Survey shows demand for a larger-screen iPhone 6 strong in months leading up to launch


A new survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets shows that demand for Apple’s larger-screen iPhone 6 is as strong as ever. The survey, which covered 4,000 people intending to purchase a new phone in the next 3 months, shows that nearly 50% intend on purchasing an iPhone. But even more interesting is that around 25% of would be willing to pay $100 more for a larger screen.

As for what customers are looking to get out of their next device, the survey shows that performance improvements are what truly gets them to got on board with an upgrade. 33% of people want better battery life, and 18% are looking for a processor upgrade. The report says that this is definitely good for Apple as the iPhone 6 will almost surely include these improvements:

While ~49% of smartphone purchasers are inclined to buy the next Apple product, we learned that the main driving factor for sales surround performance improvements (battery life 33%, processor 18%, camera 12%). In our view, these results are positive for AAPL, as we would not be surprised to see improvements to both battery life and processing speed with the iPhone 6. Finally, beyond performance improvements, we also learned that screen size could materially impact sales, as 23% of participants surveyed are inclined to purchase a larger screen iPhone. 

And customers are already very aware that Apple has something great in the pipeline. The survey shows that as many as 74% of respondents knew about the impending launch of the iPhone 6. And as expected, a larger screen is what they’re looking for on top of the usual performance boosts. And it appears that customers are more than ready to shell out the cash for that screen.


The survey presented participants with four options for which Apple iPhone they plan to purchase in the next 3 months, with the iPhone 5c, 5s, and the two screen-sizes of the iPhone 6 being options. 38% of respondents want a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 for $199 on contract, while 26% want the larger-screen 5.5-inch iPhone 6 at $299.

And it seems this will likely cause a surge in iPhone purchases later this year as well:

Analysts expect the next iPhone to cause iPhone sales to surge as consumers upgrade to the large-screened handset. This demand could translate into a 15 to 20 percent jump in unit sales, year over year, claims RBC.

Along with the next iPhone, Apple has a busy fall lined up with an iWatch expected to be released this October, as well as a bunch of iPad refreshes. What are you most excited for?

[via MacRumors]