be good to go.

Did you suffer the stall issue? Did the hard reboot work for you?

[via Apple Support Community]

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  • Abdl

    Urgent! Please can i still restore ios7.1.1? Not 7.1.2? I really need to know

    • hey

      No, but the pangu jailbreak works on 7.1.2 as well.

    • Mystic

      Yes they’re still signing so you can definitely restore. You can check whether apple is still signing 7.1.1 on this website www[dot]icj[dot]me/ios/all
      just remember to replace the [dot] with actual . for the link to work

      • Abdl

        Thanks,but seems like the site is not going thru

  • Hassoun72

    The hard reboot worked for me

  • Noam Rahamim

    “Did you suffer the stall issue? Did the hard reboot work for you?” Yes and Yes ! :)

  • 8lias

    Success. iPhone 5S 7.1.2

    • Sanjay

      Thanks a lot. It perfectly worked for me. Thanks a ton for your advise.

  • Joe

    Are you saying so reboot while the update is installing!!!???? NOOO SIR! That happened to me once and I had to restore because it apparently gets corrupted if you don’t let it go thru!!

  • JP

    Happened to 2 of my ipad 2’s. The hard reboot worked fine. When it came back on it was already on 7.1.2

  • Phil manwarren

    my iPhone 4s from straight talk don’t do mms any more you think because of the jail break ?

  • Rahul

    IPhone 5 got stalled at Apple logo & progress bar almost 33% done. Hard reboot fixed it last night.

  • TD

    iPhone 5 stalled at Apple logo and about 80% done. Hard reboot fixed it right up! Thanks

  • Toni

    Mine is telling me I have to plug it into iTunes on a laptop…I don’t use that. And now I can’t even use my phone… What the heck?!

    • bcsc

      It just works!

      • Sanfour8

        Once you did that, your iphone didnt erase all your data ?

        • lee

          No – it just unfroze the iPhone. When I checked in settings the OS had been upgraded.

      • jspiker1974

        Actually, it doesn’t work. I have the same problem as Toni above. I did the hard reboot and when the phone came back on I got the icon to connect to iTunes. An there is no way around that. If I hard reboot again, I just get the Connect to iTunes screen again. And again. An again. If I were at home, I could just plug into my computer but I’m not. And I really ned to use my phone for business right now, which I can’t because of this stupid Connect to iPhone screen that has possessed my iPhone.

        • Joal232

          Mine froze and I did the reboot and it went back to normal

      • jspiker1974

        Not only that, when you do finally connect to iTunes it informs you you must restore the phone to its original settings. So you do, indeed, lose all your data. Bravo, Apple!

        • alanda

          I just lost everything I had. ive never been more upset in my life.

          • sd

            You still have everything, a stupid phone is nothing in your life.

          • Mocs1

            Thank you. It’s mind numbing listening to all the crybabies. It’s a PHONE!!!

          • johnny

            help me my ipad mini is light black when i turn it on all ady today

      • bcsc

        Sorry guys, that was a sly backhand at Apple’s own claims. It doesn’t!

      • chancla

        yeah mine did the same thing and i tried restoring it and nothing is working ughhh

    • Cyn

      Its happening the same to me!! IM NOT HAPPY with this crap, i just wanted my phone to be up to date, i didnt asked for some obligatory restore and 2+ hours of waiting

    • Chelle

      Did u fix it..i have the same problem to on my ipad but it went great on my iphone..i dont have a computer!

      • Linda Emshousen

        My iPad is.locked to pressed both buttons saw apple logo released buttons and nothing but black screen for over half hour now. This is stipud i need ipad to do homework

        • Kling

          I know how you feel, the same thing happened to my Ipad :-( Is there any solution at all? Hello???Apple????

    • Angi

      Same with mine. And I can’t because my Computer wont allow me to download itunes.

    • jeff

      >download the ios 7.1.2 ipsw
      >connect your device in iTunes
      >press Shift key in computer keypad
      >then click Restore
      >choose the downloaded ipsw
      >then Restore
      >wait for the restoration to finish

      • jeff

        be sure to download the compatible ipsw
        every ios device has its compatible ipsw

  • Moises Soto

    I had the same problem but it was on the Apple Logo Screen after the first reboot.

    Pressed Home + Sleep until the screen went black and then released the buttons. Then the white screen with the Apple Logo appeared again.

    The progress bar appeared as if it was begginning again but it soon disappeared and the phone booted fine with version 7.1.2 applied.

    • Yi Zha

      I have the same problem as yours

    • Jen

      Yep, that’s exactly what mine did. Progress bar stuck at about 25% for at least an hour. Hard reboot per instructions in post. When it starts booting, looks like the install is going to start over with the progress bar at zero, which led to momentary panic, but luckily that screen only lasts a few seconds. Screen then flashes to black and then phone finishes booting up. Verified that 7.1.2 successfully installed.


      • Toby

        Yes, same thing…

        • Shezi

          Wont Hard Reset remove all of my data on iPhone ?

          • iPhoneHacks

            No, hard reset doesn’t erase data. Follow the instructions mentioned above.

          • Sanfour8

            I pressed the home + sleep buttons, and my iphone turned dark.
            Do i have to turned on manually or it should be done by itself ?

          • ChubbsEd

            Same here.. trying to get off recovery mode, now total blank dark..

          • BrianB

            Had the same issue and this worked for me.

          • Sanfour8

            @iPhoneHacks:disqus .. Thank you a lottttt .. It works and i didnt lost any of my data

      • Paul

        Worked the same for me too, main white apple screen and scroll bar beneath froze at around 30%. Leap of faith and pressed both buttons until screen blanked, then returned to white apple screen, then task bar but cleared after a few seconds. Checked update in settings and on new version so all good.

        • Sarah

          i dont want to do this incase i loose all my photos :( will that happen

          • Itzilv

            Just back up on itunes before the upgrade you can then load the backup to the new upgrade

          • Blake

            I was concerned about this too, but I didn’t lose anything. Its as if the display freezes but the phone keeps installing the new software behind the scenes or something. When I restarted everything was still there and I had the new software version.

      • Sanfour8

        I pressed the home + sleep buttons, and my iPhone turned dark.
        Do i have to turned on manually or it should be done by itself ?

      • Kling

        Thanks I will try that when I get home. I just wish it never happens every time we update. It should be easy, not terrifying! Thanks for the inputs everyone! Good luck! If this doesn’t work, I will definitely get a different tablet that’s more user friendly

      • Melissa

        I had same response as above. Just be patient it will reboot.

    • sry

      Thank you for posting this! This is exactly what mine had been doing. I just wasn’t holding the buttons down long enough to reset. Thanks for the help!

      • Jay

        Thank you so much.. Afiter not having a phone for 24 hours, it’s back on and working just fine and has updated itself. WOOP WOOP, happy days. Thank you

        • Sanfour8

          I pressed the home + sleep buttons, and my iphone turned dark.
          Do i have to turned on manually or it should be done by itself ?

    • Joe Dean

      Same exact issue for me. Hard reset resolved it. Thanks Moises!!

    • crewoldt

      Thank you! It worked like a charm. I can breathe easy again!

    • JR

      This is exactly what happened to me. It froze on the apple reboot screen. I did a hard reset and I got the apple logo/progress bar screen. It soon disappeared and the phone is now updated.

    • Bryan

      This too worked for me! THANK GOD! I was in panic mode! This is absolutely ridiculous! Why doesn’t Apple recognize these issues and FIX them as soon as they are reported! I don’t back up to iTunes because one day I did and it erased my data! I called Apple and they were NO help! I am seriously thinking about getting an Android device and NEVER going back to iPhone!

      • MadeMyDay

        Thank goodness worked for me on my iPhone4s

    • Chris DJ

      Same for me. I think the original hang was down to a flaky wifi connection

  • Abby

    Perfect. This worked for me.

  • Tony

    Mine continues to just lock up, and when I tried to reset it, no dice. Now it just says to connect to iTunes, and when I do that, nothing happens. Any thoughts?

  • nat

    My lock button has lost its touch and doesn’t work for me anymore and my phone has been frozen on this update for 8 hours :(

  • TeaJay

    I faced the same issue and it showed connect to the itunes. When I connected to iTunes it shows the iOS is corrupted and needs to be restored to the factory settings. Really a mess this update.

    • Lizzy

      this is happening to mine right now, i can’t believe this!

      • hop

        so what was the solution? please let me know

    • Kitten Meow

      Same happened when I updates my iPad 2 to ios 7.1.1! As soon as the update started it immediately when to Conenct to iTunes :(

  • Malky

    Glad I found this page, hard reboot got the phone back, then couldn’t check to see if the update had completed. Did a normal shutdown followed by startup, checked settings, update & ios7.1.2 has been installed…everything seems ok so far…

  • Bradley Kirby

    I bought a new iPad mini a few days ago and a new iPhone 5S yesterday, after reading this, I’m too scared to update, I’m still on iOS 7.1.1 on both.

