How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1 – iOS 7.1.1 using Pangu on Windows

Pangu Jailbreak

To everyone’s surprise, and as we reported first, the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 7.1.X was released earlier today courtesy of a mysterious team of Chinese jailbreak developers. But the jailbreak’s GUI is in Chinese and can be quite confusing for many, so here’s a look at exactly how to use Pangu to jailbreak your iOS device.

Some important points before you proceed:

  • This tutorial is for Windows users. Mac users can check this step-by-step guide.
  • Please note Pangu is an untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1.
  • Pangu supports following iOS 7.1 – iOS 7.1.1 devices:
    • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4
    • iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
    • iPad mini, Retina iPad mini
    • iPod touch 5G
  • Please disable the passcode as the jailbreak may fail, if the passcode is enabled (Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock On -> Turn Passcode Off).
  • Take a backup of your device using iTunes before proceeding.
  • Please ensure you’ve updated iTunes to the latest version.
  • Please note that jailbreaking your iOS device may void your warranty and hence proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Pangu jailbreak from our download page.

Step 2: Make sure your device will work with Pangu. According to the Chinese website, the following devices are compatible with this version of the jailbreak:


Step 3: Connect your device to your computer, and use iCloud or iTunes to back up any and all personal information that you need to keep safe. The jailbreak has been reported to be working in most cases, but on the off chance something goes wrong, it’s a good idea to have an escape plan.

Step 4: Please launch the application as an Administrator. Right Click on the Pangu exe and select the “Run as Administrator” option.

2014-06-23 13_23_38-

Step 5: You should be presented with a screen like the one seen below. Click on the black Jailbreak button.

Pangu Jailbreak - Windows

Step 6: Follow the on-screen instructions. The app will ask you at one point to set your device to June 2nd. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time.

Step 7: After you change the date, it should restart the process and install the Pangu app on your iOS device.

Step 8: Tap on the Pangu app on the Home screen of your device to continue with the jailbreak process.

Step 9: Wait for your device to reboot several times. After a few minutes you should see that you have Cydia on your home screen and you’ll be ready to start installing tweaks on iOS 7.1.x. You can also revert back to set the time automatically via the Settings app.

You can also check out our video tutorial on to jailbreak iOS 7.1 or iOS 7.1.1 using Pangu:

After the jailbreaking process is complete, do not forget to checkout our article on tips to keep your jailbroken device secure. Check our post for the list of compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks for iOS 7.1.1 if you’ve successfully jailbroken your device.

Update 1:

It is recommended to remove the PPSync app that gets installed when you don’t uncheck the small tick box, find out how to remove it from your device.

Update 2:

If you’re facing bootloop issues when you restart your iOS device jailbroken with Pangu, then try this fix.

Update 3:

Pangu team released Pangu v1.1.0 for Mac and also added released an update for the Windows version to add support for English. They have also removed the check box to install the PPSync Chines pirated App store. So we’ve updated the tutorial according. The update also includes a fix for the bootloop issue, so if you were having a problem, you can try jailbreaking your device using Pangu v1.1.0.

If something went wrong and your device doesn’t seem to be booting up, be sure to check out our DFU mode tutorial for restoring your device. Otherwise, enjoy your iOS 7.1.X jailbreak and let us know how the process went in the comments below!

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  • RommeL

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    • Ray David Delvalle

      wanna share some importanted steps tp not mess up cause i did this with my iphone 5s and ended up going fine but had no cydia?

      • akash

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        • Ray David Delvalle

          alright thanks

    • Ammaar Amin Gilani

      What device did u tried it in?

  • Waqar Ali

    I think we shud wait for team evaders :)

    • password9468

      use or not use,your bussiness

      • Waqar Ali

        Stuck on 50% :/

        • yusuf

          open pangu app and let it open till it restars

          • Waqar Ali

            It worked Perfect :)

        • Banga

          go to your ipad or iphone, and open Pangu app.

          • Waqar Ali

            :) done

        • umar

          how to change the language

          • Waqar Ali

            No need to Change the language.
            just follow the steps above mentioned

    • XII

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    • Baxter DeBerry

      for legal reasons they will not work on it, they have said its safe

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        What legal reasons?

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      this was made by ionic who helps them with jailbreaks and is very reliable

      • Waqar Ali

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  • Mughal Arshad

    thnx for this on log time wait

  • Ray David Delvalle

    did it and cydia wasn’t there so restoring my iphone 5s to have a fresh ios start and trying again. so any videos showing step by strep for use English reading people would be nice

    • Ammaar Amin Gilani

      Hey did it worked on your iPhone 5s because I also have an 5s and I want to try it.

      • Ray David Delvalle

        Yes it did no problem so far other then tweaks need to be updated.

        • Ammaar Amin Gilani

          Ok thanks bro

          • Ray David Delvalle

            No problem

  • Leo Leung

    but i don’t think it is work because iphone haven’t install cydia

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      I think we should waiting another dev , this is confusing .

  • Trizal

    Is this jb make your iphone change to chinesee language?

    • password9468

      of course not

  • Scott Gibson

    I get to what looks like 50% then all the ??? turn red at the top…

    • Harshal Shelar

      same here scott

      • Danielle

        Me to

    • Ateq

      have u sloved it. i am having same problem,

    • Harshal Shelar

      When process gets stuck on 50% you’ve to open the Pangu app on you idevice, just like jailbreaking with Evasion

      • Danielle

        I dont have the app on mt iPad

        • Danielle

          Ooops i see it now

          • Klarxz

            What do you mean by App?

          • S3aJae

            basically you need to make sure there is a free spot for an icon on your home screen…Then plug the phone into your computer and click the click the black box in pangu…Then watch your home screen you will see an icon with a black sketched apple logo with Chinese symbols inside, might be on home screen#2 …tap the icon and pangu will continue..make sure you unlock your phone after each reboot.

      • Arpit Khurana

        Hey, please help me. My phone rebooted after i opened Pangu application on my iphone 5s. But there is still no cydia on my phone. What should I do?

        • kick

          same here what to do next

          • Jason

            do the jailbreak again and run as administrator on computer. did the same thing with mine. worked second time.

        • Eddy Juandi

          before u start jailbreak, Remember, disable you passcode lock.. and re-run the jailbreak again

        • Xau

          I had the same problem I switch laptops one that is faster reinstalled the program and tried it again

        • Ronald

          You need internet connection. The hack utilizes a online signature loophole, so it needs to download stuff when it tells you to run the app. If on reboot you don’t see stuff like “We will never die” with the Pangu logo then you didn’t get the jailbreak.

