Pangu iOS 7.1.1 – iOS 7.1 Jailbreak released [Updated] 2014-06-23 12-25-17 2014-06-23 12-25-19

A group of Chinese hackers calling themselves “Pangu” have just released what they’re claiming is an iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak, and this time it looks like we might have a bit of evidence that it could be legitimate. (Update: reports are streaming in that the jailbreak does indeed successfully install Cydia on iOS 7.1.X devices.)

The story is still unfolding, but just moments ago the team uploaded the Windows counterpart of the iOS 7.1-7.1.x jailbreak on their website. As of right now, an installer for OS X isn’t available, but Macintosh is listed on the website so it appears one is coming soon.

According to the website it is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
  • iPad Air, Retina iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G

We’re assuming that it is compatible with other iOS 7.1.1 compatible devices as well such as Retina iPad (iPad 4, iPad 3) and iPad 2.

Note: Proceed with cautionthere is no proof as of yet that the jailbreak is legitimate, so there could very well be phishing attempts and the like included in the download. It’s a Windows .exe file that surpasses 70 MB in size, leaving us to be even more suspicious. It’s worth noting however, that the package seems to have passed on Metascan (which runs the files by a long list of known malicious software trackers). There’s no way of knowing what kind of software is included with this jailbreak yet, even though it doesn’t seem to have any obviously malicious intent.

According to tweets from i0nic and the team’s webpage, the included exploit may very well have been disclosed by i0nic himself. The notorious iOS hacker had this to say:


Users are reporting that Cydia is indeed working perfectly fine. That said, as happened with the TAIG software back when evasi0n was released, there seems to be a bunch of Chinese software also being loaded.

Also, as seen by comments in a Reddit thread, countless people are reporting that their iOS 7.1.X device do indeed have Cydia installed:

“I appear to have Cydia, but also some super sketchy Chinese app. Mixed feelings.”

“me done ….. :) ios 7.1.1. on my iphone 5 … thanks a tun for Panguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

“Just a heads up to those who went through with the install: In Cydia, you can easily remove the PP Chinese app that was installed with the jailbreak. No worries there! In other news, I have biteSMS installed and running smoothly on my 5S which was never jailbroken (came with 7.1). Seems to be legit. As far as spyware/keyloggers/etc., I can’t confirm if it’s safe.”

“This does work, it basically asks you to set the date to January 2nd, and then touch the weird app it installs, but it does install cydia!”

“Just a heads up to those who went through with the install: In Cydia, you can easily remove the PP Chinese app that was installed with the jailbreak. No worries there! In other news, I have biteSMS installed and running smoothly on my 5S which was never jailbroken (came with 7.1). Seems to be legit. As far as spyware/keyloggers/etc., I can’t confirm if it’s safe.”

It’s only a matter of time before the evad3rs and i0nic have something to say about this on Twitter. We’ll keep this post updated as we learn more about the potential security risks with this jailbreak as well as whether or not we’ll be seeing a more official tool in the future…

Update 1:

Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 using Pangu.

Update 2:

MuscleNerd, member of the evad3rs has also confirmed that it is safe, though he thinks it is not worth upgrading to iOS 7.0.x for it.

Update 3:

Check out our post for the list of iOS 7.1.1 compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Update 4:

If you did not uncheck the option to avoid installing the PPSync package, then check this post to find out why and how you should remove it.

Update 5:

If you’re facing bootloop issues when you restart your iOS device jailbroken with Pangu, then try this fix.

Update 6:

Pangu team has just released Pangu v1.1.0 for Mac and also added released an update for the Windows version to add support for English. They have also removed the check box to install the PPSync Chines pirated App store. So we’ve updated the tutorial according. The update also includes a fix for the bootloop issue, so if you were having a problem, you can try jailbreaking your device using Pangu v1.1.0.

Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

We’ll let you know as soon as Pangu for Mac is released, so don’t forget to join our Facebook Fan pagefollow us on Twitteradd us to your circles on Google+, subscribe to our RSS feed or subscribe to our Daily Newsletter.

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  • Hacker

    Been following this myself I’ll try it out later and see if it work

  • John L.

    Dont use this if you enjoy beeing secure, no way this should be used. If you are desperate you can use it but prepare for problemas later.

