New iPhone-connected ‘Vessyl’ smart cup from Yves Behar tracks your drinking habits


Vessyl is a new smart cup from Yves Behar, which lets you measure a variety of data points about drinks being poured into it in real time. The device can detect a wide variety of drink types, including water, juices, soda, and more. But what makes this cup special is that it can measure things like calorie levels using a variety of sensors and send that information to your iPhone.

The Verge got a chance to give the cup a test, and has plenty of praises regarding the device’s accuracy:

Let’s cut to the chase: while I only had an hour with a Vessyl prototype, I tried nearly a dozen beverages in it — and it successfully identified all of them. Within 10 seconds, the device, which currently resembles more of a Thermos than a finished product, recognized Crush orange soda, Vitamin Water XXX, Tropicana orange juice, Gatorade Cool Blue, plain-old water, and a few other beverages, all by name. Yes, this cup knows the difference between Gatorade Cool Blue and Glacier Freeze.

The cup has a companion iPhone app for displaying all the data it collects, including a plethora of useful nutrition facts. As testified by The Verge, the device can successfully identify a wide variety of drinks, but the device doesn’t just pull data and the amount of that fluid in the cup to give you a reading of nutritional information. This cup actually reads the sugar, protein, calories, fat, and caffeine actually in the liquid. For example, it can even read this information for homemade smoothies.

Vessyl can tell the difference between strong and weak coffee, Lee says, noting caffeine disparities. It can even measure the sugar, protein, calories, fat, and caffeine inside any beverage you pour into it, mass-produced or homemade.

But it doesn’t just tell you this information. Vessyl also keeps track of data points including calories, hydration, and others as the user drinks throughout the day. The app, much like a fitness tracker, can let users set goals and will help you reach them; it will even tell you how much water it thinks you probably need based on how much you’ve already consumed.

The cup has a built-in display (as you can see in the above video), a non-stick interior surface, can hold 13 ounces of liquid, and comes packed with a spill-proof lid. The app connects to the cup via Bluetooth 4.0 and can even integrate information from a variety of fitness trackers.

You can preorder this cup for $99, and you might want to get on that, because it is said to be retailing at $199 at launch.

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