  • GCB

    Needed to hard reset with progress bar stuck around 50% of what must have been the last cycle. Came back quickly and showing 7.1.2. Only three devices to go. Think I will hard reset those before I Start the update.

  • Ground15 Productions

    Had same problem. Solution works.

  • coldtusker

    Yes, it worked… Thank you.

  • Daisy5317

    Hard reboot not working on my 4S – tried to press top button (on/off switch) and also the circular button at bottom (home screen etc). Nothing happening. Am I just not pressing for long enough?

    • Daisy5317

      PS I pressed each for over one minute…..

  • Andrea

    Worked for me :) Thanks for the help!

  • Internettan

    I had the exact same problem as TeaJay, really bad.

  • Mark Walpole

    I had the same issue on my iPad Air and iPhone 5S. I thought the problem may be because the devices weren’t plugged in, so I connected them to my computer.
    After five minutes I saw there was still no progress so I opened iTunes intending to restore the devices only to see them connected and showing the current os as 7.1.2. At that point I realised the update had hung so did a hard reset.
    Both devices appear to be working fine.

  • Dave Aspden

    had the same issue. Still stuck on the apple logo, and to make matters
    worse, the lock button doesn’t work on my iPhone 5. Apple need to get
    this issue sorted, as there’s going to be a lot of angry and unhappy
    users, who may go to a different manufaturer of phone altogether.

  • faruk

    it did stuck while loading and I did as you suggested. Now it is ok. thanks.

  • jithu

    Thanks a ton. I am in India and attempted the carrier’s OTA upgrade and the update stalled. I was very worried and the above solution worked for me.
    I am surprised that Apple released this buggy update and have not even apologized.

  • Candis

    My phone the sleep button is not working what should I do now

  • Sada Hott

    hi can i rejailbreaked after backup?

  • Chip

    Mine froze so I tried hard reboot. Seems to have worked

  • Kevin

    Yes – same issue – update froze on progress bar, did the hard reboot as suggested. When it rebooted, it had successfully installed 7.1.2.

  • Addae Richard

    Nice it worked for me on iPhone 4s.the update now showed up but am still not updating for now.waiting for iOS 8

  • sebrandon1

    I’m getting the same thing. Thanks for the article though!

  • KimC2

    I’ve tried what was suggested above. Holding the sleep/wake button isn’t doing anything. Anyone have any other ideas? I’m away from home and really need my phone.

  • jc

    the process stalled at 1/3. went to sleep when it was at 1/3, woke up and it still was there. A hard reboot solved the problem in less than 2 minutes.

  • Aaron Dorsch

    Hard reset fixed it when it stalled on my phone.
    My fiancés phone crashed and had to be reset to factory settings. Then the iCloud backup (which I checked and it was there prior to update) vanished. Said there has never been a backup on that account.
    Pretty royally pissed at apple right now.

  • Yash

    Tried hard reboot didn’t work now shows connect to itunes and i’m stuck don;t know what to do….. stupid update why cant they make sure it works fine before releasing it

  • Greig

    Success! Thank you. You saved me a trip to the Apple Store.

  • KimC2

    Hold the sleep/home button and hold down the on-off button, that’ll reboot the phone. My phone is now working and has the latest update. Whew!

  • Carlota

    My update stalled about 75% of the way through. Took several tries for the reboot to take, then finally got the black screen, then the apple. Then took another off/on to get a reaction. Finally back “into” my phone and can check settings to see that update 7.1.2 did take. Scary…

  • Jim

    It stalled on the Apple Logo with the bar at about 75%. It did not stall on the gears. I held down the home and on/off key at the same time, and it rebooted and all was well. I’m up on 7.1.2. You would think they would test the updates a bit better!

    • Beth

      Worked for me, too – thanks!!

  • todd

    The reboot worked for me. My iPhone froze half way through the update to iOS 7.1.2.

  • Erica

    Thanks for this post. I did have the stall issue.

  • Jake

    Guess I’m going in to the Apple store…my freakin’ lock button hasn’t worked in awhile and I’m stuck on this screen. Can’t do this hard reboot because the lock button is unresponsive. Mines been stuck on the Apple logo with the progress bar 3/4 of the way done for the last 8 hours.

    • Beth

      Same here – did if ever finish?

  • Gleison Barbosa

    yeah, the reboot did work. thanks.

  • nells

    Can iphone4 install this ios7.1.2?

  • Lisa

    IT worked! thanks

  • Neil

    Worked for me! Thanks for the tip!!

  • KJuney

    Yes – stalled on me and your hard reset worked with no issues!! Thanks so much! I was panicking there for a second!

  • alschwinn

    My iPhone 5c completely shut off sometime last night and this morning would not turn back on. I did the hard restart thing and it said plug into iTunes.. I did that and it is still plugged into iTunes but it says it is downloading an iPhone Software Update and its going to take 4 hours. Is this normal or am I just going to waste 4 hours trying this and it not even work? Any other suggestions? Thank you

  • Elle

    Thank you very much!!!!!

  • Mackenzie

    My on/off switch isnt working and its stuck on the progress bar. Help please!!

    • Daniel Franklin

      Hi, Connect your phone to Itunes and use restore option, it will download the OSx and install. I faced the same problem too. I was able to recover from Itunes.

      • josh

        i tried to do this and because i have a lockcode on my phone it won’t open it on itunes? can you help?

        • iqa

          does it work?

      • Mia

        Hi, do you know why iTunes doesn’t recognize that there is an iPhone connected to the laptop? I don’t know what to do.. please help :(

        • Mia

          Ok, by some miracle, I left the phone for a while and it just decided to work! No iTune intervention needed after all!!! :) Good luck to everyone else!

  • Brick Dad

    That worked! Thanks.

  • Timothy Boman

    Recommend update via iTunes and have more than 50%

  • Mike

    Hard reboot worked for me — thanks! (iOS 7.1.2, iPhone 4s)

  • Mark W

    rebooting my iPhone worked for me and upon the restart the update was installed.

  • Brick

    Same issue.. Mine stalled at about 50% but I can’t hard reset because I have a bad power button.. Cross my fingers that the battery will die soon and I can attempt a charge and reboot. I would open the case and remove the battery but don’t have my tools at this moment.

  • Tj78

    Mine has been frozen on the update screen for 10 hours. My on/off button is broken so I haven been using assistive touch, any ideas what to do?

    • Kitten Meow

      My home button is broken T_T looks like no risky update for me :(

    • Tiffy

      Im having the same problem! Tried to sort it with itunes but no luck!

    • El

      exactly the same boat as you!! SOOOOOO annoying!!

  • Chris Stoltz Nelson

    I suffered the same issue. The update bar was 65% complete, then it froze. I waited 45 minutes prior to checking itunes for the current iphone software version; which did state I was on the last iphone release (iOS 7.1.2 iPhone 5s) The hard boot, following the instructions in the post, seemed to do the trick. Thanks!

  • Kami

    It worked for me. ThanQ :)

  • Mademoiselle

    Thanks for the post. The hard reboot fixed the issue. I also panicked when the phone restarted and I saw the dreaded progress bar. Like Jen, my phone is fully functional and the update was successful.

  • jtd717

    hard reset just brings up the itune logo. Then when I plug into itunes, it offers solution as reset to factory. Don’t want that. Help!

    • Gautam

      It looks like you put your device in DFU mode. You need to hard reset your device to come out of it.

      You don’t need to connect your iOS device to the computer. Just hold the Home button and Power (Sleep/Wake) button simultaneously till you see the Apple logo and then release the buttons.

      • Kurt Voelker

        I’m experiencing the “iTunes & cable” display problem too. A hard reset is not fixing the problem for me – it just returns to that same iTunes & cable. When I connect to iTunes, says I need to factory reset.

        Anyone solved this issue?

        • Gautam

          You will have to restore your device. Hopefully you have a backup.

          • Kurt Voelker

            A clean start it is then! :-)

          • Gautam

            Just a sec

          • Gautam

            So when you connect your device to the computer does it say it is in recovery mode?

  • Hdvfxbxfgdr

    It’s froze on the apple sign with the progress bar at about 25% I’m too scared to reset my phone as I don’t want it to break is it a safe option to reset it?

    • Joe Dean

      Mine froze at about 75% complete on the apple logo progress screen. I plugged in my phone to my laptop and iTunes said it was installed. I could even play music from itunes via my phone. I did a hard reset and it went back to the apple logo progess bar and completed successfully. 7.1.2 installed in iPhone 5S

      • yehia

        i don’t have itunes on my laptop what should i do?

        • yehia

          i made the hard reset and it worked thank you

          • Joe Dean


  • Tam Lee

    ipad mini same issue updating to 7.1.2 – no luck:(
    keeps going to the iTunes suggestion after hard reboot and on iTunes says only “factory reset”.
    do they ever test anything anymore?????????
    my bad for trusting them.

