2.5-inch iWatch with a curved display showcased in new concept video

2.5-inch iWatch concept image

With so much talk about the iWatch, which now includes voice messaging being a purported big feature of the wearable, the basic gist here is that everyone is anticipating this wearable from Apple. We’ve seen concepts in the past, but this new video showcasing a 2.5-inch iWatch with a curved display is certainly worth checking out.

There have been a lot of concepts out there for Apple’s upcoming, but still rumored, wearable, known as the iWatch. And there’s no reason to think that we’ll stop seeing them leading up to any official announcement we might receive later this year. Some of them are good, some are great, but this latest video showcasing a fresh design for the iWatch is definitely worth checking out.

This design is based off the rumors that we heard back in June, that paints a pretty big picture for Apple’s iWatch. Namely, the 2.5-inch display that’s supposedly going to be wrapped around our wrists thanks to a moderately curved display. This new video is from SET Solutions, and it does a good job of showcasing the rectangular design, as well as the curved screen. Of course, without a wrist in there to really see how big it might look, it’s hard to gauge just how big a 2.5-inch watch might be. (Though, you can probably formulate your own guesses pretty well.)

What do you think of the design in the video? Is a 2.5-inch display for a smartwatch too big? Or is that just about the right size, you think?

You can check out the video below: