Samsung announces the Galaxy Tab S, its latest iPad rival

Galaxy Tab S 3

Samsung introduced its brand new Galaxy Tab S tablet at a media event in New York City this afternoon, the South Korean electronic’s makers latest attempt at taking the iPad head on. The Galaxy Tab S is thinner and lighter than previous tablets in the lineup, with a Super AMOLED display that boasts a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The tablet will be available next month in both 8.4-inch ($399) and 10.5-inch ($499) sizes. 

According to Samsung, the Super AMOLED display allows for better color range, contrast and outdoor visibility than any other LCD display on the market. The screen isn’t perfect, however, as one report claims it still looks over-saturated like other Samsung devices. That opinion belongs to Dan Seifert of The Verge, who published an in-depth article about the new Galaxy Tab S just hours ago.

“In person, they are very bright and very vibrant, though they still exhibit the over-saturated look anyone that’s used a Galaxy S smartphone can relate to,” said Seifert. “Samsung is including some software tools to tweak colors and brightness, which help make the displays easier to look at while reading. But really, Samsung designed these for watching video, and for that they look great.”

The Galaxy Tab S has an interesting new feature called SideSync 3.0, allowing you to receive and answer phone calls from a nearby Galaxy S5 that is within Wi-Fi range. The tablet has several other features, including a baseline 16 GB of internal storage, a microSD slot and built-in Wi-Fi support. LTE-capable models are expected to be released later this year. The tablet is just 6.6 mm thick and the 8.4-inch model actually weighs in a few grams lighter than the iPad mini.

Galaxy Tab S 2

The tablet comes with Android 4.4 KitKat installed, although Samsung applies its custom TouchWiz software over top. In terms of accessories, there will be a Book Cover and Simple Cover available to protect the tablet against scratches and dents. Samsung also has a Bluetooth keyboard for the 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S model, which essentially turns the tablet into a netbook or basic laptop.

Samsung is relentless in its efforts to compete against the iPad. It has already released at least nine tablets this year with various sizes, designs and purposes, but the iPad continues to be the market leader by a fair percentage. Part of the reason, as Seifert noted in his report, is that the Android tablet app ecosystem is still relatively weak. Whether the Galaxy Tab S can be a hit remains to be seen.

Do you prefer using an iPad or Galaxy Tab as your go-to tablet?

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  • BugsByte !

    Basically samsung copying apple in every way possible ..
    Answering phone calls over wifi – ios 8
    pricing – exact same as ipad
    Both small and full-sized tablets – yup
    Etc etc etc…

    • Joe Rossignol

      I think it’s good to have competition so that Apple doesn’t become complacent as the market leader though. But I do agree that there are many similarities here.

      • Matt

        I agree. It also gives a sense of superiority. For example, I have an iPad, you have a shitty fake iPad (not you personally, theoretically speaking). I don’t think Apple should be too worried. It makes the best products, offers the best services and has the best software by far (in my opinion!)

    • bcsc

      Are you partially retarded? Samsung has had tablets of every quarter inch increment for years. And with Samsung’s terrible history of taking forever to release updates, do you really believe that they could have copied the call thing in a matter of 2 weeks since Apple announced? And in case you haven’t noticed, they have had tablets in this price range for years as well. Oh, the ignorance of sheep. Someone sounds a touch jealous.

      • Matt

        What do you mean “Apple released the iPad mini to compete with Samsung”? Apple invented and brought tablets to the market.

        • igru

          ” Apple invented and brought tablets to the market.” Not really. They’ve only made tablets with mobile operating systems (iOS) waaay more popular than they were before. In fact, they invented the today’s tablet, because older devices had limited PC OSes, while most tablets since iPad are bigger smartphones. And iPad mini was introduced to compete with smaller tablets (iP mini was released along with iP4, I almost bought a 7-inch android tablet right after the release of iPad 2).

          • Matt

            I suppose Samsung were making tablets before the iPad too were they?

          • igru

            No, I’m just saying they were making smaller tablets before iPad mini (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 was revealed in 2010, iPad mini is from 2012). So for sure Apple was propably the most important company in history of tablets, but iPad mini was meant to be a small tablet for people who prefered SGT7 or other 7″-8″ tablets for their size, not pricetag. Also, Apple didn’t invent tablets. The EO Personal Communicator was one of the first tablets, released even before Apple’s Newton.

          • bcsc

            Samsung Q1-2006
            iPad 1 -2010. The guy you are replying to has zero idea what he is talking about.

          • bcsc

            Yes, absolutely they were. In 2006 they released the Q1. Apple released the iPad 1 in 2010. Now I’m no math wiz but I do believe you have zero basis to your argument.

        • DRO

          Dumb ass tablets have been around apple just pushed them out more and made them amore popular.

  • aseeb

    not brant valuable…

  • GOPcandidate

    surprise, a company is striving for a lighter/smaller tablet!
    i prefer iPad, will probably upgrade my mini to whatever they announce this fall.

  • Jay Hong

    ios 8 is very well made and have lots of convenience but some of them are copied from other os too. Why are you guys argue with this? Both of them just copied. Some of ios 8 is just same with android such as third party keyboards, typing suggestions, inter app communication, notification action, videos in the app store. However, many others were shown only in ios. It is very nice and convenient. In fact, Samsung also well followed Apple and Apple can also offer those new functions because of Android. Suppose what will be happen if Android is not release. Apple will sell their device with very expensive price and you have to paid it because there are no competition.