Twitter now supports animated GIFs in the official iOS app

image Twitter animted Gifs

While Amazon was busy announcing their first smartphone, with a bunch of 3D-trickery for good measure, Twitter was quietly announcing something a bit different. In the world of Twitter and image sharing, people have had to resort to using different services to upload animated GIFs to the social network, instead of being able to upload them directly to the service from first-party apps (or even the website). If you’re a fan of the animated story tellers, but hate using third-party apps to upload them, then you’ll be happy with Twitter’s official changes today.

Officially announced today on their Support account, you’ll no longer have to resort to barbaric means to upload your favorite (or at least viral) animated GIFs. now supports native uploads, and so does the official Twitter app for iOS. The best part? Now you can actually view them in-line, too! That’s right, it’s not just uploads, but also viewing that’s now natively supported!

As it stands right now there is no word yet whether or not the native support will come to other third-party apps that exist on the market. However, considering how many there are and how focused most of them are on adding features, if it’s possible it shouldn’t take too long before those third-party apps add the functionality as well.

The native support is also available for the official Android Twitter app, too.

[via Twitter Support]