Deal: Best Buy selling $100 iTunes gift cards for just $85

iTunes $100 gift card

Whether you are planning to go on an iTunes spending spree to nab the latest music, movies and TV shows, or simply looking to upgrade your arsenal of apps or books on iPhone, iPad or Mac, look no further than this Best Buy deal that has a $100 iTunes gift card discounted to just $85 for a limited time. Find out how to get it ahead. 

To take advantage of the deal, simply visit the $100 iTunes gift card product page on Best Buy’s website and add the item to your shopping cart. When you proceed to checkout, the discount is automatically applied. The gift card qualifies for free shipping, too, or you can opt for store pickup at your nearest Best Buy location.

This sales promotion is limited to Best Buy locations in the United States, so do not expect for it to be matched at Best Buy Canada or its subsidiary Future Shop. Best Buy continues to sell iTunes gift cards in $15, $25 and $50 denominations at regular price.

Apple $100 iTunes Card for $85

iTunes gift cards are valid for purchases on the App Store, iBookstore, iTunes and Mac App Store, including in-app purchases.

Will you take advantage of this deal?