  • MikeyG

    Mine froze last night… telling me it would take 8 hours… I went to bed and woke up around 3am… It was on the apple logo screen… but it went through by itself… It took forever…

  • BigBlue

    Same issues with my 4S freezing at around 50% on the reboot following the update download. Hard reboot brought it back to life and now shows the latest 7.1.2 software.
    Shame on you Apple for the stress you caused so many users.

  • Stuntman bob

    I did the hard reset and it fixed everything. The bar was stuck at 75% for over an hour.

  • Zena

    I’m having the exact same issue. My iPhone 4 is on around 75% on the update and has been frozen for about 3 hours now. I have no idea what to do due to my lock button being broken so I can’t restart it, I also tried draining out the battery and then charging it again but that didn’t work either, PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Zena

      This is actually really frustrating! My phone has just been showing me the apple logo and update bar, it has not changed one bit and even if I drain the battery out it still shows the same thing the screen doesn’t even go all black! So the battery draining and lock button isn’t working for me.. does anybody have any other suggestions??

      • Jessica

        I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

      • alvis

        same as me now.. looking for solution!!!

  • jtd717

    I never go the update bar – just the power cord and itunes logo. Apple is telling me I’m screwed

  • Kevin Michal

    Yes, and yes! Thanx for posting! Back in business!

  • Hudson

    I’m having this problem in my MacBook pro

  • Imogen

    Thank you! xxx

  • jtd717

    what will i lose if I reset?

  • Jolly D’Bugger

    In iPad Mini, Settings, Update: Frozen at 90%
    pressed Home button, page closed, notice pops up for update, continue, “Verifying update…” popup, washing machine going around and around for about 5 min.
    Apple logo, and auto reboot.
    Perseverance furthers, says I Ching.

    Manufacturing employees are still under paid, overworked, while stockholders are getting rich (up 1% today). Cash is King and the consumer slaves obey!
    Hard boot takes care of nothing, maybe hard boot to head will work.

  • KanataSD

    Nope cause mine is locked in the loading bar and I can’t hard reboot.

  • teii

    could anyone help me, I have already tried to hard reboot the phone but still appears the logo to plug into the iTunes, whats does it mean? or how long it will take? does it mean that it’s still updating?

  • Achu

    Thanks you are a life saver…it worked perfect for me

  • yehia

    this update didn’t complete and i can’t open my mobile, any suggestions ?

    • yehia

      i made the hard reset and it worked.

  • Dips

    mine got bricked and had to take it to the store and they couldn’t bring it back. So had to shell out $269 plus tax to get a replacement for a phone that got bricked for doing exactly what it was asked to do. defies logic completely. apple – not happy at all. first of all i spend a lot on products which used to be of highest quality and now – its just expensive bricks. making me reconsider switching. got lucky with the iPad after a hard reboot. apple tv doesnt work on wi-fi anymore with its update. seriously!!!

  • mia

    i tried this and it’s telling me to connect my phone to itunes. I’ve had it connected for almost an hour and it still hasn’t done anything.

  • video slacker

    iPhone 5S – worked
    iPhone 4 – worked
    iPad (3rd Generation) – Locked & forced to restore to factory settings thru iTunes.
    Am currently in hour 2 of what iTunes claims will be a 10 hour restore. This sucks.

  • jenn

    same thing happened to me… i just did a hard reboot and i’m back on my phone . not sure if it means i have to try the update again another time?

  • Lia

    what do i do im stuck on the plug into iTunes?????

    • Chelle

      Me too and i dont know what to do..i dont have a pc either

      • sophie

        im stuck on the same been trying for 2 and a half hours and its still the same!!!!!

    • Kitten Meow

      Plug it into your computer and restore with itunes.

  • thalia

    can someone help me? my phone is stuck on the plug into iTunes and it wont move

  • etbill

    Hard Reset worked for me. For users where the on /off sleep button is not working, the phone will reset when the battery runs down. then when you plug it into the charger, it will restart. not ideal, but does get around a broken button and no access to assistive touch.

  • 2dOpinion

    No problems here with two devices updated…

  • Barry R. Morgan

    This “fix” didn’t work for me on my iPhone 4 – took it to Apple Retail Store and the techs said that there was a problem with my iPhone hardware. They tried to restore from my latest backup on iTunes – got error message that says I must restore the iPhone before it can be used for iTunes. Techs Joey and Louie were nice enough, but said I would need Apple Support Agreement/Service or buy an upgrade. Pffffttt.. Called Verizon, they said I did not have extended warranty, so I would have to upgrade. So, nice going Apple – a forced upgrade for my iPhone 4. Genius indeed.

    • Barry R. Morgan

      I did another hard reset – while connected to iTunes. Had to click the Restore… button in iTunes for iPhone Recovery. Apple icon with progress bar now – it’s been 45 minutes and 60% on the progress bar – crossing fingers.

      • Zena

        My iPhone 4 has been stuck on the Apple icon and progress bar for about 13 hours now. I’m thinking about restoring my phone but I’m not sure. Did it work for you?

  • kg

    My battery died completely, after my software update and now I am unable to switch my phone on. I tried charging it on my laptop and plug socket but still nothing.. PLEASE HELP

  • Liz Willmott

    My phone stalled. I displayed the connector with an arrow to iTunes. When I tried to reboot, the same screen came back. This has happened 4 times. I don’t know how to get out of it. I have now been unable to use my phone for 3 hours.

  • Kershion Govender

    Hi. PLEASE HELP. my iPhone 5s completely died after i upgraded my software- its not coming on even when i try charging it.

  • Lennea

    Waited over 2 hours thinking the new update would eventually finish. Very frustrating! The hard reboot worked for me though. Thanks for the fix!

  • Sam

    My update stalled on 7/1/2014, and the hard reboot worked

  • Ben

    Mine is also telling me i have to plug it into itunes i did this now i have to wait for 17 hours because apple servers are busy!

  • Phiuckthis

    I’ve got the same issue yet I cannot reset because my lock button is also broken. This is doing my head in. Apple need to have some sort of time out on these installs this is totally unacceptable and a perfect time to jump ship to Android.

  • Stephanie wa

    This worked for me thankfully and thank you!!!

  • patricia

    MINE IS FROZEN AND WONT LET ME DO A THING…anyone had this issue?i can’t do anything

  • Paul Clark

    just keep getting the plug into itunes screen no matter how many times reboot, any ideas?

    • ashher

      same problem for me…I guess hard reset will nort help . Should try iPhone Rcovery Mode option after connecting to iTunes.

  • Tigermother

    Thanks! Had this issue and your hard reboot fixed it :)

    • patricia

      mine won’t do anything still :(

  • omfgeiffel

    I updated my iphone4, updating crashed and my phone froze. Did the only thing I knew, which was to hold the power and home button together at once. Screen went blank, apple logo came on, and then the itunes and usb cable image came on. When I connected to my laptop itunes, it stated my phone is in recovery mode and I would have to restore. Would it still be possible for me to leave my phone for a few days in hopes that the battery completely dies and then recharged it, and all my photos/data will still be intact? Cos I’ve just rebooted my laptop thus I lost everything inside, including my phone’s latest back up :(

    • MarkDilley

      this is my issue also, any luck that I can save the family photos?

      • MarkDilley

        I was finally able to rescue my photos, while the phone was in permanent reboot. I used Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac) – it let me download my photos. Then the phone came back on, without the update done.

        This was after dozens of resets, so I don’t know if the resets worked or the Dr.Fone worked. But the Dr.Fone did let me get my pictures!

        (also, I thought I had posted my success – did it get deleted because I linked to the thing that worked? I tried 4 other recovery apps that didn’t work)

        • omfgeiffel

          REALLY!? Omg okay I’m gonna try it now. But…….I’m not using Mac though. Will Dr Fone be usable on Windows?

          • MarkDilley

            I hope you were able to retrieve your data…

        • omfgeiffel

          Oh and did you used the free trial or the registered one? I can’t seem to get my phone connected to Dr. Fone. Kept stating my phone is not in normal mode :(

          • MarkDilley

            I connected to Dr.Fone on laptop, on the other recovery programs, it said it was not in normal mode.

  • Petty

    How can i do by sleep or lock button doesn’t work please help

  • Petty

    How can u do my lock button doesn’t work please help :'(

  • Petty

    I connected the phone and it says this

  • Petty

    Do I have any chance to get my info back? If I let it die

  • Petty

    ?? Ty

  • Jake Corry

    It crashed my ipad and I had to recover and restore from itunes on my computer, wouldn’t let me use the cloud. I last synced my ipad with itunes on the pc in 2012. What a pain.

  • Rudad

    I havent update to ios 7.1.2 yet. I suggest that we do a backup first before updating the ios just in case anything happen… Restore….