      • jude

        hey, i cant find the app on my iphone 4s, what should ia do?

        • Ishfaq

          You should swipe your down and you know search bar is displayed then type pangu and you’ll see the and just click it that’s all the magic will happen

      • nixxonexxo

        Also try it with iTunes opened. It works for me.

      • ska23

        thank you!!!!

    • Unicow

      same :| i hope anyone has a solution to this

      • Harshal Shelar

        When process gets stuck on 50% you’ve to open the Pangu app on you idevice, just like jailbreaking with Evasion..

        • Unicow

          It keeps rebooting after i unlock my phone

          • Modding_iPhones

            If there’s a password on you’re iDevice remove the password immediately, before it bricks you’re iDevice.

    • Scott Gibson

      Update.. god i feel like a dumb ass thanks Harshal Shelar.. it looks to be working apple icon now.. But No Cydia.. :(

      • Scott Gibson

        Update again.. that Pangu app stayed on my phone after it restarted then i had to click on it again for it to do another reboot.. it then said thanks and i have CYDIA

        • Arpit Khurana

          Hey! My phone rebooted after i opened Pangu application on my iphone 5s. But there is still no cydia on my phone. When I click on the application again, it closes on its own. Please help me out here!

          • gaucho

            restores and makes again

        • Klarxz

          Did you keep in cabled up with the computer or did you unplug it?

      • Chewing Pen Caps

        I see you finally learned how to jailbreak an iPhone. Took the Chinese making it that easy huh? And to think of all the times I jailbroke your phone. LOL

    • Joel close

      When the ???? Go red – press the pangu app on your device. It will instruct you to keep the app open whilst it continues with the JB.

    • Waqar Ali

      Same here

    • R3

      when there are red question marks, log off the pc and turn it on, go to task manager and kill the processes of itunes helper and ipod services… also do not forget to press “trust this computer” on iphone before starting jailbreaking

    • iamataff

      Make sure that you have a space on the 2nd page of your springboard. This is where pangu ‘spawns’.

  • Pazz Domainko

    Does it work ?

    And is it save?

    • password9468

      what did u think?

      • Pazz Domainko

        I don’t know but let’s try it

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          yes,try it,u will find the answer

  • Benn0s

    It’s working on my IPad 2 Wifi

    • Abdua5

      thanks for telling but my is wifi + 3g

  • Benn0s

    When process gets stuck on 50% you’ve to open the Pangu app on you idevice, just like jailbreaking with Evasion

    • Harshal Shelar

      bro thnks it works .. :*

  • Archit Aggarwal

    should i restore with itunes first ??

    • password9468


      • Archit Aggarwal

        thanks it also says that in their tutorial

        • password9468


  • KingEverything

    I think they’ve made it available to Mac OS X now.

    • Lucas Zhou

      No, they say it’s coming soon…

      • Modding_iPhones

        If you download the Windows file for Pangu, inside of the file it contains, the Pangu.ex file and Mac OS X file.

  • Vipul Bengt Beniwal

    1. Connect your Iphone to itunes.
    2. Back up your Iphone.
    3. Download Pangu.
    4. Close down all itunes windows.
    5. Do the Pangu jailbreak steps mentioned above in the original post.
    6. When JB done, and you see your pangu app but there is no Cydia app, RESTART your Iphone! (If you dont see the cydia app)
    7. Done!

    • password9468


    • santonu

      after jailbreak how can i unlock sim card

  • #projectpnw

    it worked cydia every thing!!!! sooo stoked!!!! open backup here I come!!

  • David Parkes

    Where it says “Ipad” does that mean ALL iPads?

    • Harshal Shelar

      yup.. ipad 2 and later ipad models

  • Hammad Shahzad

    Is it complsury to have an internet connection on our laptop

  • Zoheb Khan

    works like charm on my iPod 5th Gen. 64GB :D

  • XII

    im using windows8 and the app is not opening i dont know why can u guys help me ?

  • Daan

    he reboots but then the message is red HELP ME PLEASE WHAT DO I WRONG?

  • α ℓ ι s н α

    Worked for my ipad mini. I had to keep the pangu app open through the whole process or it stopped half way

  • Ganz

    It’s WORK!!!

  • XII

    my iphone4 now keeps booting..o.O ??wats going on ?

    • XII

      update:its all good now :D u have to disconnect ur iphone from ur pc =D

      • Arpit Khurana

        Hey, please help me. My phone rebooted after i opened Pangu application on my iphone 5s. But there is still no cydia on my phone and if i open the Pangu application again, it closes on its own. Please help me!

        • XII

          is ur iphone is rebooting ?

  • shouzab riaz

    this is good… i tried it… i got my cydia on my ipad mini ios 7.1.1 *thumbs up^

  • gaucho

    will be safe, better wait for the evaders

  • Freddy Nieves

    Just I have to follow this instrution. How I know when I have to change the date???

    • XII

      u mean? will show u when to so at that time u change i did like that

      • Rajesh Paul

        Hello XII – On top it shows in RED and then i open the app from the phone. How long do i need to wait until it does soemthing. Or am i missing something here … can u pls help :-(

  • abad

    its stuck on rebooting.. how many times it will do???

    • XII

      Disconnect ur idevice cable :D

      • abad

        yet not working :(

        • XII

          wait for a minute..worked for me..before it was like that reebooting and i did like that hope it will work 4 u aswell

        • The Flasher

          Why doesn’t it pick up the raw file system in iFuxbox?

        • Waqar Ali

          Restore it with iTunes :P

  • Freddy Nieves

    Can any body have the complete process to run the program. All the instruction are in Chiness???

  • Bikalp

    Just completed the jailbreak in ipad mini with 7.1 (11D167).
    Problems with ifunbox –> does not recognise jailbroken device as jailbroken. Installed afc2add for this, still says as jailed. Cydia works fine though.

    • Kenneth

      there got afc2add for ios 7, it is special from pangu release

  • Rajesh Paul

    On top it shows in RED and then i open the app from the phone. How long do i need to wait until it does soemthing. Or am i missing something here … can u pls help :-(

    • Thorin

      Im having the same issue ima try again

    • Thorin

      Worked! Make sure you do not let your phone lock during is time on the pangu app f*cks it up

  • Klarxz

    I’ve done the jailbreak, it rebooted 2 times, but cydia isn’t on my phone. I tried opening the app but it just keeps standing on the logo thingy. What should i do?