    • jzack


  • Paranormal Attack

    i’m waiting for evasi0n :D

  • Gautam

    It will be interesting to see if evad3rs will update evasi0n7 for iOS 7.1.1, since the exploit has been exposed with this jailbreak.

    • Brian Brown

      Yeah similar to last year for iOS 7.. Evaders will have a say in this big time if not, contributing a Jailbreak tool of their on real soon.

    • jay jenkins

      do u think they will? i’d much rather use evasi0n over this, atleast i can read program compared to this

  • iPh0ner

    i actually kinda wanna install this over my ipad . but worried over keyloggers/spyware/other viruses

    • password9468

      do not use, ok? DON’T look down Chinese, when they found the earth is around, you F*cking “advanced” european, or whatever Americans were still eating trees. LOL shame for you jealous people

      • jay jenkins


      • Zhang

        So what? Pangu makes you as arrogant as “advanced” western people? I’d rather not jailbreak my iphone. Pangu just does what the “tree eaters” did. Nothing else.

  • th3pwnsh0p

    Phone’s rebooting after installing the PanGu Jailbreak.!

  • J4ckTheL4d

    Let me see…..Chinese….Hacker…..MY iPhone….Hmmmm……wait for it….wait for it….. I’ll pass…call me….cautious. Thank you, come again.

    • wahizul

      iH8sn0w just posted on twitter: “Aside from the piracy store and enterprise certificate… The jailbreak does not have “spyware” or malicious trails.” so i guess this pangu is save

      • mE.!

        I still feel I should give this one a couple days and let the dust settle. I’m currently on 7.0.6 jb, so I guess I’m lucky that there’s no feeling of urgency for me. It’s what I’d recommend to my friends as well. They’re unknown. They may be legit, but unlike ih8sn0w and evad3rs they’re a relative unknown.

    • Brian Brown

      lol racy last part of your comment :p

  • luckybratt08

    done here..:D

    • shaderrionm

      help me plz, it’s all in another language and it’s not downloading.

      • aamak

        if u find any help can u let me know, i also have problem with the language.

        • Daichenglong


        • helanzhi

          I’d like to help you about how to jb

      • João De Sousa

        same here

    • mac

      hi, i am using iphone4 as well but i was stucked on pangu logo and reboots everytime. can you give me advise how many reboot it took for you before it was ok

      • JULS

        restore it again, everytime you JB ur device must come from fresh restore so u cant have any issue

    • bilal

      from which website i download pangu

    • Henkel

      can you open your mail and safari after installing cydia?

  • edward0809

    stupid bit*hes, do not use, ok? DON’T look down Chinese, when they found the earth is around, you F*cking “advanced” european, or whatever Americans were still eating trees. LOL shame for you jealous people.

    • splam

      lol, what?

    • password9468


      • StinkyNuts

        You go up and down these comments telling people to learn Chinese.. Why don’t YOU learn engrish? IMBECILE!!

    • John

      Did I miss something? Does any of this make sense to anyone?…lol

    • BMWIIIMPower

      Google translate at its finest I suspect… lol

    • GofaKurself

      Yeah! you Americans eating trees!! they found earth is around! wash dinky in sinky!! what you thinky?? why you no trust hacking capitol with all personal data?? shame for ruuu!!

      • gummykage

        Omg I’m Chinese and i just spit coke onto my phone laughing

      • chi!nks

        shut up ch!nk

    • Damian

      Lol eating trees. Dude you could be in the history channel

    • Zhang

      when they western people were able vote their presidents, we chinese people could only say that we had found the earth as around.

  • The Avid Observer

    Aside from the profanity I agree with edward0809. similar to the countless methods to root I wouldn’t consider this an “unofficial” jailbreak. Criticizing it as such is a bit unfair, maybe as opposed to saying “proceed with caution” just have the reader take into account that other apps will be installed. It does the same job as evasion or redsnow or any others before them. Discrediting them because it’s from a foreign “hacker” is slightly biased.

  • aamak

    any idea how to operate the software itself? its in chinese, need help to use that. thanks in advance

    • password9468

      Learn Chinese…

      • mecc

        lol this troll is ridiculous. 有病看医生吧…

  • jb

    I prefer waiting for evaders

    • password9468

      ur bussiness!

