Twitter for iOS now lets you embed tweets inside tweets

If you’ve ever posted a link to a tweet on Twitter, you know that to see the link, you have to tap on it, which then opens a new screen with the linked tweet.

A new feature in Twitter for iOS makes this flow a lot easier, by embedded the linked tweet inside the main tweet, so that you don’t have to open a new screen.

Embedding a tweet is as simple as including a link to it in your main tweet, and Twitter for iOS automatically shows the embed. The feature is available on the Twitter iOS and Android apps, but not on the web or third-party apps.

twitter tweet embed

If this feature catches on, it could soon become the new way to retweet a tweet with your own comments. Currently most people resort to including the entire tweet in the new tweet, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for commenting.

Let us know if you’ve noticed this new feature too, and if so, what do you think of it.

[via TNW]

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