    • RYAN12

      this also happens to me when my ipad 2 reboot there was no cydia but there was pangu app again i tap on it but nothing happens please help

  • Nico McFly

    iPhone 4 IOS 7.1 – WORKS if you follow the instructions above!

    • Danish Ahmed

      im following the instruction i have iphone4 but itx not working

  • Kirchoto

    Worked for me! im with iphone 4 ios 7.1.1 :)

    • Hamam kh

      how pls tell me

      • Kirchoto

        i changed the date to 2 june before i start , next i press the button from the photo , next the program get stuck u need to open the app from your iphone and wait :)

  • Hamam kh

    can some one help me ?
    i click on black it begins but i get a screen says go to settings>general>date and time and i dont understand any word pls helpme

    • Guest

      Change device date to Jun 2 8:30

  • Isaac

    Can I change back my date afterwards?

  • big lou ⚾️

    doesn’t work for me this is my 5 time trying just get stuck in the boot logo

  • Hamam kh

    worked !

  • Demonic

    worked perfectly first time round for my iphone5s thanks to the team for jailbreak, ran the app in sandboxi just to be on the safe side, but got negative from virus scan on the app itself. Looks like weve got the real deal here!

  • bre

    so i have the screen as shown, was able to uncheck the box, but cant click the jailbreak button…. feeling stupid so some help would be great

    • Kaleli

      make sure the phone isn’t on dfu or restore mode. I also couldn’t press it, but this was the reason.

  • João De Sousa

    you forget to say that you have to click on the icon on your iDevice…

  • Kaleli

    Can this bypass the activation lock?

  • Stevie Wilson

    Do I backup with iTunes then do a 7.1.1 update from itunes or get the file from elsewhere, before running the JB?

  • Bryan

    Hello it work! Ok just plug it in then run the program. Then go to the date and time setting and put 24 hour time and set manually then set it as June 2 830. It will then start to work. Gets 50% then press on the new app and it will reset to apple logo then lock screen. Then launch app again and it will reset again( make sure you leave it plugged it till you see cydia) then it will reboot and show a white screen with enjoy jailbreak. And your done!

    • David Bell

      How long does the process take ? The Pangu app is installed on my 5S and opened – The screen says – Keep the device connected and do not close the app – How long before it starts rebooting ?

  • Unicow

    After the reboot i get 4 red question marks. anyone else has this problem?

  • Rajesh Paul

    Hello All – I was able to sucessfully get Cydia … wat about the sources in cydia, are they compatible for this version. For example IFILE

  • jawdat assaf

    the app were installed on my iphone but it would not open what i can do help mee please !!

  • Need Help

    Does this work for iPad 4?

  • sdiojdsaoads

    Does this work for iPad 4???????

    • ff.tsai

      you mean ipad mini w retina? if so, yes, it worked. i just completed it on my ipad mini2. now i am proceeding to my iphone5 – iphone is more essential to my daily use; thus, i didn’t dare to try it on my iphone until i knew how the installation process is like. that’s why i tried it with my ipad mini first.

  • Dave

    Mine says iTunes with a bunch of question marks

  • Kevin

    We should rather wait for the other teams that we trust than this unknown source from china. My advise!

  • algeriano

    i tried all instructions but my iphone rebooted for 30 mn

    welcome /to pangu appears and reboot

    is there any solution

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      Same thing, don’t know how to fix

  • someguy

    guys every one that the setup get stuck in 50% !!! ,i had it and when you first press the button on the software the icon immediately appears on the device and that is when you press it, if you wait until the 50% the icon will disappear

  • VLad

    is airblue sharing works on ios 7.1.1 jailbreak? please confirm, thanks

  • Valdet Spuzha

    cydia in chinese?! hell, even updated apps from appstore are changing language to chinese! help,.

  • Ziam

    What if change the date June 2nd before jailbreak process

  • Edgardo Martinez

    i can’t click on anything

    • Cody

      Do you have the latest version of iTunes installed?

    • Gautam

      Isn’t the black ???? button clickable?

    • Gautam

      If you’ve iTunes open then close it.

      • gaucho

        Gautam admire your work always helpful, i would ask you if that would be reliable jaibreak or should we wait for the evasion. if possible remove my doubts. thank

        • Gautam

          It has been confirmed to be reliable so far. You may want to uncheck the installation of pirated App Store.

          • gaucho

            thank you and good night to you

    • S3aJae

      If you don’t see your device name above the gray line then windows does not have the updated drivers for your phone…Make sure itunes is at the newest version. You will be able to click the black question mark box once your windows has the proper drivers for your phone and you see your phone model listed above gray line in pangu window..

    • artush kucher

      mine too

  • Russell Gyurek

    hello there,i have an iphone 5,i
    have DFU mode clean restored iphone 5 around 4 times, each time a
    follow the steps for pangu jailbreak and i finish it. but when it starts
    at ”welcome to pangu jailbreak ” it starts bootlooping each time.
    always a clean ios restore via itunes.

    help what is the problem?

    • S3aJae

      - Backup phone in itunes
      – do a full reset on the phone

      – plug phone into windows and click the top restore button in itunes…This will do a fresh install of ios 7.1.1
      – do the setup on the phone and restore your recent backup
      – close itunes completely

      – Then run pangu as administrator and jailbreak again

  • Guest

    hello there,i have an iphone 4s,i
    have DFU mode clean restored iphone 4s around 4 times, each time a
    follow the steps for pangu jailbreak and i finish it. but when it starts
    at ”welcome to pangu jailbreak ” it starts bootlooping each time.
    always a clean ios restore via itunes.

    help what is the problem?

    • S3aJae

      I would try this:
      – Backup phone in itunes
      – do a full reset on the phone

      – plug phone into windows and click the top restore button in itunes…This will do a fresh install of ios 7.1.1
      – do the setup on the phone and restore your recent backup
      – close itunes completely

      – Then run pangu as administrator and jailbreak again.

    • Ulises

      same like wtf

  • Ronald Cooper

    It turns off your push notifications, alarms, resets certain features, that’s what I’ve noticed so far

  • ed

    after I downloaded the app it says enjoy the Jailbreak, then keeps reloading, apple sign, then pangu logo. Any suggestions

    • S3aJae

      After you downloaded the app? or after you clicked the black rounded box in the pangu app?