    • Brian Brown


    • Damian

      No need this jailbreak is legit

  • X^-1

    on 7.0.6, should i update now?

    • Jimothy

      Don’t update until you hear from a source that you trust. If sn0w is saying it’s okay, it probably is. Just remember: no piracy. :)

    • Extempo

      You can jailbreak using evasi0n’s 100% safe jailbreak. This is for people who had to update to 7.1+ for whatever reason.

  • 盘古PANGU


    • Jimothy

      If I’m installing software on my phone it is indeed my damn business.

  • Hassaan ALi

    i am trying… on my ipod touch 5g

    • SIkander

      how did u translate it
      it showing every thing in chinese :s

      • password9468

        learn Chinese…

  • Hassaan ALi

    It’s work

    • Mister 5

      how do you did

      • Guest


        • GofaKurself

          thrank roo!

  • Jim

    just a silly question irrelevant with this going to work on my iPad 4?because the article above says ”We’re assuming that it is compatible with other iOS 7.1.1 compatible
    devices as well such as Retina iPad (iPad 4, iPad 3) and iPad 2.”..should i try it or not?

    • Gautam

      It hasn’t been mentioned, but we’re assuming it works. Let us know how it goes if you plan to try it out.

      • Jim

        ok Gautam..i think i am just going to wait for a few days but otherwise i will let you know!

  • Mister 5

    Help me please i have a lot of question mark and not other thing! if you speak french, i’m french so i prefer

  • Moinul Alam

    download was really slow, I made a mega link if anyone cares.!KtwwnT5Z!PPbv8fy1i2Fpl_uAiYW6gWBoVipgdeKKUL8MAlnq7Mw

    • Rohit

      Thank You very much.Yes,people do care,Alam

  • dagi

    am about to try it on my iphone 5s ……. but can i restote my phone if there is any problem???? reply

    • Gautam

      Yes, don’t forget to take a backup so you can always restore your device if something goes wrong.

  • Grayson Anthony

    Who else believes this is the stupidest thing? If they wouldn’t have released this there would have been an IOS 8 Jailbreak waiting for public release of IOS 8. Way to go team… -_-

    • Damian

      No we would want have: it was the same story with iOS 5,6, and 7. The previous jailbreaks took them forever and it appears the exploits were parched

      • Grayson Anthony

        That is so untrue. It was dumb to give away exploits with IOS 8 around the corner. Sorry Damian

        • Damian

          i think they still will have iOS 8 jailbreak. for example iOS 7 when it came out it had patched all the exploits from iOS 6.

    • Gautam

      It’s debatable. Apple engineers could always find the exploit and fix it in iOS 8, or the changes in iOS 8 could render them useless.

  • Retribution

    I0n1cs own fault trusting people, hope whatever he was being paid training them was worth it, silly time to release it though since 7.1.2 is very close to being released, bet Apple fix it for 7.1.2

    I will wait for 1 of the others to release there version of the exploit now it’s out in the public domain

  • 盘古PANGU

    一群国外喷子,去你吗B 看的懂中文吗?CHINA

    • password9468


      • zang


        • helanzhi


        • password9468


    • Zhengyue Huang


    • hypnopotamus


    • Damian

      No co Ty nie powiesz

  • password9468

    done!!!hahahaha!!learn Chinese

  • dagi

    it works on my iphone 5s … Thanks Pangu …..

  • dbDESIGN

    Nothing against the Chinese … but, no thanks to this one. I’d prefer to keep my privacy and information so it’s not hacked.

    • Sliddon

      So why buy a iphone if you want privacy you know the NSA are all over ur shit right?

      • dbDESIGN

        Difference between the NSA and a Chinese hacker is the NSA doesn’t give a shit about my credit card information, bank account or stealing my passwords to instagram and twitter. That, my friend is why it has nothing to do with an iPhone.

    • Guest

      I second that. I never ever trust those chinese “hackers”

  • dagi


  • Yasir

    Jailbroken! :D

  • Tarnfleck

    do I need a activated iphone?

  • ZeroKo0

    this program work. i’ve installed it, test cydia and even install the 5 icon dock app from it. lol

  • jack

    works for me (iPhone 5s 7.1.1)

  • Guest

    Worked for me on (iPhone 4, 7.1.1)

  • Brice

    Worked for me on (iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.1)

    • Henkel

      can you open your MAIL and SAFARI?