  • Selina

    My lock buttom is broke? Any other suggestions?? Not happy…

    • Zena

      Same here! My phone has been unusable for about 13 hours now :(
      Somebody please help!

  • JM

    I tried the hard reset…but my iphone 5 won’t reboot. I held the sleep / wake button for more than 15 seconds and it won’t restart. Please help!

  • Brian

    Thanks for this post. Helped me out.

  • rich

    My phone got to 50% then froze :( really not happy but holding home and sleep for 10sec and its reset fine now

    • Sanfour8

      Did your iphone reset after doing that ?

  • wazza6

    Just tried the update to ipad. Went through the update sequence then said I had to do a system restore. Did that – ended up being tolod to go to Apple Store as “replacement needed”! Tired restore again – same result. Went to Apple Store – they did the same thing with the same result. Told it will cost AT LEAST $309 for them to look at it but it “looks like its stuffed”! No replacement – buy a new one! NOT IMPRESSED

  • Claire

    As a few people have said already Mine has been frozen on the update screen all night. My on/off button is also broken so I haven been using assistive touch, any ideas what do?

  • dina

    yes it happened to my iphone and the reboot worked

  • ProfHT

    I have a new problem after 7.1.2, when I get a phone call, I cannot hear or be heard on the phone, but if I put it on speaker… it’s fine. So what’s up?

  • cara

    my iPhone 5s crashed when i tried to install ios7.1.2 and now it won’t re boot at all. Not happy.

  • Mino

    A hard reboot solved the problem for me.
    Many thanks for your help.

  • Daniel Franklin

    Mine froze while updating. I had to recover it from Itunes restore option. Lost my recent data as i had not backed up recently :(

    • ashher

      same problem for me…phone is freezed and iTunes logo coming on screen..what to do? this 7.1.2 updte has screwed my phone :(

  • Tony

    I did the hard Reset as described above and it worked for my iPhone and the iPad and they both show that iOS 7.1.2 is operational

  • AK

    Thanks! It really worked for me! Just follow the instructions above, and soon your phone will jump back to life!

  • Sanfour8

    Once my iphone finished updating and during its reboot, there was no more progress bar since yesterday.
    If i hold down the home and sleep/wake button for several seconds, do all the data on my iphone will be erased ? Because this is how we restore it.
    Please answer me if you are sure, i wont lose all my pictures.
    Otherwise can i wait until my battery dies ?

  • Luke

    My iPhone 5 was stuck and I followed your advice and now it’s updated correctly. Thanks so much!

  • Dawntreader

    My progress bar was stuck on 3/4 for hours. Hard reboot with Home button and on/off button solved the problem

  • jmgracing

    I did a hard reboot and that fix the issue for me thanks

    • Lan Anh Vu Ngoc

      i did a lot but it seems not work for me i’m still in recovery mode after upgrading :((( please help me !!! i dont want to lose my data :(!!!

  • Brendan

    helppp how do i hard reboot when my power button is totally spoilt!

  • Daniel

    My iPad 3 froze so i did the hard reset and now it wont reboot :/ and stays on that apple logo when strating up

  • Katie

    So my iPhone 4 froze 3/4 of the way into the update, I tried draining out the battery because my lock button doesn’t work and neither did the battery thing work. So now im restoring my phone on itunes, it’s taking ages and im most likely loosing all my contacts etc. -_- great.

  • Yasmineachram

    Okay now mine is telling me to plug into iTunes and I don’t even have a laptop what should I do now???
    Will lose all my data??

  • george

    i was updating my iPad to 7.1.2 and it froze then i held the home button then the sleep button it it says to plug my iPad in to a laptop so i did then it says to restore my iPad but i don’t want to restore someone please help ME!!!!!

  • Chuck

    Same issue… Froze when tried to update. The hard reboot did not work, now I have to spend hours resetting the phone… Not happy at all. Get your s**t together Apple!

    • george

      has it worked yet?

  • lkk

    I pressed both home and the sleep/wake button. The screen blanked, then returned to white apple screen. Then it started and when I checked update in the settings it had the new version.

  • Adriana

    It works!! thanks!!

  • Karenb

    I’ve just rebooted my I pad mini and it’s still hasn’t worked, what now ?

    • Gautam

      Try to hard reset your iPad mini as mentioned in the article. Check the video if you need help.

  • Gottalovetheinternet

    It worked! Had the exact problem as described above, I did a hard reboot and it booted correctly. Thanks very much!

  • Karen

    Just did that on my I pad mini and it has not worked, the wheel icon is still turning and it’s saying it’s downloading but it’s been doing that since yesterday! What can I do now?

  • Denise

    Thanks very much for the post. My IPad froze and your answer solved it.

  • ddd34690

    The hard reboot works. Unplug from computer first. Hold both sleep/wake button and the on/off button until the screen goes blank and release them. You will get the apple icon and the update will start and complete after a few minutes. Check the version, you should 7.1.2. (go to settings, general, about to check the version).

  • amefzzzz

    my lock button is broke so how do i fix this? will i have to wait for it to die?

  • ouime

    worked a treat, thank you…

  • claudia

    I tried updating on my iPad – it is 1/2 downloaded with black screen, apple, and bar half done. It has been frozen for over 2 hours. I tried holding the button down and it is not responding at all. I am really upset and I use it for a variety of work.

  • Alex

    My update froze on the apple logo for about 20 minutes so I decided to hard reboot. That worked for me.

  • mico

    pleas sombody help me….I am update new version 7.1.2 on my iphone 4 and restart automaticly and when start on my home screen writing No SIM Card Installed…..please what to do to corect this problem?

  • mico

    please sombody help me….I am update new version 7.1.2 on my iphone 4 a restart automaticly and when start on my home screen writing No SIM Card Installed…..please what to do to corect this problem?

  • Lori B.

    Worked for me. Thanks!

  • a;sldfkjasd

    The hard reboot worked for me, thankfully. However, I was really, extremely frustrated initially, because I was expecting to have to download iTunes and restore my iPhone, too. Ugh. Sorry for those of you who have to go through that–hoping there is an alternative for you all. :(

  • Ahmed AlOmran

    My iPhone 4 never open again, I tried all the ways but never work

  • LauraSaa

    I have the worst case because my home button stoped working ages ago so i can.t rebooted and i wont have my computer for another 2 days. Will it help if i leave it to completly lose battery?

  • Fred

    My iPad froze as well. Just pressed the home and power buttons together, and it worked!

  • Kling

    I have the same problem and it is so frustrating. So how long should I hold the sleep/wake button? I tried that and it doesn’t seem to work. Please help, right now I just have an Ipad with a black screen and the apple logo on it with the status bar 3/4 of the way through….ugh

  • MargieL

    Yes, it worked. So glad I came across this post. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    please can you let me know if I reboot it, will all my photos and data be lost because i havent recently backed them up :( seriously hate apple these days

  • Amers

    It worked and I dint loose my data! Thank you :)

  • Raven

    How to fix if the sleep/wake button does not work?

  • Chase

    So, my power button is jammed, the darned thing is stuck about 30% on the update, and i don’t know how to fix this. because i can’t do a hard reset.

    • rfkrox

      You’ll probably have to connect to iTunes like I had to do last night. Hope you have a current backup. This has been an epic failure and a total waste of time!

  • Ragesh Nair D

    I too had the same problem after pressing the home key and power button for several seconds phone turn into dark display and apple logo. Appear and now working fine with update one

  • rfkrox

    This 7.1.2 upgrade is a joke! I tried to update my 4s and iPad3 last night. The download froze half way through like it did with a lot of other people complaining on these threads. Had to try the hard boot. The iPad finally installed the update properly, but it took awhile. The phone was a different story. Had to connect to iTunes because it would’t boot up properly. Did a restore with software and firmware, but didn’t get all my photos back, and lost all my videos. I should have backed up more recently than just using the iCloud free 5 GBs. But if you have a lot of pics and videos, then you won’t have enough space in iCloud unless you upgrade with more memory ($$$$$). I got about 3 hours of sleep last night having to deal with all this crap! For an update that only uses 23 Megs of memory, it makes no sense to have all this freezing, and then having to connect to iTunes when the phone won’t hard boot. Whatever happened to the simple upgrades you could do right on the phone without corrupting your phone? Where is Steve Jobs when you need him? This is another Epic Fail by Apple. I should have never downloaded the 7.1.2 update that only fixes a few security issues, etc. I’m probably going to switch to Samsung and buy an S5! #Fail #TruthHurts

  • Sherly Santos Dizon

    my iphone 4s is in recovery mode,my laptop doesn’t even download the software when I connect my iphone and on iTunes it doesn’t say iphone is connected. no iphone,

  • Tomziliox

    My iPhone crashed the early stages of the new iOS update I had to reset it to factory settings and then download my most recent backup it was an hour-long nightmare.

