New video compares iPad Air 2 physical mockup to iPad Air; shows minor design changes, Touch ID

The iPhone 6 isn’t the only device whose mockups are being compared in detail in videos and photos. A new video by TLDToday compares a physical mockup of the iPad Air 2 to its predecessor, showing slight design changes and provision for the Touch ID sensor.

The mockup shows that the iPad Air 2’s design will largely be same as its predecessor, carrying forward the huge design changes Apple made during the iPad 4 to iPad Air transition. Here are some of the changes shown in the video:

  • The mockup suggests that the iPad Air 2, with a thickness of 6.5mm, will be a little thinner than the iPad Air’s depth of 7.5mm.
  • The speaker grill on the iPad Air 2 will have just one row on either side of the Lightning connector, as compared to the current iPad Air’s 2 rows of speaker grills.
ipad air 2 speaker grill
  • The volume up and down buttons aren’t popping out of the body like the current gen iPad, and are instead depressed.
ipad air 2 volume
  • One of the major changes that the mockup suggests is the inclusion of a Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the iPad Air 2. The mockup has a ring-like home button like the iPhone 5s:
touch id ipad air 2

Apart from these changes, rumors also suggest that the iPad Air 2 will feature Apple’s faster A8 chip, and an improved 8MP rear camera. Are these changes good enough to get you excited for the device’s rumored launch in October? Let us know in the comments.