      • Brice

        Yes, I can open both no problems only problems I have experienced with the new update and jailbreak is the icons on the control center disappear sometimes.

  • filthyjason

    I’m still running 6.1.2 on my 4S. Any ideas if I can get an SHSH blob or something for 7.1.1 before upgrading my phone? I’d like to wait a few days before upgrading my iOS until this jailbreak has been vetted a bit more but I’m concerned Apple will stop signing 7.1.1 once 7.1.2 is out – perhaps with a fix to this JB.

  • mac

    when i heart tht jailbreak was release on fb i ren towards pc and

    WORTH IT thanks pangu

  • noob

    how does shit work not workin for me

  • Mohammad Mahmoud

    does any one know what date this program wont and does it support iphone 5s?

    • Brice

      Jan,22 and yes

  • noob

    motherfucker wiped me whole device

  • Nishanth

    is forecast working?

  • Nicholas Igziabeher

    these people on here are retarded. critizing this because its from chinese hacker but buy an iphone which its assemblesd in china by chinese people.lmfao you people are so stupid and ignorant

    • konkong

      And to you, Einstein: At least we know who’s paying for the iPhone to be made. China is the number one most likely to have hackers on some semi-official pay list. We’ve had jailbreaks from China before, with all sorts of crap in them, you stupid and ignorant retard.

  • Roberto rogaucho

    Why the pangu app dont recognize my iphone? please help

  • Nicholas Igziabeher

    stuck on this nothing happens. please help

    • helanzhi

      you should make it clear about the status of your iphone.
      It’s just can be worked on ios7.1or ios7.1.1 and, if your OS is under7.1,you should download 7.1.1 and restore it(do not use upgrade).After that you can use the Pangu JB to free your phone.

      • mac

        hi i am on 7.1.1 but was stucked on that logo as well. iphone 4

    • 404

      You do not need to open the app after it reboots just unlock the phone and let it sit for a while then you will see cydia

  • Nickdigreat

    Stuck on this nothing happens

    • Brian Brown

      Wild shit

    • Brian Brown

      Restore your device man and wait for more iPhone online communities to confirm or bring more news to the table!!!

  • JW

    I have a verizon phone that is not activated, can I still jailbreak? I had 7.0.4 when I got the phone off of ebay, it froze during the initial jailbreak 2 weeks ago and didnt want to leave my 4s with a jailbreak…

  • Brian Brown

    I’m on a semi tethered iPhone 4(7.1.1) but in cydia there’s new packages claiming to remove “unwanted chinese” packages …

    This seems pretty legit, but I’m still uncertain if i want to restore my device on 7.1.1 with itunes. Then try jailbreaking and IF encountering a problem, re-do the forever time consuming semi untethered process ..

  • hi

    SUCKERS … ran this bad boy SANDBOXED! ;D hackforums!!!

  • WontGetFooledAgain

    I’m sorry but really??? As much as I want to jailbreak my 4s, a jailbreak from China?? Ok, so let’s just label me 1) paranoid, 2) one of those people who actually believe government reports of the Chinese military have tried to hack various critical networks, or maybe–just maybe–3) a former of employee of some organization that would KNOW. NO WAY in hell…I’ll just wait. I’m a PC and Mac user, but I know never trust an .exe file you don’t know personally :)

    • goze18

      it works…0_o geez.. people are seriously scared over reacting, it a Jailkbreak, celebrate!!!!! ;)

    • Jeff Miller

      The phone came from China too, are you afraid to use that?

  • Shpetim Toshi

    Preparing Filesystem (Cydia will exit when complete) ???????

    • goze18

      dude it always says that….

      • Brian Brown

        LOL, right?

  • KneeJah

    So.. Is it safe? I’m still waiting for flavs if there are/will be some… I’m concerned mostly of date changing before JB.. I’m also on the other side surprised that someone released it because I’m stuck with r-sim on 7.1.1 without caller ID for 2 months now and can’t hold it any longer.
    I’m in dilemma…

  • Skillzz_cavite

    Yes thanks for the developer it works great on mu iphone 5

  • 陌上花開

    Maybe you need this picture.

    • Guest

      How to upload picture??