  • Cindy

    My phone was stuck for 45 minutes. I did a hard reboot but did not experience the same iTunes problem. Seriously, if anything happens to my iTunes account or I lose any data, I will get a Samsung. Ridiculous that so many are experiencing freezing.

  • Ria

    It worked for me

  • Taylor

    My power and home buttons BOTH don’t work how can I get off the frozen apple logo update screen? someone please help me asap I need to use my phone and resetting is my last option (not backed up) please help me :(

  • selah

    HELP!!!! After my update I am stuck with the iTunes plug in icon… only option is to restore my iPhone. Hard reboot (holding the buttons) is not doing anything. Other options? Will I lose all my data?

    • MarkDilley

      You will lose data, I had luck with Dr.Fone, but I also hard rebooted dozens of times too.

      • Selah

        YIKES! so should I keep hard rebooting? What is Dr. Fone? Thanks a ton for your help!

        • MarkDilley

          where you able to save your data? I hope so…

  • Jacquie S

    mine is stuck with plug into itunes and when i plug it in it doesn’t even say it’s plugged in. the first 2 times i plugged it in it was restoring it and then said itunes stopped responding and closed itunes. this whole thing started because i was updating it and it said itunes stopped working. HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

  • Steph

    Regardless whether there was a ‘hard reboot’ to fix the problem – there shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place… My phone was frozen for 6 hours during the night; I woke up to find that the download wasn’t complete and I wasn’t able to use my phone.
    Also the fact that I called my phone and it would ring from another devise but my iphone was still on the frozen was unusual. Updates are suppose to better your phone, it’s not acceptable… I refuse to purchase another iphone when this contract is up! Absolutely furious!!

    • Gautam

      Yeah, it’s strange that people have hit the issue for a point release. Should have worked flawlessly.

  • Abdul Rabb

    Ahhhh… I was happily updating my iPhone 4 and then this happened! Its asking me to connect it to iTunes which I do not use at all as I personally do not own a laptop (hate me) so no chance of ever updating it either. The phone contains my dad’s precious last moments and I cannot still let go of him along with other important stuff. How can I get my phone back to what it was with all data n content as it was until a few hours ago and before the update? Please help and I will send you good vibes and positive thoughts. Regards!

    • Kathy Gregory

      did you get a fix/reply?

      • Abdul Rabb

        Nope.. its still the same unfortunately… My apologies for a late response :(

  • TW

    My phone started acting dumb after the update posted and tonight when I tried to update it I got the plug into itunes message and had to restore it to factory setting and lost EVERYTHING!!!! I am so annoyed right now!!

  • nzchrissy

    Thank you so much! Worked a treat – updated to 7.1.2 iphone 5 – crisis averted!

  • Roxana

    The hard reboot worked. when installing on the phone it just froze, but after the hard reboot it got it right on the iPhone 5s. Really Apple? On the most pricy phone on the market…. there is the need for hacks to update from a deplorable iOS version (consumed the battery in less than 12h for a narmal use) to another that freezes during update! I am sure this will solve all the issues… not.

  • Just Worthless

    Cant sync, cant do anything since this update. Deleted everything, removed itunes folder, reinstalled, cleaned registry. Just worthless.

  • not smiley face

    I had no trouble getting the new update but now my iphone 4s isnt working as well. imessages are not working, facebook froze and I tried reinstalling that but it wont load, just sitting waiting to see what else will go wrong, I have never has a single problem in 2 years until today


    Successfully updated into 7.1.2 in my iPhone 5 and successfully jail-broken using pangu ..

  • Candy Ling

    Thank you so much!!!! The method saved my lovely phone

  • jaime

    i’m still waiting. my home button’s been long dead so i can only use the lock button but the hard boot isn’t working. I’ve connected my ipod to my laptop and tired unsuccessfully to sync it, now I’m trying to restore my ipod (iPod 5) which has sorta frozen the devices tab in iTunes. any help?

  • GSG

    Hard reboot did the job and all is fine now. No biggie. GSG

  • iphone 4s owner

    I am one of the fortunate for which it worked. Many thanks for the advice!

  • Lotus

    My iPad stalled while installing the update, at the apple logo with the process bar about halfway. Left it overnight, hard booted in the morning, and in the settings menu it now says the ios is up to date. iOS 7.1.2

  • floris

    my phone stalled during the installation. I did the reboot and the phone works again and the update is installed.

  • sapp

    anybody can help ? my phone froze at the progress bar about 40% for an hour plus and i been pressing on both buttons :( it doesnt work still theres apple logo and the progressing bar froze !

  • CARLOS123

    hmmmm … i cant do the hard reboot since my sleep/wake button is not working properly… how can i complete the update or atleast use my phone now.

  • Np

    That solution worked fine

  • John

    THE most ridiculous thing Apple has done with this latest update!!!! WTF!

  • Christopher Johnson

    Mine iPhone 5S was stuck while the patch was installing (black screen with white apple logo and progress bar). The progress bar made it to about 75% and stayed there overnight. This morning I tried the hard reset and it work. The iOS is now 7.1.2 and all is well. I had a minor panic attack fantasizing that I wouldn’t have my phone for a while until I could make it in to an Apple Store, but thankfully I’m back in business.

  • smh

    yes, my ipad froze during update.

  • Jill

    This worked for me. Thanks!!!

  • H

    This fix worked for me. Thanks!

  • Andre Borges

    My iPad mini had the same problem. after hours waiting for the update to finish I decided to research for installation problems on the internet and found this article. it worked perfectly for me. After the iPad restarted, the update was already installed. Thanks a lot!

  • Sam

    My iphone 4S froze, what looks like, a third of the way into the installation process. Hard Reboot done and it fixed the issue and it seems the software is now up to date. Thanks

  • nobody_of_consequence

    Yes, this worked for me – reboot.

  • GW11

    OMG, lost everything!!! iTunes reset to a “new” iPad WTF Apple??? all settings apps email contacts….GONE!!! are you kidding!!!! what a great reason to move to a Surface Tablet… thanks Apple

  • Katie

    Mine stalled about 3/4ths the way through on my iphone. Did the hard reboot and it worked for me. I updated my ipad and had no problems.

  • omfgeiffel

    MY PHONE IS ALIVE ONCE MORE – nope not bec of hard reboot.

    This is my comment 2 days ago:

    “I updated my iphone4, updating crashed and my phone froze. Did the only thing I knew, which was to hold the power and home button together at once. Screen went blank, apple logo came on, and then the itunes and usb cable image came on. When I connected to my laptop itunes, it stated my phone is in recovery mode and I would have to restore. Would it still be possible for me to leave my phone for a few days in hopes that the battery completely dies and then recharged it, and all my photos/data will still be intact? Cos I’ve just rebooted my laptop thus I lost everything inside, including my phone’s latest back up :(

    I have since managed to revive my iPhone again, after 2 days of being in a depressed state of mind at the thought of losing my 6189 photos (yes I’ve owned this phone for four years now) and researching online for tools/software that I could use! I’ve already backed my phone up on iTunes, and currently transferring photos from phone to laptop incase such nonsense happens again. Lesson learnt the hard way indeed!

    I’ve used tools such as:

    1) RecBoot – doesn’t work bec the program couldn’t run properly on x64.

    2) ReiBoot – doesn’t work bec my phone isn’t in “normal” mode.

    3) Wondershare Dr. Fone – doesn’t work bec my phone isn’t in “normal” mode.

    4) EaseUS MobiSaver – this works only if you want to view your phone data (photos, contacts etc) and not to exit recovery mode BUT the free trial only allows you to view photos. Paid one will allow you to recover all of the data (as stated, I did not buy the program so i cannot verify how true it is)

    I’ve tried hard reboot, DFU….you name it. But nothing works. Until I tried EaseUS MobiSaver – free trial version. As I couldn’t exit recovery mode, and was on the verge of giving up…. I began to try to recover all my data before resetting my phone to default settings. And this program actually works, to my surprise! I was able to view all 6,189 photos (yes, I owned this phone for four years now thus the huge amount of photos haha). But bec it was a free trial, I wasn’t allowed to recover my photos, or any data. To purchase the program, I would need to fork out S$82.01..I took hours to think about it. In the end, I decided to purchase it after my payday (yes, my photos are THAT valuable). So before I disconnect the usb cable to exit the EaseUS MobiSaver, I checked my phone to see if the scanning of data via the program actually miraculously revived my phone….

    …..and it did!! Everything was intact :D

    Now, I don’t know if it truly was the work of EaseUS MobiSaver, or it was bec I left my phone alone for 2 days (apart from trying the tools/software), or it was bec I tried hard reboot so many times. But its worth a try to do what I did!

    My apologies for the longass comment, I was just trying to give a detailed description of what I did so others with the same issue can understand and try to. Good luck! :)

    • omfgeiffel

      Sorry, ReiBoot from Tenorshare doesn’t work bec the program kept crashing. Not bec my phone wasn’t in “normal” mode.

  • Mike in texas

    Yes I did suffer update problem.