      • oscar D

        me too have the same problem, it keeps bootlooping after i have finished the proggres

  • Encod3r

    OMG IT WORKED! Cydia is now preparing the filesystem!! This is AMAZING!

  • Vatman

    works great. thanks.

  • Warriors40

    got it to work, anyone know how to change the app to English?

    • Encod3r

      u cant. its in chinese. even if u had the correct char sets you wouldn’t be able to change it.

  • Zackster

    I got pretty far into the jailbreak and then it appeared at the top as red question marks. You bet ur ass i unplugged it real quick

    • Zackster

      Cool, I just retried it and it just said on my ipad: Enjoy the Jailbreak

    • Guest

      lol that’s nothing…just means you didn’t click the icon it created on your home screen during the first part of the jailbreak. reboot phone and run pangu again click the black box on pangu…then at about 20% watch for the icon it creates on the phones home screen probably 2nd the icon and wait for it to finish..make sure you unlock the phone after each reboot.

  • Osp

    i can’t read that symbol ?????????(it’s appear in red)
    what’s wrong? help me fix this ……

    • JL

      I had the same problem. This means that you don’t have enough space on your iDevice. I deleted a bunch of Apps and have about 2.7 gigs. Moving along smoothly now. Hope this helps!!!

    • iphone 4

      i have the same problem my iPhone 4 restarts. but cydia icon not on the home screen.

      • Qmavner

        Have you manage to fix it?

    • Rafael

      Se for a primeira vez que conecta no computador, tem que tocar em “confiar neste computador” no dispositivo.

    • kL

      I got the same error when i try to jailbreak, i have 8.04GB free space on my iPhone 4S? what should i do ?

    • nixxonexxo

      Fyi. I had the ???? too. What i did was left iTunes on the entire time. Try it and make sure its the latest version too.

  • Ognjen

    help me i have iphone 4 (unactivated)

    • ognjen


    • spawn11

      i got a same problem and stuck on this , but mine is iphone 5

  • eManuka

    Worked perfectly!
    Connect the phone to PC
    Open the jailbreak software
    Click on jailbreak button
    Go to Settings >> General >> Date & Time >> Set Automatically >> Disable >> Change date to June 2 2014. 8:30

    Open Pangu icon on phone
    wait for jailbreak to complete.
    You’ve jailbreaked successfully

    Anybody know how to unlock iPhone 4S after jailbreak?

    • Mehuljain

      Did u restore ur iphone before jailbreaking?
      I have updted to ios 7.1.1 OTA so should i restore my iphone before jailbreaking?

      • eManuka

        I think its better if you had firmware restore via iTunes. because OTA updated iOS getting you trouble with jailbreaking

      • eManuka

        If you can make backup of the phone and restore the phone via iTunes. Developers suggests have iTunes restore, other than OTA. because it may get you into trouble while jailbreaking the device.

  • aOwa

    work with iPhone 4s! :3

  • auttie

    i keep time out there is no responsce from the pangu app

  • Charles Alan Cason

    it wont let me click the big jailbreak botton on the computer I have unticked the tick botton but it still wont let me click the jailbreak botton

    • Cody

      Does it recognize your idevice?

    • Cody

      Does it recognize your iDevice above the progress bar?

  • Jailbreak

    hurm 90% it red then wont move hmm

    • Zane

      Yea I have the same problem- even deleted old apps and restarted my iphone 4s

      • Jailbreak

        i still trying to fix this and kinda tired doing same thing lol.

  • LionX

    Whats about the MacOs Version?

    • zane

      You need to use Virtual Box…only a windows version has been released so far.

  • Marco

    It worked for me. still updating my cydia right now.

    • Zane

      HOW??? tell me man plz

  • PRasann

    HI , I can see Cydia icon my iPhone but SIM unlocked error is still there and my phone is still locked to SIM. Does any one know how to work around ?

    • eManuka

      jailbreak doesn’t unlock your carrier lock. I also looking for unlock method.

  • Zane

    UPDATE–IT WORKED thanks pangu Cydia is updating!!!!

  • Shaggs

    it worked.! :) Thank!

  • Danish Ahmed

    itx not working, can any one help me how it will work i also change date 2 june 2014.

  • krishna

    i can’t click on black button

  • diodef

    Worked alright with my 4s. No problems at all. Good to see Cydia app back on my SB.

  • Eddy Juandi

    for anyone who failed at jb using pangu, be sure to remove passcode lock before doing jailbreak, Good Luck

  • Gio

    i’ve got a problem here… i have this iphone 4 running on ios 7.1.1.. but it was not yet jailbroken… i just bypassed the activation so that i can still use it after upgrading…. And when i tried to jailbreak it today with this Pangu… i doesnt recognize my phone… and i can’t jailbreak it… is there any solution regarding to this problem??

  • wadaw

    working with ipod touch 5, great

  • Rameez

    Works for me, but now should i delete PAngu app from my cell?

  • Guest

    hi, after I finish jailbreak all my apps where gone, I can restore buckup from itunes to install them again or ther’es some problem I will see after my iphone was jailbreak

  • Irfan

    I just jailbreak my iPhone 5 on 7.1.1 and it working perfect. Thanks to developer.

    • Mehuljain

      Did u restore ur iphone before jailbreaking?

  • connor

    the black jailbreak button on the program doesnt work, when i press it nothing happens

  • Jefferson Leite

    I aint being able to use my phone as I have no simcard and its blocked for one specific network. It says HELLO and when I get to the sim card part it says that the sim card I have is not compatible with my Iphone. Is there a way I can carry on that process without the sim card so I can jaibreak it or a way I can jaibreak without having to actually finish that first process??? PLEASE HEEELP :'(

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      How can you read it? Mine keeps boot looping I don’t know why

  • Maaz16

    please help me mine is stuck on this. and Pangu icon is appearing on my home screen my device restarts but nothing happen.

  • Joe

    When the jailbreak is done can I set the date back to the right date?

    • Gautam

      Yes, you can set it back. We’ll update the post as well to avoid the confusion.