  • iMad

    It works on my devices. Thanks

  • JE

    Didnt work for me. Stops half way through. Iphone 5 running 7.1.1 that does not currently have cell phone service….cant switch from my 4s until I jailbreak this phone.

    • Ronald Cooper

      re-highlight the uncheck and it will load

    • Gautam

      Did you run the Pangu app on your iPhone?

    • trobadurka

      Nice work on IPhone 5 perfect work.

    • 404

      That happens if you let your phone’s display turn off.Keep it on or set your display timeout off

  • lol_china


  • JE

    Fixed it…Works

  • Jyczar

    Guys, im a new owner of Apple, im from Android which was a great experience in rooting. as i enter this Apple World, im thinking of Root Access like i did in android and i think you call it a Jailbreak, right? But, if i decide to go back in the Original Firmware from apple, is it possible like using a Odin Software in Android..? Please give me a link or teach me. Im using Ipod Touch 5th Gen, and im scared if i will loss my 1 year warranty on this phone. My ipod is 2 week old. Thank u.

  • Don’t Do It!!

    I wouldn’t trust anything from Chinese hackers.

    • password9468


  • Gautam

    There is always a high chance that Apple could patch the exploit in iOS 8, so I don’t think this could affect the chances of an iOS 8 jailbreak.

  • Jim

    Hi guys I asked yesterday if I could use it on my iPad 4.just letting you know everything went fine..Cyril installed!!thanks iphonehacks for tutorial ,really needed!!good luck to everyone..and pangu creators..I LOVE YOU!

  • Jyczar

    Guys, im a new owner of Apple, im from Android which was a great
    experience in rooting. as i enter this Apple World, im thinking of Root
    Access like i did in android and i think you call it a Jailbreak, right?
    But, if i decide to go back in the Original Firmware from apple, is it
    possible like using a Odin Software in Android..? Please give me a link
    or teach me. Im using Ipod Touch 5th Gen, and im scared if i will loss
    my 1 year warranty on this phone. My ipod is 2 week old. Thank u.

    • N!pun

      You can always go back to the original Firmware from apple by just restoring your iDevice (Restore button appears in iTunes when you connect your iDevice). Jailbreak will be automatically removed. No other software needed.
      Hope it helps

  • spawn11

    can i jailbreak my iphone 5 without getting it activated first? I tried it a couple of times but it doesnt work im stuck in clicking tha black button but not loading….. I cant go to settings and change the date cause its not activated yet.., thanks for any answer :)) Good day

  • mwiz123

    Is anyone else getting ????,??????????iTunes??Itunes??????,

    • ChrisJ

      You need to install iTunes brah.

  • Mohammed

    Can we install it in Mac

  • Si

    Nice one, idiots. I suspect the reason this was not already released by evad3rs was to preserve the exploit for an iOS8 JB in the fall – why waste it on a pityful list of updates from iOS7.0.6 to 7.1.1. That’s another one patched then – Amateurs.


    Hi there. The Jailbreak worked fine. However, the two apps I need aren’t, even though they are listed on the compatibility list: Applocker and JellyLock7. Every single time these two tools should list all my apps installed on the iPhone 5, they immediately crash and quit.
    Any idea what the problem might be? I have 623 apps installed, might that be the problem, as those apps might not be able to handle so many apps? Since the crashes happen immediately, it does not seem as if the apps are really loading the list of installed apps, so I rather doubt that this is the reason.
    Any help or ideas are appreciated – many thanks in advance.

  • Rameez

    Is it safe?

  • Tommy Everett

    i had issues too cydia didn’t install, I found disabling NOD32 worked for me also running the tool as admin also WAIT until the progroess bar is at 50% before opening the pangu app on the phone

  • João De Sousa

    my iPhone died for two times when it runs out of battery! I have to put it on dfu mode and restore. anyone else with the same problem?

  • RamaKhan

    Did any got whatsapp to work with ios 7.1.1 and JB

    • João De Sousa

      works fine ;)

      • RamaKhan

        how did u do that please

  • yas

    朋友, 凵

  • Loc Nguyen

    worked smooth on ipad air with no problem install cydia, some app not working with 7.1.1 otherwise pangu jailbreak works wondeful.

  • ryan

    on my iphone 5 it doesnt ask to comfirm if i want to run pangu on my homescreen and wont work. help?

