The 12 best iWatch concepts we’ve seen till now

Apple is widely rumored to release a smartwatch, dubbed the iWatch, later this year with a focus on health and fitness. This has been a topic of intense speculation since a number of months, and designers have come up with a number of concepts imagining how the iWatch might look like.

Here are some of the best concepts we’ve seen till now.

Nike+ FuelBand inspired iWatch

One of the best concepts we’ve seen till now is an iWatch whose design is inspired from Nike’s FuelBand. The design imagines the iWatch as a wristband rather than a watch with a thin vertical touch screen display and a new type of interface.

iwatch concept nike fuelband

iWatch Bracelet

A wearable can be in several types of form factors. Chris Koutroulos explores the possibility of a bracelet form factor for the iWatch with a wide band and a broad touch screen display.

iwatch concept bracelet

Round face iWatch

While many designs focus on a rectangular display, watches traditionally have a circular face, and this concept by Dominic Waring explores this idea:

iwatch concept round

Circular interface

Another concept imagines how the iPhone apps like Maps, Health, Weather, Music etc. would translate to a circular interface.

Swipe and Tap interface

Having limited screen real estate puts some constraints in terms of interface design. Here’s a concept that suggests Apple uses a Swipe and Tap interface where you swipe to navigate and tap to select:

swipe and tap iwatch

Home Screen

The home screen is a really important component of the iPhone’s interface. Here’s how it might translate to the iWatch:

home screen iwatch

iOS 7 on iWatch

Here’s how iOS 7 might look like on an iWatch’s rectangular display. This concept has been designed by Edgar Rio:

iwatch ios 7

Reading on the iWatch

Given iWatch’s limited screen real estate, would it be feasible to read articles on the display? This design imagines an easier way to read on small screens:

iwatch reading

Another circular iWatch concept

Tomas Moyano designed another circular iWatch concept that can be separated from the strap into an accessory that can be worn in other ways like clipping it to your shirt.

circular iwatch

Maps on iWatch

iWatch could be a great mapping tool, given that it stays on your wrist through out without occupying your hands like an iPhone. Here’s how maps on an iWatch might look like:

iwatch maps

Siri on iWatch

Siri is expected to be a big part of the iWatch, and a concept envisions an autocorrect like functionality for dictation.

iwatch dictation

iWatch notifications

Notifications are an important part of Android Wear, and the iWatch will likely treat notifications in a similar manner. From Behance:

iwatch notifications

Google has already unveiled its vision with Android Wear, which we’ve covered previously. These concepts as well as Android Wear highlight the various directions Apple could take in the product development phase of the iWatch, and it’ll be extremely interesting to see what Apple sees as the best approach.

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