New Hidden iOS 8 Feature: Flying City Tour


image Flyover City Tour

Developer Pierre Blasquez has discovered a new hidden feature in iOS 8 called Flying City Tour in the Maps app in iOS 8 beta 2, which was seeded a few days back.

He has published a video, which shows the feature in action for Paris.

As you can see in the video below, the feature seems to use Maps 3D Flyover feature to zoom in to some of the main monements in the city. Mac4Ever who got the tip from Blasquez report:

At the moment, only the cities of Rome, Stockholm, Barcelona, ​​New York, Paris, Glasgow, Cape Town, Perth, Bordeaux and the Bay of San Francisco are available. One imagines that the visit was carefully prepared manually, and the list is therefore extend gradually over time. 

Apple was widely expected to include a number of improvements to the Maps app in iOS 8, however the company didn’t make any Maps related announcements at WWDC. According to reports, improvements to Maps have got delayed due to internal politics, a failure in management, and many developers leaving Apple. Some of these improvements like improved points-of-interest data and public transit directions would have addressed frequent complaints with the Maps app, while other changes like indoor mapping and augmented reality would have helped Apple outdo Google Maps in terms of features.

Apple also inadvertently revealed the Transit icon in an iOS 8 screenshot used in a slide for a WWDC session titled “Power, Performance and Diagnostics: What’s new in GCD and XPC.” The screenshot also confirmed rumors about Apple including transit in a future version of the Maps app, and that the feature is already live in internal builds of iOS 8. Transit directions will most likely be powered by Apple’s various mapping acquisitions like BroadMap, Embark and HopStop.

It remains to be seen if features like Flying City Tours and Public transit directions will be included in iOS 8, or pushed back to a later release.

[via Mac4Ever]

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