Apple Maps tipped to replace Google Maps for Find My iPhone feature on

Apple Maps in Find My IPhone

Apple’s has already been the focus of quite a few changes recently, with a new two-step authentication process now present, and iCloud Drive support coming down the pipe. It looks like another change is in store for the website, just waiting in the wings for public release.

The change, which sees a switch from Google Maps to Apple’s own Maps service, was initially observed by With the change, it means that Google Maps will no longer be the service used for anyone who wants, or needs, to find their iPhone (or iPad) through Replacing it is Apple’s Maps service, which obviously makes quite a bit of sense.

The change in mapping service is available only in the beta version of right now, with Google Maps still powering the public version of the service. According to a finding by AppleInsider, the change means a more lightweight service, when compared directly to Google Maps. The latter pulled down about 4 megabytes of data per single request, while Apple’s vector-based Maps pulled down just 400 kilobytes.

Apple’s intent on replacing Google Maps with their own Maps is more than obvious, and Apple is steadily working on making the service better for those who use it. Do you use Apple’s Maps, and how has your experience been so far?

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