Acute voice recognition is like Siri for Activator [Jailbreak Tweak]

Acute Jailbreak Tweak Cydia

Activator is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks for assigning various gestures to complete actions on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but it is largely limited to touch-based controls. Aiming to take that one step further, iOS developer Phillip Tennen has created a new Cydia package called Acute. The jailbreak tweak brings voice recognition to iOS, and we have a video teaser to demonstrate. 

Ben Rosen has posted the following promotional video on YouTube that depicts how Acute, which has been submitted to the Cydia Store, would function on iPhone. First and foremost, Acute voice recognition can be easily toggled on or off by assigning an Activator gesture to it. All you need to do is think of a phrase and assign it in Activator, which nearly endless possibilities.

You can then load Acute by using the gesture you just created, at which point a sound wave will appear in the status bar to indicate that you can start speaking. You can then say things like “center” to have your iPhone automatically reveal Notification Center, which is a very cool feature for jailbroken devices. The functionality can be extended to tweaks like BiteSMS Quick Compose, and I imagine also for actions like opening apps and pulling up Control Center.

If you are still confused, think about Acute as being the equivalent of Siri for Activator. Although, this tweak benefits from working completely offline and is said to have minimal effect on battery life. According to Tennen, the extension is always listening so that you can interact with your device at all times without any hinderance.

Acute was submitted to Cydia last night, so the package should be available for purchase in the upcoming days. Tennen is charging $3 for the tweak, which seems like a fitting price for what could be one of the best jailbreak tweaks to be released in the past several weeks.