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Mine keeps boot looping after it shows welcome to pangu jailbreak. I had to restore the phone

  • Orçun Ünver

    ipad 3 bootlop error please help me

  • oscar D

    i got a problem, after i finish the progress my phone keeps bootlooping, can anyone help me ? i can’t do anything except watching it bootloping for hours now :(

  • Linn

    lol. it says my phone is iphone 6

  • Rams Nekosam

    thanks its working

  • op

    what if it shows red questions marks. ._.

  • gasman

    does this also unlock the iphone 5s?

    • Gautam

      It is a jailbreak and won’t unlock iPhone 5s.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    Anybody know how to fix the boot loop? It happens after it displays welcome to pangu jailbreak. Phone doesn’t have SIM card in it ATM

  • aziz

    help me plz my iphone didnt install cydia just pangu app there are no cydia what should i do ?

  • Calcium

    guys, once the JB process starts, find the app and press it. if not, when the red question marks show, the app will be gone. CHEERS

  • aziz

    i cant see cydia in my iphone i restarted it and no change

  • dru wueschinski

    only workin on iPhone 4 if you leave the box checked!!!

  • aziz

    my iphone is 5

  • Phai Vone

    thanks Q so much ^__^

  • Guest

    what should I do? can someone help me please? i’ve tried everything, i removed some apps and i even started again my iphone4s but nothing it’s still the same…please help

    • nsal1

      Restore your iphone from dfu mode and close itunes when asks you if you want to restore from backup or set it up as new. Go through the setup on the phone until you get to the homescreen. Then try jailbreaking it again. After this you can open itunes and restore from your backup.

  • bowie

    everything went right, but if i open the cydia app, it closes down immediately. how do i fix this?

  • Guest

    what should I do? can someone help me please

  • onna

    what should I do? can someone help me please? i’ve tried everything, i removed some apps and i even started again my iphone4s but nothing it’s still the same it shows me 3 question marks in red…

  • Maffiaas

    It works just fine i tried pangu

  • Sparrow

    After jail breaking ipad2 on ios 7.1 , my all installed app icon is not showing on the home screen ……

  • MARC


  • nathan

    this is not safe, chinese hackers put some spyware to hack your account specially in apple id, photo, etc. beware.

  • MARC


  • Gina Zapata

    Can someone help me so I tried to jailbreak and I have the cydia icon only I can’t open it did I do something wrong does anyone know what I can do to fix It ????

  • hullli

    Hi everything work on 100% I have 4s and I do jailbreak with no problem.. but can u helpme how I now unlock my iphone for any network???

  • Fernando

    Help! My iPad Mini Wifi 1st Gen gets stuck on BootLoop while saying Welcome to Pangu Jailbreak

  • Kenneth Wong

    BTW, anyone having same issue with me? I having when sync itunes apps will go in safe mode automatically but the apps still can sync in that situation.

    • San

      yes i have the exact same problem… i just let it go into safe mode then i go back… have u figured out a solution?

  • emma

    it keeps boot log on and on

  • Pangu_HELP

    When I ” jailbreak ” my iPhone 5S and then when the jailbreak process is at 50 % the ” ??????’??’ ” turns to red and suddently the Pangu app dissapears, and the jailbreak process turns to 0 % again? .. HELP!

    • emma

      you don’t have enough space

  • Ra Dek

    Is there any way to bypas 7.1.1 on Iphone 5c ?

  • kellz

    seems to work seamlessly on my ipad mini…

  • Hurstolds2000

    Worked perfectly!!

  • emma

    im restoring my iPhone but im backing up so ill try again

  • Paul

    Ok, done but i have a little-big bug. Sent messages are disapearing just after sending :/

  • Timmy Dolan

    it worked fine for me

  • It worked

    This worked fine for me, 5s with 7.1.1, but remember, make sure you have enough space on your iPhone. That’s what gave me problems.

  • jovitu

    I changed the date, removed the password code. So I plug my iPhone on the PC, launch Pangu_v1.0.exe, open the Pangu app in the phone and I just wait. But after one reboot, I unlock my phone and the Pangu app dissapears. The phone reboot right after that and, when it turns on again, there is no Pangu or Cydia. What should I do? (sorry for the bad english)

  • jovitu

    I change the date, remove the pass code and then launch Pangu_v1.0.exe. I have already open the app on the iPhone but, after one reboot, I can see the Pangu app dissapearing and the phone reboots for the second time. When it turns on again, there is no Pangu or Cydia. What should I do?

  • clrhockey

    It does this!!! I have 4.9 GB available is that enough

    • clrhockey

      It has red checkmarks at the top and doesnt load

  • Neoh74

    Doesnt work with hacktivated iPhone4 or unactivated iPhone 4S :(

  • Christian Flores

    It doesn’t recognize my iPhone it has red ????????

  • Kayleigh

    Someone help! I got the Welcome to Pangu Jailbreak page but it turns into weird colors, crashes and then restarts my iPod and repeats. I really need someones help :/

  • ผมรักคุณ มิน พีชญา

    sir.. does this pangu jailbreak runs to an iphone who’s not yet activated?
    plss need some help

  • l0bo

    Hi! the pop up asking to change the date is not coming!!! What should i do?

    • L0bo

      By the way it is a jailbroken Iphone 4 (with geeksn0w).

      • Gautam

        It won’t work if it is already jailbroken. You’ll have to restore and jailbreak it again using Pangu.

  • pinkoo

    got my ipad 2 ios 7.1.1 it was easy just few steps

  • Vijaykonduru

    I did yesterday, but while installing an application my iphone 5 got crashed, and not turning on anymore. i erased my iphone using the iCloud funtionality and now it is spinning always. i am unable to use my iphine anymore even i tried the DFU mode but my iphone has problem with the Sleep and wake button. I could not complete the DFU more as well. i have tried all options.
    can anyone suggest me how to overcome with this issue.

  • LosHodges

    It worked on my iPhone 4 and Cydia is preparing filesystem right now.

  • Enjoyance

    My iPhone4 wont get recognized by Pangu, please help.

  • GiantSapling

    Soo I tried this on my ipad mini but cydia doesn’t show up, I even tried restarting it :'(

  • wajira

    its work for me

  • BrianEC

    please help after finished the process just gives me “welcome to pangu jailbreak” and restarts itself.

  • umar

    how to change the launguage

  • Mikhail

    Hey guys, i’m having a problem. Like on 40% when the jailbreak injection starts the program ‘has stopped working’ anyone else having this problem?

