Microsoft considering bringing Cortana voice assistant to iOS and Android


Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana, which was announced as part of Windows Phone 8.1 in April, might be making its way to iOS and Android if a recent report is to be believed. The voice assistant from the Redmond, Washington company is intended to be a competitor to the likes of Siri and Google Now, but it appears that competition could potentially heat up if these rumors turn out to be true.

Windows Phone Group Program Manager Marcus Ash, speaking at the SMX SMX Advanced conference in Seattle, said that the company wants to scale Cortana “across devices” and for her to be “pervasive.” Search Engine Land has it (paraphrased):

We want to scale Cortana internationally and across devices. The Android/iOS question is interesting. We’re asking, would Cortana be as effective if she didn’t have access to the details on your phone? We’re still trying to get Cortana adopted on Windows Phone and figure out what it wants to become there. But we’re actively talking about this.

I think it’s natural to think that an assistant that only runs on one device … the idea that she will be very pervasive is important to us.

Notably, all we know is that Microsoft is “talking” about it — there’s no sure-fire way to know whether or not this is a serious consideration, but the company definitely did not give a straight “No.”

Cortana — named after a character in the well-known video game series Halo — is first set to launch with Windows Phone 8.1 later this month, and will also be making its way to the Xbox One. Will it ever make its way to iOS? Microsoft is definitely leaving that question open-ended.

Is there anything about Cortana that would make you want to use it over Siri?

[via MacRumors]

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