  • David

    I rebooted as suggested here and it worked.

  • stupidiphone5

    Mine completely went black for a good 20 mins i thought i lost my phone. finally it turned back on with the apple logo and the update didnt even go through. So sick of apple and its software and hardware issues im starting to think about getting android after having iphones for years. I am finally just sick of it. They even make their chargers so cheap i need a new one every 2 months. Really upset ive wasted so much money on them only to have consistant problems. I am afraid to try to update it again because im nervous it wont come back on this time.

  • Ben Cornett

    Fixed my issue. I was in the install process and it froze. Hard reset took care of it. Thanks!

  • Arlene

    My ipad stalled during the automatic restart. I just pressed the sleep/wake button and the status bar started to move. When it finally restarted, there were a few glitches getting everything to work normally but it didn’t take long to recover from that. I checked settings and the new software had been installed.

  • Ashley Royal

    my iphone 4s updated last night now i can turn it on unless its plugged in and then it only show the connect to itunes screen ive done all the holding the power and home button tricks i even restored it and i still get the same screen my iphone is useless i cant do anything this needs to be fixed !!!

  • Joel

    My phone is also frozen during this update. My lock button is broken/stuck. Is there a way to do a reset without using the top lock button?

  • Gradalove


  • trudnai

    Yup, it stuck to me, did the hard reboot, then Apple logo came back with the progress bar, after that it rebooted with no warning. After a few awkward seconds looking at a black screen iPhone woke up and happily run since then.

  • Pinkesh

    Anyone found a solution for those who have a power button broken and to get around the freeze?

  • Yuki

    I can’t update my apps on APP STORE!!!

  • Maz

    The remedy worked fine for my iPhone4, Model MC605AE/A, Carrier STC 16.0 in Saudi Arabia. I was really worried of getting corrupted my device.

    I faced this glitch in updating the iOS on my phone first time in the 3 years I have been using it. This has put a scar and quastion mark on the credibility of the Apple.

  • Ibrahim

    Having the same issue. Already spent 4 hours in front of computer :(((
    It freezes at certain point (some 90%) and gives me error 3. I restart my comp plugged back to itunes and same issue (((
    Trick with reset don’t work on me at all. It kept asking me to plug to iTunes. I did reboot like 10 times.

  • Konga

    Did you guys fix it yet?
    Mines asking to connect to itunes as well and nothing changes after connecting. I’m ok with erasing all data…but desperately need to use phone ((


  • Dlh

    I see these problems with my friends who never sync to a computer or if they do it’s not a mac. I sync to a mac with iTunes and never have problems with my phone

  • yulisa Caballeros

    Yes it helped… i thought i just had bad internet and left it ‘updating” the entire night. I held the home button and sleep/wake button and for ten seconds! Thanks for your help!

  • yulisa Caballeros

    i suggest if any of you need help to go the apple store and ask the tech team to help you. they should know what to do about this issue since it is very frequent.

    yulisa xoxo

  • unhappy ipad user

    Thanks for all the advice, unfortunately the hard reset did not work for my iPad…..I won’t be updating my phone any time soon!:(

  • Kate Kelley

    HELP! My sleep button doesn’t work – I couldn’t do the voluntary recall because I can’t be without my phone for 4-7 days, so now I can’t do a hard reboot & I’m stuck on about 60% install of the update. This is ridiculous. I now have to wait for my fully charged iphone’s battery to die so I can reboot. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • anota

    Yes it did. Thanks!


    I lost my wifi… I cant turn it on. The wifi button is gray and it wont let me slide it on!!!!!

  • Ian

    I’ve got the ‘connect to itunes’ image but I can’t turn off to reboot. When I press down the home and sleep buttons my ipad doesn’t reboot. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Pete

    Worked. Thanks

  • unit156

    Thank you! This just worked for me. I was doing the update to my iphone4 over wireless and after about 3 hours, I checked my phone and it was on the screen with an apple and a progress bar. 3-4 hours later the progress bar was still in the same spot. I just sat there wondering what to do, as I don’t backup my phone and it has 4k photos on it! A hard reset did the trick. Everything is there and my phone is now on iOS 7.1.2. Many thanks!

  • Karl 7426

    Tried the hard reset and it worked!!! I thought my iPad Air will be updating for ages! The only thing that I worry is the battery life since I left it charging and updating for more than 8 hours. :(

  • guitaaron

    I had this issue happen with both an iPhone 5s (updated through iTunes) and an iPad Retina (updated OTA to see if it made a difference). A hard reboot fixed it for both devices. Interestingly, my wife’s iPhone 4s had something corrupted in the memory (the dreaded “other” block showing on the iTunes sync screen) and I updated to 7.1.2 at the same time I restored it as a new phone, and it did not have this issue. So I’m guessing its a device memory issue, or I just got lucky with the iPhone 4s.

  • Jenna

    this worked for me :) i was in pure panic and i googled it right away. my phone is now up to date and no longer frozen thanks to this article! thanks to much

  • Share

    i Knew If i do it then I’m going to lose my data

  • HelpPlease

    My wake up/sleep button is broken too?

  • Bernard

    my ipad stuck on the screen with the apple logo, without bar or anything else,couldn’t turn off or start up. It’s been 3 days like that. Somebody PLEASE HELP. This is a desperate S.O.S.

  • Rasha A. Mabrouk

    Worked for me …. You saved my butt !!


  • kate

    My lock/ sleep button is broken is there any other ways to do it without?

  • Tupppi

    Thanks for the information. My iPad and iPhone both froze at about 1/4 of the way through the update, but a force-restart fixed them; both had 7.1.2 installed after restart.

  • Wendy

    Thank you so much! It worked! Totally panicked when it froze!

  • Jim

    My battery has suffered so much since the update, 3hrs off charge on standby and it’s down to 30% seriously something’s not right

  • Nichola

    Since updating my phone it seems as though my phone has been hacked, going in and out of apps on its own, going its own things and coming out of my text while I’m typing, wish I never updated

  • cayre

    it juxt worked!!!! thankx

  • Peter Mccann

    this doesn’t work for me, i have the apple logo and progress bar at about 25% but the phone is not responding to anything, i popped the sim out and have pressed the home button for more than 30 seconds – nothing. shabby from apple.

    • Gautam

      You’re doing it wrong. Have a look at the video embedded above to find out how to hard reset the device. You need to hold both the Home button and the Power (Sleep/Wake) button simultaneously to hard reset the device, and not just the Home button.

  • Mats

    My 4s stalled and the reboot fixed it. Updated to 7.1.2

  • Tony

    Apple should be ashamed. This is BS, why would you have to hard reset from the update. I had to do this with my mini, air, and 5S. Apple get your shit straight!!,

  • nishith

    i also have same problem

  • nishith

    even after rebbooting the phone that same logo of itunes come back
    and even my pjhone doesnt connect wid my itunes

  • MaryJo

    My phone has been stuck on the updating screen for hours and I’m not able to shut it down. Any suggestions?

  • A

    Yes this worked. Thanks,

  • Kathy Gregory

    i’m frozen on itune connect screen how to i get my phone back…i’m not saavy & need step by step help

  • iqa

    my lock button is jammed. and the download is stuck around 30%. when i plugged it into itunes to restore. it asks me to download the update again, is that suppose to happen?

  • sunil parekh md

    THANK YOU SO MUCH – Incredibly simple & rapid solution ; Delighted to write that it was 100% successful and immediately enabled me to resume my responsibility as a cancer physician in a developing country ; most grateful to you ;

  • caroline

    fantastic , sorted on ipad thank you. will now try iphone

  • Dave

    Just sorted my ipad, thanks had left it all night updating and was a bit worried this morning…

  • iphone4Suser

    i am stuck with the problem… i have the apple logo with the line for the update at half lentgh.. th eproblem is my sleep wake button is not working….

  • Lindsay

    I do not have a computer and gave tried the hard reset several times and it just goes back to the connect to iTunes. Would love to get this fixed as I am in Greece alone for the next week

  • YoungSally

    same problem here, iPhone 4. Then accidentally started a download of all my music from the cloud (bad idea) — which I can’t seem to cancel other than manually deleting each of the 700 items from the queue. Also can’t find apps in app store — only on my laptop. no bueno apple.

  • Lindsay

    So was told by Apple support I cannot fix without a computer. They also then told my sister normally after a year they don’t give out free support… Suck it apple

  • Melodie

    My husband is having an issue with the newest update on his IPad too it is trying to force him to restore it (which will wipe out his data) we have tried to force it to shut down but it comes back with that same “plug in to iTunes” we have tried this multiple times. Any fixes for the issue?

  • Kim

    That would be great but my sleep wake buttons does not work 99% of the time. Then what can I do? Will the battery wear down and then restart?

  • Marcemb

    It worked for mine, thanks!