  • Jacob

    It say my window laptop can’t run the app. Can some body hel asap

    • Jacob


  • shalaw

    why my device just show (welcome to pangu jailbreak ) and just restart its about an hour ???? please help. thanks

  • brown

    i still have the pangu app on my phone and also av the cydia app too

  • Fang Feehong

    good i can do it now!

  • Andrés

    Iphone 4 jailbroken, everything fine so far, but I have a little problem, I can’t acces the (jailbroken) filesystem, no matter if I use Ifunbox, Itools etc, I just can acces the “normal” folders not the “raw” file system, installing afc22add doesn’t help either. Ideas?

    • Sphyn0x

      U must install afc2add 7

  • mastiff

    Hi can I use this if I have icloud activation password locked

  • Дмитрий Черников

    what about ipad no retina?

    • “That” Guy

      The original iPad wasn’t given iOS 7, so…

      • Дмитрий Черников

        ipad miini no retina

        • Sphyn0x

          Its okay to zse it on mini :)

  • Steakfries

    I need some help guys, i have never jailbroken before so this is my first time, i did everything right and i have cydia its just, when i was checking out an add-on i clicked a video to check it out and my device froze, i could not close cydia. i locked my phone and now it wont come back on. please help, thank you

    • “That” Guy

      Sucks to have to say this, but you may need to go into DFU Mode, and restore your iPhone. I just had to do this after I installed a buggy Cydget that disabled my touchscreen.

  • Joshua Kueh

    It can’t detech my iPhone , answer me

    • Gautam

      Try to connect your iPhone to your computer directly, or try to connect it to another USB port. Also ensure the other requirements are met.

  • EatFear

    Done, big thanks, success on my iphone4 and iPad 3 xD

  • Paul Wilson

    This is what worked for me. Iphone 4s

    Set the date for June 2nd
    close iTunes
    shut off all of your AV/SandBox/ Ect.
    Execute Pangu with Admin (right click, run as admin…)

    Uncheck box, select the other Box in the picture to begin JB, at about 50% go onto your phone and launch the Pangu app and wait until you see the Pangu screen say welcome to Jail Broke device (after a couple reboots).

  • iPad3 NoGo

    Did not work on iPad 3 wifi. Everything seems to work until the very end. It just goes on an endless reboot loop. I’ve tried it atleast 5 times with the same results.

  • mike121989

    i will try it as soon as the mac version is available.

  • viv1

    jailbreak has been successful, but whenever i install anything from cydia, my iphone goes in safemode. can anyone help

  • Jack McD

    Nearly downloads then reboots and stops and the question marks go red and this keeps happening. any ideas

  • Дмитрий Черников

    what about ipad mini no retina?

  • Muhammad Azri

    stuck at “enjoy the jailbreak” and keep reboot by itself, it was at last step before finish the jailbreaking, help me please, tried so many times, the results still the same, i already follow all the step given but still no changes

  • Arman

    I can not jailbreak this program i can not see in the my ipad

  • WingZero

    It works!!

  • Shaikh Zubair

    i jailbroke using pangu. after i recharged my ipad as the battery died every thing vanished?? pls help
    no cydia
    safari craASHES

  • Thanh Le

    Just work great for me, i just follow step by step what it say in the video and is work for me. Make sure passcode and ID touch off before you process and make sure be patient and let it work.

  • GoalieGuyCameron

    what does this mean? iphone 5s

  • Iqmal Trenggana

    it works 100% thanks :)

  • Thanh Le

    Is work for me:)

  • Shayn Keeton

    worked for me, had to run it twice. im near chicago.

  • fattyz

    its great but now nothing works lockinfo swipe away ifunbox (cant access root) cascade infinidock, just to name a few. So basically I lost as much as I gained (I was still on 6.1.1 and things were working pretty good, not perfect) Now I have to fuk around and get everything working again.

  • Emma

    I didn’t turn off my passcode, if i try to rejailbreak, will it mess up? Pangu is stuck (on computer) at almost finished with 4 red question marks! Window btw for comp.

  • William Jordan

    The jailbreak worked perfect except when I download a tweak or hack or anything, it never works, it reboots and everything but it never works, what do I do?

  • saaaa

    So how do i deal with this? rebooted and stuck like this. tried several times but still get the same result. anyone?

    • Qmavner

      Same here

    • Gabrielism

      run the tools as administrator .

  • gmusignac

    ive tried everything even used different computers and it wont work, when its about to finish four red question marks appear

  • bruhhh

    it didn’t work so i bought the best alienware on the market and threw away my old one

  • iSourApple

    I got stuck in Welcome to Pangu Jailbreak screen. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Tanner Corlett

    I cant run the program Im currently running on windows 8 and its telling me that this app cant run on your pc

  • Miza

    It actually Worked.
    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • ping

    what to do my cydia was gone in my phone

    • Miza

      What do you mean?

  • Uncle Gee

    My 4S keep restarting for the past 30mins showing Pangu logo and White screen (Welcome to Pangu Jailbreak).
    What can I do now?

  • Guest

    after the jailbreak is done, can I change the date back ?

    • Gautam

      Yes, you can change the date back.

  • TheLuherXD

    why does my iphone 4s not be jailbreaked

    • Gabrielism

      run the tools as admin .

      • TheLuherXD

        when i come to welcome to pangu jailbreak on my iphone 4s then it have a loop

        it starts with the normal start up at then it come to welcome to pangu jailbreak again and again and again over and over

  • sorory

    the device is seems not rebooting , reboot it manually ??
    when i reboot it it doesn’t install cydia >

  • aCr2714

    Whenever i try to launch Pangu on either my Windows 8 or Windows XP operating computer, it gives an error message stating that it “isn’t the right version” or that it “isn’t a valid Win32 application.” Am I doing something wrong?

  • Aamir Inayat

    Anyone tried this for Iphone4 with ios 7.1.2 as i have just updated my ios to 7.1.2 and want to try it on my iphone, please advice real expirence.

  • FO_REVerend!!!

    it keeps saying enjoy you jailbreak and rebooting and saying the same !!!!!! please help i dont want to restore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zachary Gordon

    The bar on the program isn’t loading, any help?

  • Siddharth

    What Shuld i Do Next??? Plz Ans..

  • Siddharth

    Plz HELP!!!!!!