  • i0nic_my_arse

    i0nic? come on! chinese people released a jailbreak, then it’s a fu*king jailbreak!!! i0nic and all them are just jealous that they got beaten to the punch and that now they have competition on jailbreaking, rather than having us all wait for a jailbreak for a very long time! You guys are making it seemed like this is a reliable brand/parts issue when it was just reverse engineering to find an exploit! Come on you ignorant fools!

  • ambitiousak

    yea>>>>>it worked


    several Tweaks says it is incompatible!


    Infinite Tweak


    • svartkuken

      Try anyway, some of them work even if is says not supported.

  • konkong

    Njet! I prefer to wait for anything not Chinese…

  • silvertongue13

    The Jailbreak works pretty good. For those who are stuck with the installation, dont forget to PIN Itunes helper.exe to the windows taskbar. You can run the installation then and everything will be good to go

  • KneeJah

    Jailbreak confirmed! Day 2 with no problems here so far.. I even think it fixed my battery drain I had O.o

  • Sag70

    I had jail broken my iPhone 4s with pangu but after I had done my Siri is not working properly it can’t open any apps except settings. So beware. Before you jailbreak.

  • iom_jack

    what’s the point of Jail breaking the Iphone now a day? I remember before as I used do it to use SIM from other network and remove some worthless apps. but now a day??? is it still worthy????

  • minime

    Please, with sugar on top, have a go at the Apple TV too!

  • slinger

    Would wait for evasi0n. Pangu still has a lot of bugs (buggy).. Its not working on my ipad mini 2 ios 7.1.1…. yup. i would wait for trusted US devs….at least its clean..,

  • apersonwhowantsstuff

    It keeps failing? i don’t know, it gets half way through, sits for a bit, then gives me some red Chinese text i clearly don’t understand and won’t jailbreak my ipod. It’s on the newest ios (currently anyway)

    • samepersonwhowantsstuff

      never mind, fixed it

  • Ku and Hanna Shino

    Can I use a normal iPad mini for this?
    Cause it says iPad mini retina display?

    • Gautam

      Yes you can, iPad mini = the 1st gen iPad mini.

  • Adrian

    hi, i am using an iphone4 and I have a serious battery drain problem after jailbreak. The battery droped from 65% to 34% in over an hour.
    Over the night it dropped from 100% to 15%

  • McKenzie

    i was stupid enough to let my brother hack my iPhone 4 using Pangu like 3-4 days ago and it was fine except it froze one or two times till today where it froze and when i pressed home and off to reboot it just kept rebooting without turning on. whats going on?

  • ben

    FOR MAC USERS! – I successfully used Pangu to jailbreak my iPhone 5 on 7.1.1. I used bootcamp to used windows 7.

  • SID

    I cant download the jailbreak. i am on windows and when i press download it says starting and takes forever plz help

    • SID

      no problem i downloaded from redmondpie will check if it works

  • lazerbot111

    Why wont pangu recognize my phone….it’s iOS 7.1.1 and a 5c and my computer says I’m connected to the internet so everythings in order but when i open pangu it just shows question marks and instead of saying iphone it says iTunes

    • Gautam

      Have you updated iTunes to the latest version?

  • lazerbot111

    I dont even have iTunes on that computer

  • Henkel

    I’m done with the jailbreaking process. it runs smoothly until I try to open MAIL & SAFARI. They keep closing. Anyone have the same problems? (iPad2, iOS 7.1.2, Cydia 1.1.12)

  • Nope

    Just be sure to clear the checkbox. It’s not different from other installs trying to install adware.

    You don’t need the PP software. Clear it and it will jailbreak and install Cydia.

    Also don’t download it from other sources. Others have proceeded to embed trojans in the package, trying to lure you to download there package…

    With the endresult: folks blaming the Pangu Team.

    So download and install from the source. The only reliable thing now.

  • Steven

    im running ios 7.1.2 but pangu wont recognize my ipod when i plug it into the usb port. any suggestions?

  • Kareem Aly

    all thing was normal and cydia icon appeared….but I can`t download vshare or other apps….I think it doesn’t work ……help pls

  • diyari

    no jail break with pangu never ever


    not working… avast dosent allow to download and if u start download so pangu is not running… WTF