  • Ashes

    Okay I have another problem .. My on / off button is faulty and I use assistive touch button.. My screen is frozen while updating to 7.1.2 using laptop … It’s white screen with Apple logo with 25 % update bar .. How do I hard reset / reboot? Help !!!!!!

  • Stephen C

    Apple iPhone 4S. Stuck on upgrade, followed the instructions and iPhone came back up fully updated, so no problems from me. Thank you for the help. Cheers.

  • Rob

    My iPhone 4s upgraded without any issues. My iPad2 froze about 90% of the way through the update and the hard reboot worked a treat. Thanks

  • James

    i did the hard reboot like six times now. i’m angry because that means i will have to restore it completely and loose all my crap

  • NB

    I had to do this reboot and it worked for me too. Thanks!

  • Murali

    Hard reboot fixed the problem for me. The update had gone thru and I was not asked to connect to iTunes. I guess I got lucky…
    First time in all the years that I’ve one an iOS device that this is happening. I hope this is just a roadbump and not the beginning of a slow decline in quality

  • sam

    can somebody help please? I have begun the software update and my screen and update has frozen with the apple logo and the status bar underneath at about 30%. i have tried connecting it to my laptop. it does nothing. It says to allow access through iphone, but I can’t since the screen is frozen. Can someone help please??

    • Gautam

      As mentioned above, you need to hard reset the device. Check the video above if you need help.

      • SAM

        Can’t do that! the top power button doesn’t able me to use that method. I had installed a gesture to screen shot etc.
        Screen is totally frozen on apple icon with status bar underneath as if it is updating for the past two hours

  • Sue

    Thanks–it worked!

  • Noe

    I have just experienced the same issue described by others. I went ahead and upgraded to the latest update, 7.1.2 and my iphone has been stuck on the update screen for the last 6 hour. In retrospected, I should have backed up my phone first. I am reluctant to do a hard re-set because of a recent devastating experience with a friend. She had a similar issue and when she did a hard reset; it resulted on the loss all of her data. Her only recourse was to restore the iphone to the factory settings; I thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown. So, I decided to try to connect my iphone to my Macbook, but not through iTunes, but through iPhoto instead. Even though the iphone continues stuck on the update screen, the computer recognized the photos on the phone, and let me import them. I will do the same with iMovie, to import the movies stored on my phone. I am not worried about the rest of the data since it backs up nightly through icloud. Once I have all the photos and movies, I will proceed to do a hard re-set. At that point, it won’t matter if it does not restore my data. I now have it in my macbook.

    • Noe

      I was able to import my photos and videos from my iPhone to my computer even though it was stuck on the update 7.1.2. Then I did the hard reset, and my phone came back to live after 8 hours of being stuck. I did not lose any data, but better save than sorry. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Ian T

    My iPad update did not freeze but required reset and connection to iTunes. Luckily I was at home and could do this, but it took hours. The upgrade should have come with a warning about how long it would take, and the possible loss of data.
    Since upgrade some of my apps no longer work properly. Copying text from one app causes it to crash. A navigation app can no longer access its maps even though I can see them in iTunes file share. Another app no longer syncs through Cloud despite all settings being correct.
    This update damaged my faith in Apple. It has cost me hours of valuable time in troubleshooting. I will not update my iPhone after this experience until I hear problems have been solved, or iOS8 is released and works.

  • K Hashmi

    My iPhone 5 accidentally shut down DURING this update. Now my screen is completely black and a hard reset isn’t working. Can somebody please help me?

  • Mia

    Tried to upgrade my iphone but the progress bar got stuck halfway. Then I rebooted, but now it shows iTunes on the screen!! Tried to connect to my laptop, but my phone doesn’t show up on iTunes. I don’t know what to do. Please help!!!! :(((((

    • Mia

      It worked after all. The screen got stuck on the plug to iTunes, but after a while it started working as normal. Thanx for the suggestion!!! :)

  • Charith Hasalaka

    i connected to i tunes when the apple logo comes up it turns off and this error message comes what dose this mean ???

  • Panda Puffs are Delicious

    Had this error occur and hard reset worked for me, thank you!

  • Abdul Rabb

    Hey all…,

    Can someone please recommend/suggest any other free and complete software other then iTunes to recover lost data from an iPhone 4 on a MacOS. I still cannot get pass through the iTunes even after Hard Reseting the iphone 4 a gazillion times. I do not want to loose my data n the content that I have had for over 3 years without a backup. Please help :(

  • jeff

    DFU Mode happens when you release the switch button and the home button didn’t..
    when you press the switch button for 10secs, after also press the home button for 10secs without releasing the switch button then it will go for a Hard Reset..

    when you press the switch for 10secs and press also the home button for 10secs and WHEN YOU RELEASE the switch button it will go to DFU Mode..

  • jeff

    DFU Mode tells your iphone need to connect in iTunes

  • Jeni

    Yip worked for me and all my data still in tact! phew

  • Janelle

    I’ve accidentally update my Iphone 4 to 7.1.2 now it displays Sim Card not supported and all of the applications are lost :( Please help on how to fix?

  • supiramaNi

    I use a iPhone 5; yes. my 7.1.2. update froze midway, early last week, I did the hard re boot and It works or at least the phone is back, I can receive calls surf etc etc. But for some reason, when I get into my car, the phone automatically tries to pair with car bluetooth but doesn’t pair actually pair so I am left with a phone where I can not listen to any songs while driving !! :-). It gets sorted out IF I power off the iphone and switch on [pairing is stopped ] …… has anyone else faced this ? or does any one have a fix ?

    I can’t think of this being un related, because I’ve been listening to music for long before the update without hazzle on the same car !!

    thanks in adv ..regards

  • Jennifer Deason

    The reboot worked for me on my IPad 2

  • plane spotter

    Brilliant been staring at it for four hours now and this has done it!

  • Icequeen42

    Mine is in low battery and it show the charege icon

  • Ro

    Mine is stuck in the update but the other problem is my on/off button is broken and so I’m wondering if I wait…. Daysssss for the power to finally run out and I plug in the charger to turn back on will it go back to the regular menu home screen or right back to the stalled update? Sooo freakin frustrating I never should of done the update!!! Grrrrr

  • Jessica Adams

    it didnt help my phone froze while updating and is stuck where it says to connect to itunes but no matter what it will not conect to itunes on my computer

  • jess

    if i do this will my phone just be the same as normal?

  • David

    Guys; I just went through the same problems…locking up after installing latest software revision. Tried the reset / restore option many times and did not work. Contacted Apple and they were helpful. In the end it came down to being connected to a USB 3.0 port!!! Apparently the devices do not always connect through USB 3.0 during an update. Changed to USB 2.0 port and things worked just fine.

    Worth a try if the other things on this discussion don’t work. Good luck!

  • Polly

    after doing the hard boot my screen is black and the apple logo keeps flashing on and off screen. What do I do next?

  • penelope

    I can’t restart mine because i use assistive touch. the asssitive touch button doesn’t show up on my frozen screen :(
    also, i’ve never been able to restart using assistive touch anyways. my power button doesn’t work so when i click the power button button on assistive touch and my actual home button, nothing happens even after a minute

  • Shannon hill

    While installing the update my screen got stuck it has an itunes logo and a picture of the end of the cordyou plug into the phone what do I do cuzz a hard reboot just comes back to the same thing

  • Annoyed

    I keep being asked to sign in to iTunes, and when I tried, I kept getting this message that said my ID is disabled for security reasons. Now I cannot update my existing apps, because every time it tried, I was prompted to sign in to iTunes. Tried rebooting my IPad2, and it didn’t help. What do u do now?

  • D Sc

    The hard reboot worked for me. Settings show 7.1.2. No iTunes/restore required.

  • Apple4Life

    Worst update process I’ve had yet. And some of Apple’s recent updates have been really terrible. You guys in Cupertino need to put down the bong and do your jobs. Seriously.

  • Shoo

    I just had the same thing happen about 4 hours ago. my iphone 4 s is now displaying the cable symbol and iTunes logo. I have repeatedly tried the hard reset and it just comes back to the same iTunes cable screen. I did find the iTunes update log on my pc and the error “No space left on device
    [19:06:27.0598] copy /mnt1/private/var/mobile/Library/PreinstalledAssets to /mnt2/mobile/Library/PreinstalledAssets failed: 0x2
    [19:06:27.0598] unable to copy directory: 2
    [19:06:27.0598] failed to replace path mobile/Library/PreinstalledAssets: 2
    [19:06:27.0598] ==== end of device restore output ====
    [19:06:27.0733] AMRAuthInstallDeletePersonalizedBundle
    [19:06:28.0318] Restore completed, status:6
    [19:06:28.0318] Failure Description:
    [19:06:28.0318] Depth:0 Error:AMRestorePerformRestoreModeRestoreWithError failed with error: 6″ is in the log which I guess indicates there isn’t enough space to complete the upgrade but as the phone now won’t do anything how can I clear any space from it or alternatively perform a factory reset when I am unable to get into the phone to find the factory reset settings. I have backed up my phone in iTunes and copied all my photos to my pc prior to starting the upgrade. My pc is not recognising it being connected either now. Wish I’d found this forum before I attempted to upgrade as my phone was working!!