  • Siddharth

    When My iPhone Rebooted First Time After that Its Not Reboot second time
    & pongbu app turn red… please help

  • Nitin Patel

    Done Suoperb
    my iphone 4s jailbreak 7.1.1

  • Rusty

    Hi, ok here is what I did, I backup and the restore my iPad mini retina to orginal settings then jailbreak, I got all the way to Cydia restarting my device. Then I restore my backup from iTunes after the backup restored the Cydia is gone, I did this procedure and I always end up missing the Cydia. Any thoughts? Please help. Thanks

  • happy

    Worked like a charm here :) followed the instructions and now I’m up and running :D

  • St. Clair Lewis

    Works on My Ipad Mini & Iphone 5

  • waleed

    will the pangu app be gone after i have jailbroke the phone? cause i have jailbroke it and now there is cydia but no pangu

  • Alok

    right now i am doing jailbreaking

  • Alok

    Done on iphone 5s

  • mark

    i cant use apps

  • Hailey

    when i click windows button on the pangu website to download the actual program it says its unable to connect

  • shihab

    atlast i got it…… thnx…. :)


    me cell is flashing with iphone logo & well come to the pangu logo and there is nothing to do
    please help me


    please is there any 1 to help me


    its realy dam app


    i am in big trouble please some 1 help me???????????????????

  • joe

    Did everything i was supposed to. The apps loaded ontop phone, however it is still saying SIM NOT VALID as i am trying to use another sim card on T Mobile Iphone. PLease help

  • failedpangu

    alright so i followed all the steps but it wont let me click where the for question marks are help

  • Luna Alejo DacunoBelga

    it works fine in my ipad 4 ios 7.1.1 <3 thanks pangu :)

  • kevin

    What version of Windows is recommended for the Jailbreak?

    • sj

      preferrably 8.1, win 8 may have some issues.

  • Navneet Singh Khurana

    its working man,,,,,,,, thnx

  • Alberto Rizzo

    First to install anythings on your device , case of this tool by Pangu a China team, i have to be sure at 100% that the process install only what they say , there is a remote possibility this jail take informations about you and much more of bad.

  • Mario

    Hey guys!i have my iphone 4 ios 7.1.1,and started jailbraking…everything went well since when it was during the last part of the process i close the pangu app on my computer.The process keeps doing its thing,until it boots and i see the cydia tweak.once i tap it,it said preparing files and then my iphone self boots.when i unlock it i see no apps and it turns of imediatelyl
    Pease help,what to do,at least to have my iohone like before(sorry for my english :)

    • laura vendal

      I have a similar problem. have you fixed it?

  • Mario

    I have my iphone 4 jailbrokened ios 7.1.1,and i have problems cause everytime i unlock my phone the home screen appears with no icons and immediately it restarts all by itself.So i wanted to restore my device,in this point if i would back up now and restore,and then restore back up will everything be okay?please helpp

  • artush kucher

    i cant press the jailbreak button what should i do? please help me

  • Joe

    iPhone 4s wont jailbreak for a handful of my friends and i. They are on 7.1 and i am on 7.1.1. we tried the light in the sensor but nothing. all stuck in reboot loops, we turned off passcodes, and still get stuck in boot loop.

    • sj

      tried dfu mode?

  • Tri127

    Help me,please !!!Jaibreak time out?

  • Ted Bear

    needs MacOSX 10.7 or worse :-(

  • Abu Sufyan

    hy guys tell me how to hack games after jailbreaking…

    • sj

      load 25pp

  • Edward Ng

    Chinese is brilliant!!!

  • Mike117

    17 minutes ago
    Does this JB bypass activation as others have done in the past? For those unfamiliar, can this JB be used to bypass the initial iPhone setup and not use a SIM card?

  • Catterson

    My Iphone 4 reboots but it doesn’t finish jail breaking, it then shows red text . What should I do ?

  • John dough

    Still get stuck in boot loop this sucks

  • rain4g

    for me , it worked perfectly, will see in a few days :)

  • Blueberriez

    Great works and efforts iPhonehacks and Pangu gurus you guys are awesome.I jailbeak my iPhone 5 iOS 7.1.1 with ease and everything is working perfectly. but what antivirus can you recommend for me.

  • Etnic

    working really great! no problems :)

  • Khan Denis Teyim

    it works great. Thanks

  • marie toertjes

    I have installed, everything went fine, have Cydia, but still for the buys in the games, we need to pay and the iPad keeps on asking for our iTunes account
    . Doesn’t this jailbreak work for that ?

  • boogey

    would love to get a jb directly to iphone.

  • Yusimi Padron

    I Just Jailbreak my iPhone 5 on iOS 7.1.2, the update just got released and I was foolish enough to download it. On my defense I got the idea to jailbreak my phone AFTER the deed was done. Well, it worked and now I have Cydia. :)

  • Ricardo23

    i just jailbroke my iphone 4s and my screen just went black but i can still hear siri, how do i fix this?

  • warmywhite

    In iTunes. ipad stuck on spinning swirl and cannot sync. Any ideas

  • Morgan

    i see injecting bundles,please wait… for the past 30minutes and nothing is happening.please advise

  • MichaelP

    version 1.1 crashed at ‘done!’ on osx 10.9.3. Windows version works after updating iTune.

  • dylan

    ive tried a fair few times now, but i never get the Pangu app appear anywhere on my iphone!? any ideas?

  • jr

    Please HELP! I’ve already JAILBREAK my Iphone 5c 7.1.1 , but when I put any simcards, it always shows invalid sim..

    • jr

      And its sprint USA carrier

  • dylan

    ive tried a few times now, but the Pangu app never appears on my home screen.
    Any ideas?

  • Love

    - I tried to jb w| evasi0n before , & ended up w| a brick phone ; how am I sure this will work on my new 5s ..??

  • Robert

    I followed the steps, and it seemed that everything was working fine. Even Pangu app said it was “done!” but after it restarted there were no Cydia app installed. I ran the program as administrator.

  • himanshu

    thanks pangu, this works very easy

  • Commondude

    Whoever can help me over teamviewer to jb my iPhone 5s ( and to keep all dates on it) earn $5 pay pal email for interestens.

  • jonah

    my device got unplugged during the rebooting stage and it says welcome to pangu jailbreak ready to load systems then it reboots again i dont know what to do

  • Ripped

    i follow directions of Pangu but it doesnt continue after I adjust the date

  • Jae B Rodriguez

    I jailbroke my iphone 5. After finish cydia didnt appear. I rejailbreak and nothing. I found out it was because when it finish jailbreaking it rebooted then turned on and itunes opened. So what i did was uncheck the option on itunes to not open when i connect iphone. And voila. Rejailbreak and cydia appear. Hope this helps.

