Activator 1.9 released with over 50 new features and changes [Jailbreak Tweak]

Activator 1.9

Ryan Petrich has released the biggest update to Activator in over a year, with the latest version of the popular jailbreak tweak packing over 50 new features and changes. Activator 1.9 is now available on Cydia through the default BigBoss repo, and we have a complete rundown of the updated package ahead. 

Activator 1.9 contains new modern icon styling for the Home screen, actions and built-in icons, several new developer APIs, custom alert listeners, an improved user interface for multiple assignments, custom volume level actions, Bluetooth connect and disconnect events, an adjustable app layout on iPad and much more.

The new release also has several bug fixes and compatibility updates to ensure that Activator runs smoothly on iOS 7.1 or later, including support for gesture behavior, biometric events, Lock screen status bar double-tap events, triple-tap Home button events and proper icon rendering.

The full changelog:

  • New modern icon styling for home screen, actions and built-in icons for many actions
  • Many new developer APIs
  • Add custom alert listeners
  • Add “Ask Siri” custom actions
  • Better UI for multiple assignments
  • Add lock screen clock swipe down event
  • Add network-specific leave Wi-Fi events
  • Add “message” custom action type
  • Add screen brightness custom action type
  • Add Speech Synthesis feature
  • Support battery charge state events
  • Add profiles feature
  • Add custom volume level actions
  • Add ability to customize Flipswitch switch settings
  • Add Bluetooth connect/disconnect events
  • Add icon hold and double tap custom events
  • Add specific fingerprint match events
  • Allow automatic unlocking to send action on iOS 7
  • Adjust Activator app layout on iPad
  • Support touch gesture behaviour on 7.1
  • Fix lock screen status bar double tap event on iOS 7.x
  • Better error message when having trouble communicating with SpringBoard
  • Fix short/long hold home button events on 7.1
  • Fix double press home button event on 7.1
  • Fix icon rendering in the settings pane on iOS 7.1
  • Fix triple click home button event on iOS 7.1
  • Hide Tencent’s migration service app on iOS 7.1
  • Fix iBlank-related crash
  • Fix Activator corruption message when error localization is missing
  • Support biometric events on iOS 7.1
  • Better accessibility support in Activator’s configuration
  • Sort numbers naturally
  • Support Dictation action on iOS 7
  • Fix group arrow styling on iOS 7
  • Add action to go directly to Facebook settings
  • Fit more items on settings panes in landscape
  • Support libhide on iOS 7
  • Add ability to search actions back to iOS 7
  • Allow notification center on lock screen on iOS 7
  • Fix lock screen media controls not working on iOS 7
  • Adjust settings page styling
  • Hide additional iOS 7 view services
  • Fix lock screen clock actions on iOS 7
  • Snooze alarms instead of dismissing them on iOS 7
  • Adjust shake event behaviour to not repeat in all cases
  • Fix group expand/collapse style on iOS 7
  • Fix crash when sending biometric event when lock screen camera is up
  • Block automatic clickthroughs in the ad view
  • Reenable biometric sensor when event mode changes, so that the event always works
  • Fix shutter/camera actions on iOS 7
  • Support slide gestures on the lock screen on iOS 7
  • Fix single-press menu button event at lock screen on iOS 7
  • Update localizations

Activator is free on Cydia in the default BigBoss repo. You can also obtain future betas and release candidate versions of the tweak by adding Ryan Petrich’s repository ( to your Cydia sources.

What is your favorite new feature in Activator 1.9?