  • Scott

    My iPhone 5 has been froze up trying to update for the last 13 hours. The hard reboot doesn’t work…pressing and holding the buttons has no effect. I’ve tried plugging into my PC and logging into iTunes but it says my phone is locked and I need to enter a my password on my phone.

  • LordZordec

    My 4S made it about 50% of the way through the third reboot, and then hung. A hard reboot fixed it though, and I have confirmed that the 7.1.2 update did install.

  • Mika

    Worked for me :)

  • Lindsey Elizabeth

    I’ve been patient for over 3 hours now….with my phone stuck on the “connect to iTunes” screen. Tried to restore it, which I don’t want to do, and I’m now on the third attempt of that…It keeps telling me there was a problem restoring it. I’ve downloaded the new version of iTunes, restarted my computer twice and still nothing. I’ve also tried a hard reset many many many times, and just keep getting the iTunes screen. So pissed at Apple, will be switching back to droid when I’m up for a new phone.

  • Brita Olson

    My phone stalled 1/3 through installation. This post was very helpful and after the hard reboot it did just as you said it would. Too bad this was after I missed my alarm…

  • uma

    Worked for me when I did the hard boot. Thanks!

  • Blake

    the hard reboot worked for me

  • bazzaboy

    having same problem my phone wont go past the bit that ask you to plug into i tunes dont know where to go from here tried the hard reeboy but is not making any difference

  • bazzaboy


  • Jim

    Held start button for a minute and nothing happened. Considering taking battery out, but don’t want to mess everything up. Don’t have charger with me so worried about running out of power too.

  • Jim

    Hard reboot did not work. Phone still displays icon to connect to iTunes. iTunes does not recognize the iphone anymore. Looks like I will have to wipe my phone and do a fresh install of the ios from another computer. Then I will have to try and restore from my original iTunes computer. Probably take about 3-4 ours. Thanks Apple!

  • Andy f

    My daughter’s ipad is frozen due to an update, I have followed the instructions to fix the problem but I’m just getting the same connect to the iTunes logo on it, please help

  • secc02

    same problem as below, connect to itunes with a laptop? I DON’T HAVE A LAPTOP that is why i bought a ipad, WTF ?

  • Andy f

    It doesn’t work my daughter’s ipad has now stuck on the connect to iTunes icon and will not go off no matter how many times I re-boot the device

  • Wasbi Sabi

    Thank you for your advice, as it solved the problem for me.

  • Christina Batis

    I can’t do the reboot because my sleep/wake button is broken…. does anyone have any other suggestions. I’m thinking I may just have to let the phone’s battery die then charge it to power back on…..?

  • hala

    my lock butten doesnt work what can i do?!!

  • Katiehebs

    FOUND A SOLUTION: Hey guys, I was updating my phone and in the middle of the update it crashed. My screen kept showing me the USB and conned to iTunes logo, which only led iTunes to tell me to restore the entire phone, which wipes all your pictures! I tried the hard reset, with no results. But I found something that works, and managed to get my photos back, before I needed to recover my phone! Download Wondershare Dr. Fone! I used the free trial version, and when it finished installing, it prompted me to restart my phone. Which allowed me to log onto my phone again!! And all my photos are there! WHEW! Totally recommend this before restoring your phone!

  • Khan

    After installation i have lost my face time app what should I do?

  • Annie

    My ipad will not upgrade no matter what I do. I have rebooted my ipad reset all the setting and turned my ipad on and off a number of times and it still says there was a problem trying to install 7.1.2. I’m so sick of Apple products

  • Toh

    Hi all,yesterday i just upgrade my ipad 2 to ios7,it auto shutdown during downloading. After that it request to connect to itune when i pressed power botton.I do so,but my itune cant recognize ipad anymore and asked to do recovecy online.I did the upgrade for itune to ios6 and click upgrade and recover when connect to ipad.somehow my itne promt out error 3014:ipad couldnot be install. Anyone can help? thanks…

  • Caitlin

    I did the hard reboot, and was super afraid of losing everything, but it worked great. The screen went black, and when i turned it back on, the apple logo came up, a loading bar for about 5 seconds, and then it turned on fine.
    thanks so much for the help!

  • Vicki

    Thanks you so much. That worked.

  • MSAnm

    ummm my problem is that i started the update from my ipod by then it said it wanted to connect to itunes. so i did but now while the download is taking place i can seem to open my ipod and it still shows the same logo of it to be connected to my itunes

  • MagMonty

    worked for me with no data loss.

  • PaulS

    Thanks for the great tip. My 4s froze in the middle of the update. I tried connecting to my laptop, but that didn’t solve the problem. The only thing that worked was holding down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons for several seconds as you suggested.

  • Mel

    same problems as listed below – but mine actually comes up with an error when trying to restore – it says cannot restore for unknown error. hard reset doesn’t do anything and only shows the iTunes icon with the plug – or the apple icon with progress bar when trying the restore again and only comes up with an error.

  • jdsgal

    worked for me! Thank you!

  • jdsgal

    I wonder if the others that it hasn’t worked for, maybe rebooted too soon? I left mine stalled for over an hour and a half. Maybe their phone wasn’t quite finished with the update even though it looked as though it was stalled. Just a thought.

  • constancelloyd

    I found a program called REIBOOT. IT”S MAGIC!! I didn’t have my phone backed up, and REIBOOT got rid of the itunes/plug symbols; took my phone out of “recovery mode” and the phone went back to normal (EVERYTHING WAS STILL THERE!!). I still can’t believe it! Everybody told me that the data was gone, but I didn’t believe them and I refused to let itunes reformat my phone. Try this, and then pass on the word. REIBOOT (it’s free – I found it on cnet – the whole process took less than 60 seconds!) PLEASE PASS THIS ON. My phone is a 5S; purchased in January 2014 and never backed up. I updated to 7.1.2 over wifi and got the itunes/plug symbol and nothing I could do because the phone was in recovery mode. REIBOOT fixed it!!

  • 50calibre

    what do i click to download I tried downloading it but it just downloads file whiz

  • rosh

    after i updated to 7.1.2, i can’t turn off my iphone 4s, Need Help…….

  • Robin Barrow

    Mine update stalled. Thanks for posting the fix! The hard re-boot worked.

  • Duc Su

    I am having the same issue. After upgrading to 7.1.2 on iphone4, It is stuck on recovery mode. Tried the hard boot, but it still in recovery mode. In the process of doing another update.

    It’s done and working. I think it failed the first time, because I download the 7.1.2 firmware instead of restoring through iTunes.

  • Kari

    YUP!! It worked :) I have an iPhone 4, and this tip did the trick! Thank you!


    I had the same problem and it worked.Connected ti iTunes afterwards with no issues…

  • eddiekickass

    Worked perfect on my 5S

  • VPF

    The hard reboot worked perfectly for me. My iPad 3 was stuck at about 80% of the process. I unplugged it from the computer and did a hard reboot as per the video. Awesome. Thanks!

  • johnny

    hey guys my ipad mini with retina display when i turn it on it shows just blank dark or light dark and i see nothing its been like this all dayyyyyyyy

  • johnny

    please help me out

  • johnny

    i even tried the power off button for 10 seconds its not working all i see is light black :(((((((((((((( i just got my ipad mini 2 or 1 week ago help me

  • dissatisfied user

    after updated my ipad 2. back camera was not working.stuck in dark screen. Very disappointed with apple. It also happened to must iphone 5s same problem with updating iOS 7.1.2..Apple fix using my warantty.It is not fair cause problems come from Apple but I just lost my warantty because of fool iOS.

  • Kat

    It worked, Thank you so much! You guys are amazing!

    • Gautam

      That’s great. Glad it worked.

  • Mark

    My top button is broken. How can I do a hard reboot without the gestures box?

  • Chris

    Mine is stuck as described above, however my Power button has been broken for a while, so now I can’t fix it! Is the only way out for me to wait until the battery dies, then plug it back in and power it up? :-(

  • a

    it worked for me! After I rebooted my ipad, it basically came back to normal – already in 7.1.2.

  • Tran Tuan

    I updated and jailbroke my ipad4-ios7.1.2 two days ago.Now the statusbar has been lost.Bravo,Apple.

  • Teri Joaquin

    This is making me crazy. I really need to have my phone for emergency purposes & for business reasons & need this thing to work. When it gets figured out, somebody please let me know. Thanks, Teri

  • aman

    hi my app store is not working he says that cannot connect app store ..

    plllzzz help me

  • Christy Ford Peterson

    I lost all my pictures and videos after the forced reset and was told by Apple that there is nothing I can do. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do to get them back?