  • aditya

    my iphone is rebooting with aflash light whenever i unlock the phone

  • aditya

    i ve already jailbroken wth pangu few minutes ago

  • Rosie Wright

    It worked fine for me

  • laura vendal

    I opened cydia and the last message I saw on it was “Cleaning”. Then it rebooted my phone now I can’t used it. I am stuck on the lock screen and whenever I “swipe to unlock” (I don’t have a passcode) the screen goes black and the apple icon appears as if it is turning off then I’m taken back to the lock screen. I can’t rerun pangu because it reads that my phone is already jailbroken. I sometimes get a message that I do not have enough storage however I had 1.6 gb before I started the process.

  • Dogham

    Says that is it “already jailbrake”, but won’t take new sim card, says “SIM Invalid”

  • kat

    Hey my iPhone 5s is stuck on the apple id activation screen, will this work to activate it?

  • Adriano

    i have done all of these and now i opened cydia….thats all ?

  • johnnyboy

    what about iphone 3? anyone knows how to bypass 7.1 in iphone 3?

  • Ty Gardner

    My iphone on 7.1.1 isn’t being recognized. Please help!!

  • Johnny Rotten

    It worked great for me EXCEPT, tree is no Cydia! I’ve tried jailbreaking it several times per a youtube video I watched and still nothing. Pissed…

  • jailbroken

    did not work on iphone 5 7.0.6 to 7.1.2

  • James

    Does this bypass activation lock on iPhone 5

  • Matt Scott

    if cydia got deleted after the jailbreak, how do i get it back?

  • Matt Scott

    If Cydia was accidentally deleted after the jailbreak, how would i get it back?

  • Ryan

    after I download and open pangu on the computer, it sits on the loading resources page? What do I?

  • RageCri

    If the cydia icon doesn’t appear after the pangu install, it is probally because there is still leftovers from your last jailbreak after you updated your firmware.

    I HAD the same problem. i made a backup of my files then restored my phone and after that i restored my backup. All i did after that was to follow the same pangu instructions and cydia was in my phone once again.

  • Don Rlal Gittano

    Hi Guys i
    was running on ios 7.1.1 i jailbroke my iphone 5 with pangu 1.0 .. i
    just restored my iphone., and now im runing on ios 7.1.2 and when i open
    pangu it will freeze on connect your device.. but its connected .. it
    wont to detect my iphone please HELP !!!!!
    thank you

  • danny

    I have an iphone 5s ios 7.1.2 that is activation locked. I try using the jailbreak but it gets stuck on “injecting bundles”, i am unable to jailbreak it. any suggestions? i was told that the jailbreak would get past the activation lock

  • shania ferguson

    its wont let me click the jailbreak thing

  • L0bo

    Hi!!! How can I bypass the icloud activation of an iphone 4s????

  • doughacks

    iTunes says The iPhone “^FILENAME” could not be updated because it may be corrupt.
    that’s in DFU mode that’s what iTunes tells me help please

  • Dragon

    I have jail broken my iPhone 4s,iOS 7.1.2, using PanGu but still I am
    getting following error once I insert sim from other carrier..

    “The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.
    The SIM card that you currently installed in this iPhone is from a
    carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is
    currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware
    issue with the iPhone. Please insert another simcard from a supported
    carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please
    contact Apple for more information.”

    what should I do??

  • ray_19

    can i jailbreak my iphone 4? I already bypass the activation but it become No Service..

  • Ânderson Cardoso

    HI, i am stuck at “Injecting bundles, please wait…” screen i meant stuck cause nothing happens at all, my iphone model is 4S and it comes from Portugal i cant set it up the date cause it is not activated. someone can help please?

  • mln2002

    Wonderful, in my iphone 4S, with 7.1.1

  • cam

    it doesnt work it just says loading reasources

  • kiran

    what about ipod youch 4g. will this work on ipod 4

    • kiran

      i mean ipod touch 4g

  • ryan

    you have to erase all content and settings, do the jailbreak and then it will work. After words u can just back up your phone o u have evrything back. just make sure u set it up as a new iphone before u jailbreak so u can access the home screen. I did that and it worked perftectly! Thanks Pangu!!

  • kuniusreviews

    Just tried to jailbreak iphone 4 7.1.2 with 5.2.00 baseband and it worked :D

  • ishiro

    i have a hacktivated iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 and i want to jailbreak it, i used pangu and it only stays in injecting bundles and doesnt do nothing more, help

  • Carlos Romero

    this work perfec in my iPad 2

  • alan

    mine keeps saying injection failed

  • alan

    dumps catches sorry

  • John

    Hey, I’m using a PC and my progress bar keeps on getting stuck at what looks like 20% it just stops there. Do I wait or what

  • Ryan

    Mine keeps saying “make sure you have internet connection” even though my connection is perfectly fine?

    • Gautam

      Try to disable the firewall or the antivirus program on your computer temporarily as they could be blocking the internet connection.

  • tatyana

    When my restarted there was no Cydia and my settings and application store and.stuff was gone please helong me

  • a Guest

    This tool was working fine before, today, it has a pop up like the image. Does anybody know what does it mean ? Thanks.

  • john

    i just jailbroke my iphone with pangu. i followed all the steps and when cydia updated it dissapeared along with alot of the apps that come on the phone.. what should i do?

    • gaucho

      Pangu last version, restore your device and try again
      no mystery, just make it easy

  • bwhit

    I downloaded this jailbreak and all my apps got deleted but after awhile it restarted itself and my apps were back then I turned off my phone to try to take cydia off and now whenever I put in my passcode and my phone unlocks it just shows my home screen with nothing there but the homescreen and after like 5 seconds my phone shuts off and keeps doing the same thing whenever I try to get into my phone! Now I went on iTunes and tried to restore my phone but its stuck on extracting files and wont move from the same percentage! SOME ONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! :c

  • Cas

    I downloaded it clicked on pangu on the pc and doesnt work

  • Timothy Nguyen

    Open Pangu, keeps saying that “Please make sure you have proper internet connection.” Here are what I have:
    1. My device is 7.1.2
    2. Itunes 11.4
    3. Internet connection.
    Please help.